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1 . I don’t like go to the mall because it’s usually ______ (crowd) .

2. I find stamps _____ (fascinate) .I’ve been collecting them for many years .

3.You should have asked what you were ____(suppose) to wear.

4.I’m very _____(comfort ) speaking French now.

5.What _____ (different) have occurred in your English ?

6.Loud music make me _____(stress) out .

7.Here are some things they ’ve learned from ______ (science) studies .

8.How do you feel about the people who keep you ______(wait) ?

9.Many ads are aimed ___ (special) at teenagers .

10.The roof of the house is made from _____ (discard) tiles.

11.It’s October the ____(nine) .It’s my mother’s birthday .

12.Congratulations !Both of you are the ___ (win) of the match.

13.Computers and printers are now _____ (wide) used in many companies.

14.My aunt ___ (teach) me to play the violin when I was a child .

15.She was so ____(care) that she wore different socks on her feet .

16.Children should speak to old people _______ (polite) .

17.Tree-planting Day is on the _____(twelve) of March every year.

18.David took a lot of _____ (photo) in Mochou Lake Park last weekend .

19.The time is too short . It’s _____ (possible) for Daniel to finish this work .

20.Stephen spends about half an hour _____ (swim) every Saturday .

21.Don’t open your books. Please keep them _____ (close).

22.At the ____ (begin) of this term ,we had a picnic.

23.What will the population be in that country at the end of the _____ (twenty) century.?

24.Paper catches fire ____ (easy) .

25.Most ____ (country) use satellites to send and receive messages .

26.If it _____ (not rain) ,we will go for a picnic

27.Look at the children ! They ______ (play) happily.

28.Don’t forget ______(return)the book to Tom when you finish it .

29.Our teacher once told us that the earth _____(go)around the sun .

30.He likes collecting all kinds of information . I often see him _____ (search) the Internet .

31.Where is Mr .White ? I haven’t seen him for a few days .-__He _____(go)to HongKong .

32.I’m too tired . ___ So am I .We’d better stop _____(walk)and have a rest.

33.Do you like listening to popular songs ?—Sure .My family _____ (be) all music lovers.

34.The summer holidays are coming ,I _____ (fly)to Hainan Island with my parents .

35.Sally ,your dress looks so nice ! Thank you ! It _____ (make) of silk.

36.Three ______ (five) of the students in our class are League members.

37.I don’t think it’s always right to be busy _____ (make) money all day .

38.He left home in a hurry because he had some problems ______ (solve) in his office .

39.I don’t like traveling by plane .I think it’s ______ (safe) to travel by train .

40.______ (luck) , modern medicine can help people with eye problems in less developed countries .


Years ago , many zoos kept all 1. ____ of animals in small cages . Small cages made it 2._____ for people to see animals ,but a small cage isn’t a good place for an animal to live in . Today ,zoos keep animals in 3._____ kinds of cages .The cages are very big and 4._____ .The cages look like the 5._____ habitats .Zoos help to protect animals ,They protect animals in the zoo and they protect animals in the 6.______ .How do they do this ?Zoos teach people how animals live in the wild .Zoos want people to help 7.______ the ―wild habitats‖.

Many plants and animals are going extinct .8._______ say that seventy –four kinds of

9._______ things go extinct every day !

Zoos are working together to 10.______ animals from going extinct .


Do you know of any endangered animals? Why are they in 1. ____?

I think there are many endangered animals in the world, such as tigers and pandas. When farmers 2.___ down trees, tigers can no 3. ___ hide and hunt. Many tigers 4. ____ by people 5. _____ want to sell their fur for money. And there are few places where pandas can live.

We are not 6. ____ in the world. We human beings could not live 7. ____ all the plants and animals around us. So 8. ____ wildlife animals are very important. We must take measures to keep plants from being destroyed and stop animals from being killed. If each of us can plant a tree and build a birdhouse, the world 9. _____ more beautiful. It is very easy but 10. ____.


1.I_______(teach) here since I finished school. 2. Would you mind _______(use) your bike?

3. The students of Class Two________(sweep) their classroom now.

4. The Reads_________(not listen) to the radio at that time.

5. It's better to give than________(receive).

6. How long ______you_______(live) in this town?

7. You _______(come) here last year, ______ you?

8. When______you______(see) him? I______(see) him last Sunday.

9. She said that the car____(use) the next week.

10. I didn't know what ____(happen) to China in a century.

11. When I got to the station, the train____ already______(leave).

12. The stone bridge______________(build) in our hometown for ten years.

13. The desk must______(clean) once a day.

14. The dog_________(lie) on the floor when I came in.

15. Mary said that she ___(visit) her aunt the next week.

16. Her mother_____(cook) at this time yesterday.

17. The students _____________(do) their homework.__________( not make) any noise!

18. ______you ever_______(be) to Beijing?Yes. I________(go) there last week.

