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2014江苏初中听力口语自动化 考试纲要



1. 学校生活 School life
? 例一 要点: ? 1.杰克是一名八年级学生,就读于 伦敦附近的一所学校; ? 2.他最喜欢的学科是语文课,他认 为学习语言很有趣; ? 3.学校每学期有一个“读书周”, 他和他的同学们喜欢这个“读书 周”,他们可以读到来自学校图书 馆的许多书和杂志;他很喜欢他的

Jack is a Year 8 student at a school near London.His favourite subject is Chinese. He thinks learning foreign languages is fun. His school has a Reading Week every term. Jack and his classmates love it. They can read many books and magazines from the school library. Jack loves his school very much.

? 例二 要点: ? 1.南希14岁,是七年级学生; ? 2.她放学后打排球,每周两次;她 喜欢这项运动,花很多时间练 习; ? 3.每周一她去“同伴俱乐部”;在 那里,老生给新生讲学校生活情况; 同伴朱莉帮助她全面了解新学校情 况;朱莉是她的好朋友。

Nancy is 14 years old. She is in the seventh grade. Twice a week , she plays volleyball after school. She loves this game and spends a lot of time practising. Every Monday, Nancy goes to a Buddy Club. There, older students talk to new students about school life. Her buddy Julie helps her learn all about her new school. Julie is her good friend.

2. 节日 Festivals
? 例一 要点: ? 1.万圣节前夜在10月31日; ? 2.在万圣节前夜,孩子们穿上特殊的服 装,戴上面具;许多孩子玩一种游戏, 他们敲邻居家的门,高声喊道:“不 招待便使坏”;邻居通常给他们一些 糖果; ? 3.一些人也用橙色的大南瓜做灯,在南 瓜上刻出眼睛、鼻子和尖牙的形状。

? Halloween is on the October 31. Children wear special costumes and masks on Halloween. Many children play a game. They knock on their neighbours’ doors and shout “trick or treat”. Their neighbours usually give them some sweets.Some people also make lanterns out of big orange pumpkins. They cut out shapes for the eyes, the nose and the sharp teeth.

? 例二 要点: ? 1.中秋节是一个传统性的中国节日, 通常在9月或10月到来;当晚,月 亮看起来更亮更圆;老人们给孩子 们讲嫦娥的故事; ? 2.在中秋节,人们常吃月饼;月饼 种类很多,有肉、蛋或水果馅的; 每年此时,许多家庭都买月饼。

? Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese festival. It usually comes in September or October.The moon looks brighter and rounder that night. Old people tell children the story of Chang’e.On Mid-Autumn Festival, people often eat moon cakes.There are many different kinds of moon cakes with meat,eggs or fruit in them. Many families buy moon cakes at this time of the year.

3. 自己动手做 Do it yourself

? 例一 1、我的堂兄安德鲁对DIY很是疯狂, 他爱修理物品,装饰房间,但是当他完成 之后,房间总是一团糟 ; ? 2、曾经有一次他试图在他的里安装一盏更 亮的灯,但是他犯了个错误,整个房子都 没电了。还有一次,他想在卧室的墙上挂 副画,但是他却弄坏了一根水管,屋子里 全是水 ; ? 3、因此,我给他买了一些关于DIY的书籍, 并建议他去选修一些DIY的课程 。

My cousin Andrew is crazy about DIY. He loves to repair things and decorate his house. But when he finishes, the house always looks terrible! He once tried to put in a brighter light in his bedroom, but he made a mistake. Then his whole house had a power cut. Another time, he wanted to put up a picture on his bedroom wall, but he hit a pipe and filled the room with water. So I bought some books about DIY for him and I also advised him to take some courses in DIY.

? 例二:要点: ? 1.如何制作水果沙拉? ? 2.首先,选择你最喜欢的水果,要用当季 的水果。保证它是新鲜的;其次,搭配不 同颜色的水果,使其看上去和它的口感一 样的好。比如如,把红色的苹果、青色的 梨、紫色的葡萄和桔子混合在一起将使沙 拉看起来颜色丰富。 ? 3、你只有在准备食用沙拉时再准备沙拉。 有些水果在空气中放置一段时间后会很快 变色。

How to make a fruit salad? First, choose your favourite fruit. Use fruit in season. Make sure it tastes fresh. Then use fruit of different colours and try to make your fruit salad look as good as it tastes. For example, mixing red apples, green pears, purple grapes and oranges together will make the salad look very colourful. Prepare the fruit salad just before you are going to eat it. Some of the fruit will quickly turn brown when

4. 大熊猫 Giant pandas

? 例一 要点: ? 1.人人喜欢大熊猫;大熊猫温顺且安静, 他们以竹笋和竹叶为食; ? 2.世界上现仅有大约一千只大熊猫,他 们的数目越来越少; ? 3.大熊猫生活的地方正在变为农田,而 且人们也为取其毛皮而捕猎它们;如 此下去,世界上很快将再无大熊猫。

? Everyone likes giant pandas.Giant pandas are quiet and peaceful.They eat bamboo shoots and leaves.Now, there are only about a thousand giant pandas in the world.Their number is going down.Their living areas are becoming farmlands.Also,people hunt them for their fur.If this continues there will soon be no giant pandas in the world.

