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entist 1.I have a toothache. I have to see a d________.
2.Would you please get me some water? I’m a little t_________. hirsty 3.When you have a headache, please lie down and r_________. est 4.I didn’t go to school u_______ I was 7 years old. ntil 5.She is tired. She should go to bed early, she s_________ go to the party. houldn’t ifestyle 6.A good l__________ is good for our health. 7.My English isn’t good enough, so I must try my best to mprove i__________it. 8.What’s the matter with you? I have a s________ throat. ore

alanced 9.It’s important to eat a b__________ diet. alf 10.I get up at h________ past six in the morning. ixty 11.There are s_________ minutes in an hour. umber 12.A small n__________ of students take cars to school. tation 13.They are waiting for you at the bus s_________. 14.Beijing is in the n__________ of China. orth 15.It’s about two k___________ from here to there. ilometers ll 16.Tom was i______ yesterday, he didn’t go to school. ir 17.Traveling by a______ is vey expensive. ubway 18.Li Lei takes the s_________ to school every morning. arts of the world. 19.We can know the things in other p_____ 20.She has a good eating h__________. abit egetables 21.He eats a lot of fruit and v___________.

rogram 22.My mother’s favorite p_________ is CCTV News. esults of the students sports survey. 23.Here are the r______ 24.I play games t_____ wice a week, on Tuesday and Friday.

25.Some students surf the I________three times a week. nternet
ifferent classes. 26.We are in d________ 27.Students must k______the books clean. eep 28.A________it never snows,I still feel cold. lthough 29.He likes his father b______than his mother. etter 30.Tom didn’t go to bed u_____he finished his work. ntil 31.We are very glad to hear the e________ news. xciting

32.I don’t like being a_____ way for too long.

aking 33.I’m t________ a long vacation this summer. ourists in Qingdao every year. 34.There are many t_______ ountryside 35.Now they are living in the c________. urope 36.England and France are both in E_______. amous all over the world. 37.The Great wall is f_______ 38.It’s bad for your t______ eeth to eat cold food. 39.I have a h_______. eadache I have to stay at home. 40.It’s bad for you to be a________ with others. ngry 41.You should watch more w________ movies to estern improve your English. roblem 42.I have a good way to solve the p_________. raditional 43.T__________ Chinese doctors think we need a balance of yin and yang to be healthy.

44.My deskmate has some w______points. She often eak laughs at others. 45.The students have to much homework to do every tressed day. They’re s_________out. 46.Twenty and f_______ is sixty. orty alendar 47.Look at the c________. It’s October 28th. 48.They didn’t go to the c________ because they don’t oncert like the music. 49.Jim and his friends all like sports very much. They are a________. thletic 50.My math teacher is very s_________. He never erious laughs in class. 51

.B______ he and his brother like English very much. oth 52.The sweater is too small for me. Can you show me a__________one? nother

53.I can’t go to your party because I have a guitar l____. esson 54.His sister are good at p________ and c___________. hysics hemistry win 55.Tina and Tara are t_____sisters. They look the same. 56.Thank you for your i___________ to go to the movies. nvitation atch 57.I want to watch the football m_______ at 5:00 P.M. 58.We go to school on w________. eekdays raining 59.He is having tennis t_________ with his friends now. hole 60.On Saturday he went fishing the w________ day. tomachache 61.I’m feeling terrible. I have a s_________. abysits 62.She often b________ her sister. ree 63.Tomorrow is sunday, and I’ll be f_______. atches 64.There’ll be two footbll m__________. 65.There are many d____________ between lucy and ifferences

ecessary for students to finish homework on time. 66.It’s n_______

67.Can you find any i___________ about Hainan Island? nformation
68.I still went to school on time t________ I didn’t feel hough well yesterday. 69.I was a p__________ school students when I was 7 rimary years old.

70.We must c__________ our health.So we should are exercise more.

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