19. He'll telephone us as soon as he______(arrive) there.

20. The trucks_________(make) in Changchun.

21. A pen is used for__________(write).

22. They find it useful__________(learn) English.

23. The old man often____(tell) the children a story in the evening.This evening he ____(tell) two stories .

24. The radio____(use) once in a week in our class.It_____(not use) yesterday because there was something wrong with it.

25. Would please tell us how______(make) the watch ______(work)?

26. She doesn't know what_________(do) and where__________(go).

27. My friend can't decide which pair of trousers_____(choose). So she asked me to go shopping with her.

28. All that must be done _______________(do).


( )1. When we meet some new words, we’d better ____in a dictionary.

A. look out them B. look them out C. look them up D. look up them

( ) 2. --- It’s too cool. Would you mind my _____ the door? --- _____ . Please do it now.

A.to close; Good B. closing; of course C. closing; Certainly not D. to close; Ok

( ) 3. We don’t allow ___ in the reading room but we’re allowed ___.

A. eating; to talk B. to eat; to talk C. to eat; talking D. eating; talking

( ) 4.Annie used to ____ with her parents, but now she is used to _____ with her classmates at school. A. live; living B. living; living C. live; live D. living; live

( ) 5.Don’t leave the room _______ the light on. A. with B. about C. in D. for

( ) 6.I lost my way ______ a rainy night and my mother was quite worried _______ me.

A. on; with B. on; about C. at; with D. at; about

( )7.The dog ______ several days ago, I felt very sorry for its _______.

A. died; death B died; died C death; died D death; death

( ) 8.Mr Green asked us to stop _____. So we stopped _____ to him at once.

A. talking; listening B. to talk; listening C. talking; to listen D. to talk; to listen

( ) 9. My father _____ to New York. He ____ there for business before.

A. has been; has gone B. goes; will be C. has gone; has been D. has gone; will be

( ) 10. --- Will you play football with us if it ____ tomorrow?

--- OK, but I’ll ask my mother if ____ something important to do.

A. doesn’t rain; there is B. won’t rain; there will be C. doesn’t rain; there will be D. won’t rain; there is

( ) 11. ---Don’t drop litter on the ground. ---_________.

A. It doesn’t matter B. I am happy. C. I’d love to D. Sorry, I won’t.

( ) 12. --- Where would you like to go, Shandong or Hainan?

---_____ . ---I only want to go to Sichuan. A. Either B. Both C. Neither D. None

( ) 13.—David has made great progress. ----_______, and _______.A. So he does; so you have

B. So he has; so have yo C. So has he; so have you D. So has he; so you have

( ) 14. I won’t go to her party unless my best friend Jack ________.

A. will invite B. will be invited C. is invited D. invites

( ) 15.---Would you like some coffee ? ---Yes, and please get me some milk ,too. I prefer coffee

_____ milk. A. to B.with C. than D.of

( ) 16. We should use ____plastic bags to help the environment. Let’s say goodbye to them.

A. fewer B. more C. some D. less

( )17.. We can’t repair the machine. Can you tell us __________ ?

A. how to do B. what to do it C. how to do it D. what should I do

( )18. -May I go swimming now? -No, you ______. You must finish your homework first.

A. mustn’t B. may not C. couldn’t D. needn’t

( ) 19.People must_____down too many trees. A. stop to cut B. stop from cutting

C. be stopped from cutting D. be stopped to cut

( ) 20. The moon cake with meat in it tastes ______ and sells ____.

A. well,good B. good,well C. good ,good D. well, well


(A)When we see a cigarette box, we’ll see ―Smoking is harmful to your health‖ on it. Children

1.____ (not allow) to smoke by their parents or teachers. But in many countries smoking 2. ____ (become) a bigger problem for young people. Most smokers 3._____ (start) in their teens or earlier.

Lin, 15, is a Junior Two student at Chengdu No. 1 Middle School. He 4.____ (smoke) for five years. ―Smoking is a part of my life,‖ he said. Some students think smoking is very cool, and they can see many people 5._____(smoke) around them. They want to have a try.

―If young people start smoking early, they will probably get addicted(上瘾) to nicotine. And it

6.____ (be)very hard to give up later on,‖ said a professor. A study shows smoking is a problem for many Chinese kids. We should do what we can 7._____(make) them 8.______(stop) smoking? Some people think we can make a law. People under 18 are not allowed to smoke, or they

9.____( fine) (罚款). Parents should give up smoking. They can set an example to their kids.

―Every year, about four million people die of smoking. And if people keep smoking, the number

10.____ (increase) ten million a year from now on,‖ said the World Health Organization. So we must learn and tell others about the dangers of smoking.

(B)Someone says, ―Time is money.‖ But I think time is even more i______(1) than money. Why? B______(2) when money is s_______(3), we can get it back. But when time is gone, it’ll never return. That is the reason that we mustn’t w______(4) time.It’s said that the time is usually limited(有限的). Even a second is very important. We should make full use of our time to do something u_______(5).But it is a p_____(6) that there are a lot of people who do not know the importance of time. They spent their time i______(7) smoking, drinking and playing. They don’t know that wasting time m______(8) wasting part of their own life. In a word, we should s_______(9) time, and never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. R _________(10)we have no time to lose.

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