? 例二 要点: ? 1.熊猫宝宝名叫“希望”,出生时重约 90克,每天喝母奶;6个月时,开始吃 竹笋和竹叶; ? 2.可悲的是,大熊猫在野外很难存活; 假如人们砍掉树和森林,大熊猫将无 栖身之处; ? 3.我们应当尽力保护它们。

The baby panda is called Xi Wang. When she was born she weighed a

bout 90 grams. She drank her mother’s milk every day When she was six months old, she started to eat bamboo shoots and leaves. Sadly, it is difficult for giant pandas to survive in the wild. If people cut down trees and forests, giant pandas will have nowhere to live. We should try our best to protect them.

5. 饮食 Diet

? 例一 要点: ? 1.为了更加健康,我已改变了饮食; ? 2.以前,我很少吃水果、蔬菜,喜欢 糕点、糖果和可乐; ? 3.现在,早餐时总吃一根香蕉、一些面包 喝一杯牛奶;午餐时,通常吃鱼 和蔬菜; ? 4.我现在正变得越来越健康,学习情况 也因此而大大改善了。

? I have changed my diet because I want to be healthier. Before, I seldom ate fruit and vegetables. I like cakes, sweets and cola. Now, I always have a banana, some bread and a glass of milk for breakfast. I usually eat fish and vegetables for lunch. I’m now becoming healthier and healthier. Because of this, my studies have greatly improved.

? 例二 要点: ? 1.以前,汤姆喜爱薯条和汉堡包,吃很 多甜的零食,但很少吃水果和蔬菜; ? 2.现在,因为要更加健康,他已改变了 饮食;早餐时,通常喝点牛奶和吃点面包 正餐时,通常吃米饭、鱼和蔬菜; 饭后常吃些水果; ? 3.汤姆现在健康多了,他知道改变不健 康的饮食很重要。

Before, Tom loved chips and hamburgers and ate a lot of sweet snacks, but he seldom ate fruit and vegetables. Now he has changed his diet because he wants to be healthier. For breakfast, he usually has some milk and bread. He usually has rice, fish and vegetables for dinner. After meals he often eats some fruit. Tom is much healthier now. He knows it is important to change an unhealthy diet.

6.爱好与学业 Hobbies and studies ? 例一 要点: ? 1.我有许多爱好,喜欢游泳、唱歌 和购物,目前旅游是我最喜欢的爱 好; ? 2.但是,每天我有很多家庭作业; 要花如此多的时间做家庭作业,以 致不能为我的爱好找到时间了;对 此我真的感到遗憾; ? 3.我不想因为家庭作业而放弃全部 爱好。

I have many hobbies.I love swimming, singing and shopping. At the moment, travelling is my favourite hobby. However,I have a lot of homework every day. I spend so much time doing my homework that I cannot find any time for my hobbies.I really feel bad about it.I don’t want to give up all my hobbies because of my homework.

? 例二 要点: ? 1.迈克疯狂地迷恋足球,喜爱看足球 比赛,当然也喜爱踢足球; ? 2.放学后,他经常花1小时左右的时间 和同学们一起踢足球; ? 3.他的父母不喜欢这一点,要求他在5 点半之前回家;他认为在爱好上花些 时间是重要的,希望能得到父母的支 持。

Mike is crazy about football! He loves watching football matches. Of course, he loves playing football

too. He often spends about one hour playing football with his classmates after school. His parents don’t like this and have asked him to go home before 5.30. He thinks it is important for him to spend some time on his hobbies. He wishes he could have his parents’ support.

? 例一 要点: ? 1.如果你在考虑去北京旅游,我推荐 这本书; ? 2.这本书描述了在该市内的许多旅游 景点,而且告诉你有关当地的纪念品; 书中有许多漂亮的照片; ? 3.从这本书中你可以了解到有关北京 的许多情况; ? 4.书的价格不贵,你可以在附近的书 店里买到它。

7. 推荐 Recommendations

? If you are thinking about visiting Beijing, I recommend this book. It describes many tourist attractions in the city. It also tells you about the local souvenirs. There are many beautiful photos in the book. You can learn a lot a bout Beijing from this book. The book i s not expensive. You can buy it in a nearby bookshop.

