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Unit 10 II’m going to be a basketball player.

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Unit 10 I’m going to be a basketball player.


1.Tomorrow morning,Bill(went/is going)_____________to have his first class.

2.Janet(wanted/wants)_____________to go to Canada last summer.

3.When Jeffrey grows up,he(is/is going to be)_______________a pilot.

4.Mary(was/is going to be)_______________happy when she hears the news.


1.电脑程序师_________2.computer science__________3.airline pilot__________4.时装表演会

5.兼职的________6.同时_________7.exchange student__________8.welcome party______

9.sound like______________

三. 单项选择:

1. ---

-- I’m going to take music lessons. A. What B.How C.Why D.When

A.that B.this C.what D.it

3.—________________are we going there?

—Let's go there by bike.A.How B.What C.Where D.Why

4. Helen doesn’t look _________ today. Is she ill? A. better B. well C. nervous D. happy

5.We are going to the party ____________next week.A.in B.on C.× D.for

6.—________________are you going to do?

—I'm going to fly a kite. A.Where B.What C.How D.Why

7.Lin Tao and Ling Hai __________________a swim tomorrow.

A.are going to has B.is going to have C.are having D.are going to have

8.Does Jim want _________________the first one to get to the top of the mountain?

A.to B.to be C.beingD.be

9.Both Kate and I________________ ready for the picnic now.

A.is not B.is getting C.are getting D.am getting

10.Do you think _________________an English film tomorrow night?

A.is there B.there is going to have C.there is going to be D.will there be

11. — There __________ two football matches on TV tomorrow afternoon.

— Really? That’s great. A. will have B. are going to be C.is going to be D. are going to have

12. I'm going to be a teacher ________ I grow up. A. what B. when C. who D. where

13. — Tim, could you please play________ piano for me while I’m singing?

— With pleasure. A. a B. an C. the D. /

14.-Is Mr. Brown living here? -No, he moved _________ last week.

A. to somewhere else B. somewhere else C. to else somewhere D. else somewhere

15.What _______ you ______ to do when you __________ high school?

A. do, want, finish B. will, want, finish C. are, going, are going to finish D. are, want, are going to finish

16. -I’m going to learn the piano when I retire. -That sounds _________ a good idea.

A. like B. as C. about D. of 17. He decides to work _______ than last year. A. more hard B. much hard C. much harder D. a little hard

18. The woman wants her daughter ________ English every morning. A. read B. reads C. reading D. to read

19.There are _________50 students in our class. A more B few C over D many

20. — Bob speaks Chinese quite well.

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— Yes, so he does . He practices _______ Chinese every day. A. speaking B. speak C. speaks D. spoke

2. Can you ______ to speak French well this year? 3. That ______ very interesting.

4. How can I _____ healthy? 5. -What do you want to _____? -I want to become an art teacher.

6. Do you enjoy ________ football? 7. What would you like _______ for dinner this evening?

8. I’m going to _________ good grades. 9. He ______ guitar lesson every Wednesday evening.

10. Are you going to ________ some model ship?

1.The students want to be computer _____________ (programme).

2. Our school built a tall________________ (build) last year.

3.Sam is in China now. He is a ______________.(foreign) 4.He got a lot of letters from __________ (read) 5,You should eat _________ (health) food than before. 6. The twins ______ (be)thirteen two years ago.

7. What are you going to do this evening?I _____________(look)after my brother.

8. Our teacher often makes us _______(do) a lot of homework.

9.Would you like __________(go) out for a walk,please? 10.Don’t forget_______(call) me tonight.




3.I'm writing a letter now.(用tomorrow morning改写句子)


5.They're going to have some classes next week.(改为一般疑问句)


7.I would like to see the Terra Cotta Warriors.(改为同义句)

I______ ________see the Terra Cotta Warriors.

8. We got over 1,000 letters from our readers about their New Year's resolutions.(改为同义句)

We got ________ ________ 1,000 letters from our readers about their New Year's resolutions.

9. She is going to take acting lessons tomorrow. (改为否定句)


11. What are you going to do this weekend? (根据你的情况回答问题2)

12. Many students are going to work harder at school this year.(改为同义句)

________ ________ students are going to work harder at school this year.


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1. 许多人想要多做运动,因为他们想要保持健康。

Many people want to do __________ __________, because they want to ________ _________.

2. 你想和我一起去周游世界吗?我很乐意。

Would you like to ________ ________ ________ the world with me? I’d _______ ________.


If you want to be a _____________ basketball player,you should __________ it every day.

4 长大后她想当演员吗? Does she want to _______ an actor when she________ up?

5. 去年她参加演讲比赛,获得一等奖。

She ________ ________ ___________ the speech competition and _____ ______ prize last year.

6,我认为家长应该与孩子们有更多的交流。I think parents should _________more _________ their children. 九,阅读理解10(每小题2分)

Some children wish to be writers some day. They want to write stories or books for people to read. That's good!It's good to write something for people to read!But they should know that they need to be good readers first before they are really good writers. They should read a lot of books, instead(代替) of watching TV and spending a lot of time playing games when they are free.

There is more fun in reading, you want to look for more books to read.

Before you decide(决定) to be a good writer, you'd better say to yourself, "I must read more and more!" 根据短文内容,选择正确答案。

1. This article mainly tells us that ________.

A. some children wish to be writers some day B. it is good to write something for people to read

C. reading can be helpful for us to become a good writer D. writers like to read more books for fun

2. Some children want to be writers ________.

A. because they want to be good readers B. to write stories or books for people to read

C. to find good work some day D. to get more money to keep a family

3. It's good for children ________.

A. to do a lot of reading B. to watch TV in the evening

C. to have wishes only D. to be good writers right now

4. Reading can ________.

A. help you to be a good player B. help you write well

C. make you work better D. make you watch more TV at home

5. From the passage we know that ________.

A. all children like to be writers B. people like to read for children

C. all writers are children D. children need to read more and more books

六. 写作:


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