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Topic 2 Section A

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新 湘 版 八年级(下) Unit 8

Topic 2

Different jobs require different uniforms.
Section A

Do you know what are uniforms?
How many kinds of uniforms do

you know?
What kinds of people often wear


Listen and answer the questions below. 1.What are they talking about? 2.Does Maria like uniforms? Why or why not? 3.What would Kangkang like to wear?

4.What’s Miss Wang’s opinion about

5. What is Jane’s suggestion about the uniform? 6. What does Michael think of a good

school uniform?
7. What does Miss Wang ask the students

to do?

Look at the following sentences, and make similar dialogs after the example. Maria: What materials should we choose? Michael: Where can we make them? Kangkang: What color do we want? Jane : What style do we like?

A: What does Maria ask? B: She asks what materials they should choose.

What does Kangkang ask? He asks what color they want. What does Michael ask? He asks where they can make them. What does Jane ask? She asks what style they like.

Group work
Is it necessary for the students to wear uniforms at school? Why? Do you think it is important that the doctors wear uniforms in the hospital? Why?

Kangkang is interviewing a policewoman. Listen and find out what they are talking about. 1. When does the policewoman wear

2. Is it important for the police to wear

uniforms at work? Why?

1.The policewoman usually wears uniforms when she is at work, but sometimes she wears plain clothes to carry out special tasks. 2.Yes. Because it is suitable to wear uniforms for their work, and people in trouble can find them easily, and the uniforms may stop some people from doing bad things.

Language points
1.I like to wear my own clothes because school uniforms will look ugly on us. 我喜欢穿自己的衣服,因为校服穿在 身上会很难看。 2. I think our school should allow us to design our own uniforms. 我认为我们学校应该让我们设计自己 的衣服。

allow sb. to do sth. 允许某人做某事 如:They didn’t allow him to stay here. 他们不允许他待在那里。 3. Could you tell me when you wear your uniforms? 你能告诉我你们什么时候穿制服吗? when引导宾语从句时译为“何时,什 么

时候”,引导状语从句为“当……时”。 如:I don’t know when he will come. 我不知道他什么时候会来。(宾语从句) Patients can find us easily when they are in need. 当病人有需要时,他们能够很容易地 找到我们。(时间状语从句)

4. It’s true that suitable uniforms can show good discipline. 得体的校服的确能显示出良好的风纪。 It is + adj. + that + clause.是用it作形式主语 的复合句结构,真正的主语是that从句。 It is necessary/ important/ well-known/ wonderful/ nice that… “……是必要的/重要的/众所周知的/可能的/ 极好的”

5. And third, our uniforms may stop some people from doing bad things. 第三,我们的

制服可以防止一些人干坏事。 stop…from dong sth.= keep…from doing sth. 阻止,防止……干某事 如: You can’t stop people from saying what they think. 人们怎么想就会怎么说,你阻止不了。

stop doing sth. 停止做某事(停止正在做的事情) 如: Suddenly everyone stopped talking. 突然每个人都停下来不说话了。 stop to do sth. 停下(正在做的事)去做(另一件事) 如: We stopped to take pictures. 我们停下来去照相。

Pair work
Is there anybody around you wearing a
uniform? With your partner, pretend to interview that person and make a

conversation similar to 2a.

Pair work
Make conversations after the example using the words and phrases in the box. office, home, park, the Great Wall, winter, windy days

A: Can you tell me what Jane’s father should wear at the office? B: Yes. I think he should wear a shirt with a tie and leather shoes.

Ⅰ. 请根据句意及所给汉语提示填写所缺单词。
1. My mother didn’t ______ allow (允许) me to watch TV on weekdays. 2. We wish to design ______ (设计) our own style of clothes. 3. The reporter is going to interview _______ (采访) Yao Ming before the match. policewoman 4. Sandy’s mother is a brave _______ (女警察). 5. Mr. Zhang always wears a shirt with a ____ tie


Ⅱ. 请根据括号内的汉语提示完成下列英语句子,

1. When you are ______ _____ (处在危险中), you in danger can turn to the police. look ___ ugly_____ on 2. Some students think uniforms ____

(穿在……身上看起来很丑) them.
color their _______ uniforms____ are 3. Do you know what ____ ____ ______ (他们的制服是什么颜色)?

what ______ time 4. Could you tell me ______ ______ _____ (几点) now? it is 5. Policemen’s uniforms may ______ stop from _______ doing some people _______ (阻止……做) something bad.

Talk about your own opinion on wearing uniforms with your classmates.

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