? 例二 要点: ? 1.我推荐海伦成为网球俱乐部的负责 人; ? 2.她成为俱乐部成员已经三年了;总 是积极参加俱乐部活动;我常看到她 刻苦训练;今年她在学校网球比赛中 获得第一名;她也很有组织能 力; ? 3.我认为她是俱乐部负责人的恰当人 选。

? I recommend Helen to be the Tennis Club leader. She has been a club member for three years. She always takes an active part in club activities. I often see her practicing hard. This year, she came first in the school tennis competition. She is also very organized .I think she is a good choice to be the Tennis Club leader.

? 例一 要点: ? 1.我对阳光城很了解;四岁时随父母 一起搬到了这里,从那以后就住在这 里; ? 2.我们先住在城北;几年后,我们搬 到城中心的另一座公寓; ? 3.现在阳光城已已发生了很大变化, 看起来就像一个美丽的大公园。

8. 变迁 Changes

? I know Sunshine Town very well. I moved here with my parents when I was four years old. I have lived here since then. We first lived in the northern part of town. A few years later, we moved to another flat in the centre of town. Now Sunshine Town has changed a lot. It looks like a big beautiful park.

? 例二 要点: ? 1.阳光城已变化很大;政府已将这个 地方变成了一个公园;我们有了一个 大卖场和一个剧院,也有了开阔的空 地和美丽的花园; ? 2.然而,要看到一些老朋友就有困难 了;他们已搬到了北京或其他的地方, 我时而感到有点寂寞; ? 3.有时,他们回来看我,那使我很高 兴。

Sunshine Town has changed a lot. The government has turned the place in to a park. We have a large shopping mall and a theatre. We have open space and pretty gardens too. However, it is difficult to see some of my old friends. They have moved to Beijing or other places and I feel a bit lonely

from time to time. Sometimes they come back to see me, and that makes me very happy.

9. 介绍Introductions

? 例一 要点: ? 1.我叫李雷,16岁;九年级学生,今 年夏天毕业; ? 2.学习英语将近七年,学习情况良好; ? 3.在北京出生,现在和父母住在上海; ? 4.我有一只狗,名叫埃迪,我很喜欢他。

My name is Li Lei, and I’m sixteen years old. I’m in Grade Nine. I will graduate this summer. It is almost seven years since I began to learn English. I’m getting on well with it. I was born in Beijing. Now my parents and I live in Shanghai. I have a dog called Eddie. I love him very much.

? 例二 要点: ? 1.李雷是九年级学生,将于今夏毕业: 数学很好,喜欢集邮; ? 2.他有礼貌,乐于助人,老师、同学 都很喜欢他; ? 3.1998年出生于上海;他现在和父母 住在南京。

? Li Ping is a Grade 9 student. He will graduate this summer. He’s very good at Maths, and he enjoys collecting stamps. Li Ping is polite and helpful. Both his teachers and his classmates like him very much. Li Ping was born in Shanghai in 1998. Now he and his parents live in Nanjing.

10.我的家乡 My home town
? 例一 要点: ? 1.我的家乡在中国的东部,是个小城 镇; ? 2.在城里有个美丽的公园,在那里我 们可以散步,也可以看到小山、树和 湖;在城里有一些高楼,最高的那栋 楼有二十四层;有很多商店,我们经 常在商店里购物; ? 3.我很喜欢我的家乡。

? My hometown is in the east of China. It is a small town. In it there is a beautiful park. We can go walking there. We can see hills, trees and lakes too. There are some tall buildings in the town and the tallest one has twenty-four floors. There are lots of shops. We often go shopping in them . I like my hometown very much.

? 例二 要点: ? 1.我住在一个小城市的附近;我的房 子外便是公共汽车站;乘公交车到市 中心约需十分钟; ? 2.在市中心有许多建筑物,包括一个 大型购物中心、一个青年中心和一个 博物馆,还有一个公园; ? 3.青年中心是我最喜欢的地方,周末 我经常和朋友们去那里。

I live near a small city. Outside my house is a bus stop. It takes about ten minutes to get to the city centre by bus. There are lots of buildings there , including a large shopping mall, a youth centre and a museum, There is a park too. The youth centre is my favourite place. I often go there with my friends at the weekend.

11.颜色 Colours
? 例一 要点: ? 1.一些颜色使人感到平静和安宁;蓝色 便是其一;蓝色也表示难过;感到难 过的人可以说:“我感到忧伤”; ? 2.使人感到平静和安宁的另一种颜色是 白色;白色代表纯洁;如果你感到压 力大,就可以穿白色的衣服。

Some colours make people feel calm and peaceful.

