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仁爱八年级Unit 6 Topic 2 Secion D

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receive a postcard 收到一张明信片 go to Mount Tai for a vacation 去泰山度假 work out the math problem 算出数学题 from north to south 从北到南 in the east of China 在中国的东部 in the center of the square 在广场的中央 be full of 满的 tour buses 观光巴士

空间,空地 从人群中挤出 从四面八方 踩;台阶;脚步 在一棵树旁 旅游经历 禁不住

space push one’s way out in all directions step beside a tree travel experiences can’t help

Our school covers 100 000 square meters. 2.加拿大在美国的北面。 Canada is on the north of the USA.

We are surprised at what he said. 4.请不要踩踏草地(lawn)。 Please don’t step on the lawn.

用when, before, after, until, as soon as填空,每词只用一次。

before you leave. 1. Don’t forget to close the window _______ after 2. Helen went to fly kites _______ she finished her homework. until 3. Jack didn’t go to bed_________10:30 last night. as soon as 4. He’ll send me a message _____________ he gets to London. When got to the station, it began to rain heavily. 5. _______I

Adverbial Clauses of Time
________ While you were enjoying your trip, I was busy preparing for my exams.

I’d like you to meet him with me ________ when he arrives. before Would you help me make a plan to explore Beijing _________ he comes?
_______ they were exploring happily, more and more people came to As the square. until someone called him. He didn’t raise his head ________

As soon as _____________ the three boys saw each other, they all jumped around happily.

Adverbial clauses of time 时间状语从句 Tips
? as soon as, 表示语句的动作紧接着从句的动作而发生。如:I will give him the message as soon as I see him. (我一看到他,就告 诉他。)

? “not … until…” 与“until”:前者表示“直到……才……”,指 主句的动作在从句所表示的时间才开始,谓语一般用非延续性 动词;而后者则表示主句的动作在从句所表示的时间之前就开 始,并且一直持续到该时间为止,其谓语一般用持续性动词。
? “主将从现”:即主句用一般将来时态,从句只能用一般现在 时。 ? 从句的位置: 时间状语从句放在主句之前或之后均可。但在主 句之前时,应用逗号与主句分开。

be very interesting. That would _____ hold one million people. It can _____ in the north of The Tian’anmen Rostrum is _____________ Tian’anmen Square by bike. It’s about one and a half hours _____

wait to see it. I can’t _______

1a Read Michael’s diary for his trip to Tian’anmen Square. Pay attention to the form of the diary.
Day of the week, date Weather ____________________________________________________________ Body ____________________________________________________________ __________________

__________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________

The form of a diary


Read 1a again and fill in the blanks. Then put the key information in the right order.

4 2 5 1 3

Darren was _____________ lost came to Tian’anmen Rostrum ________ looked for Darren and _________ found him at last ________ arrived at Tian’anmen Square came to the Monument to the People’s Heroes

Answer the questions according to 1a.
1. How was the weather? 2. What was the day?

3. What did they do before they rode to Tian’anmen Square?
4. Where did they go first?

5. What’s in the center of the square?
6. When did they find Darren was lost? 7. How did they feel before they found Darren?

Choose the right answer.
( ) 1. - Please ring me up ______ you come to my house. - Sure, I will. ★ A. after B. while C. before ( ) 2. As soon as we _______ the park, we'll begin to plant trees. ★ A. arrive B. arrived C. will arrive ( ) 3. We can't help _______ around because of the exciting news. ★ A. to jump B. jump C. jumping ( ) 4.Taiwan is _____ the southeast of China and Japan is _____ the east of China. ★ A. to, in B. in, to C .on, to ( ) 5. - ____ is it from your home to school? - It's about ten minutes' walk. ★ A. How far B. How long C. How many

1.直到他告诉我,我才知道发生了什么事。 I didn’t know what happened until he told me about it. 2.昨晚他等着看足球赛一直到深夜。 He waited for the soccer game until it was mid-night. 3.别担心,她一到北京就会打电话给你。 Don’t worry. She will ring you up as soon as she arrives in Beijing. 4.当你在玩电脑游戏时,我正在做作业。 While you were playing computer games, I was doing my homework.

We learn

? New words and phrases:
everywhere, thank goodness

? Adverbial clauses of time with “when, while, after, before, after, as soon as, not … until…”.
? How to write a diary. We can

? Talk about our own travel experience.
? Write diaries in English.

? Did you ever get lost in a new place? ? How did you feel when you were lost? ? What did you do?

Describing Your Outdoor Experience 1. Talk about the pictures in groups with the help of the following questions.
Don’t worry

go camping

run after a goat

get lost

help him get back

1) Why was the boy lost?

2) How did he feel when he was lost?

3) Who did he ask for help? 4) What should we do when we are lost?


Write a story and share it with your classmates.

1. Review the new words, phrases and useful expressions in this topic. 2. Write a diary to talk about your own travel experiences. (when, where, who, how, what ) 3. Collect some traffic signs and preview Section A of Topic 3.

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