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班级:______ 姓名:______ 日期:_________ 得分:________


1、My room (号码)is 309. 2、Those (男孩)are playing football.

3、This apple looks very (漂亮)。 4、(他的) father is a teacher.

5、He is always the 第一的) one to come to the class.

6、There are ___________(九个) girls and _________(八个) boys reading in the classroom.

7、她的) name is Katy. 8、 you.(见到)

9、I have two ___________(朋友), they are from_____________(中国)。

10、I am 15 years old .I am a ___________ ___________ student(中学生).

11、My friend is Gina Smith. Smith is her ___________ ( 最后) name.。

12、Frank is ________(一个)English boy.

13、--What’s your ?—It’s 250-0417.

14、Look!There is a m________ of China on the wall.

15、Mr.Wang is very friendly,and _______ (我们)like him very much.

16、This is _______ (一个)orange. 17、_______ (对不起)I’m late.

18、_______(我的)name is Mary. _______ (我)am fine.

19、—I like English. —I like English , t_______. 20、I’name is Gina.

21、He is n_________to us, so we like to talk to him. 22、________ am a girl. ________ name is Mary. (I)

23、_____________ telephone number is 296-8146.

24、________ last name is Green. ________first name is Tony. (he)

25、My name is Jenny Green. Jenny is my . Green is my 26、I am a (中学)student.

28、Numbers 1-10.

29、I have many (朋友)., 30、This is a map of ________ (中国)。

31、Linda is m best friend. I like her very much. 32、That is Lily’s brother. H________name is Alan.

33、I love my f 34、Mr Green’name is Green.

35、L________ at the man! He is my English teacher. 36、is 501.

37、He can’’s not easy. 38、——He’s a teacher.

39、Five minus(减) five is z .

40、Lily and Lucy are in the same class. And this is 第二题、翻译句子。





他的名字叫什么? 他是汤姆 。



他是汤姆吗?不, 他不是。


7、我叫Jenny Green. Jenny是我的名,Green是我的姓。


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