Blue is one of these colours. Blue can also represent sadness. Someone who is feeling sad may say, “I’m feeling blue.” Another colour that makes people feel calm and peaceful is white. White is the colour of purity. You could wear white if you are feeling stressed.

? 例二 要点: ? 1.一些颜色能使你感到温暖;生活在 寒冷气候里的人们,更喜欢用暖色来 给他们的家一种温暖和舒服的感 觉; ? 2.橙色是暖色之一,能带给你成功, 使你高兴;黄色是另一种暖色,是太 阳的颜色,也是智慧之色。

? Some colours can make you feel warm. People who live in a cold climate prefer to use warm colours to give their homes a warm and comfortable feeling. Orange is one of the warm colours. Orange can bring you success and cheer you up. Yellow is another warm colour. Yellow is the colour of the sun, It is also the colour of wisdom.

12.电影明星 Film Stars
? 例一 要点: ? 1.奥黛丽· 赫本(Audrey Hepburn)不仅 在美国,而且在世界上的其他地方都很 著名; ? 2.赫本生于1929年;1953年被选在影片 《罗马假日》(Roman Holiday)中担 任女主角,扮演年轻的公主;影片大获 成功,赫本因在该片中的这个角色而赢 得了奥斯卡最佳女主角奖; ? 3.她把许多时间贡献给了慈善事业;赫本 于1993年逝世。

? Audrey Hepburn is famous not only in the USA, but also in other parts of the world. Hepburn was born in 1929. In 1953, she was chosen to play the lead role of a young princess in the film Roman Holiday. The film was a big success. Hepburn won an Oscar for Best Actress for her role in the film. She devoted much of her time to charity. Hepburn died in 1993.

? 例二 要点: ? 1. 巩俐于1965年出生在沈阳,1987 年开始她的演员生涯; ? 2. 自从演了第一部影片《红高粱》 (Red Sorghum)以来,巩俐主演 了许多其他成功的影片: ? 3. 她演技娴熟,绝佳地扮演具有浓浓 中国女性味的角色; 她因此在全世界 走红,并在一些国际电影节获得最佳 女演员奖。

Gong Li was born in Shenyang in 1965. She began her career as an actress in 1987. Since her first film, Red Sorghum, Gong Li has starred in m any other successful films. She is experienced in acting. She plays the role of strong Chinese women very well. Because of this, she has become famous all over the world. And she has won the Best Actress Award at some international film festivals.

13.自然灾害 Natural disasters

? 例一 要点: ? 1.地震开始时我正在图书馆里; ? 2.地面开始猛烈地摇晃;我试图往外跑, 但玻璃碎片和砖头砸了下来,墙开始 坍塌; ? 3.最后,响声和摇动都停了下来; ? 4.我意识到我的一条腿被卡住了;我尖 声呼救,担心没人会听到我;好在一 条狗发现了我,有人把我拉了出去。

I was in the library when the

earthquake started. The earth started to shake hard. I tried to run outside, but pieces of glass and bricks fell down. and the walls began to come down. Finally, the noise and shaking ended. I realized my leg was trapped. I screamed for help. I was afraid that no one would hear me. Luckily, a dog found me and someone pulled me out.

? 例二 要点: ? 1.上周三,暴风雪袭击了南京;放学 后,贝蒂和她的朋友艾米合撑一把伞, 走向汽车停靠站; ? 2.天气真是坏极了。突然,一阵大风 从身后刮来,她们在大风中弄丢了伞, 她们俩几乎跌倒,只能在暴风雪中慢 慢地走向汽车停靠站; ? 3.最后,她们上了一辆公交车,回家 了。

? A snowstorm hit Nanjing last Wednesday after school. Betty shared an umbrella with her friend, Amy, and they walked to the bus stop. The weather was really terrible. Suddenly a strong wind came from behind. They lost their umbrella in the wind and nearly fell over. They had to walk slowly through the storm to the bus stop. At last, they got on a bus and went home.

14.我最好的朋友 My best friend
? 例一 要点: ? 1.在学校我最好的朋友是汤姆;他长得 很高;酷爱体育,擅长打篮球; ? 2.汤姆为人慷慨,愿意与朋友们分享他 的东西;总是乐于助人; ? 3.很久以来,我们一直是最好的朋友。

My best friend at school is Tom. He is very tall. He loves sports very much and is good at playing basketball Tom is generous. He is willing to share things with his friends. He is always ready to help people too. We have been best friends for a long time.

? 例二 要点: ? 1.米莉是我的同班同学,15岁,是我 最好的朋友;她住在我家隔壁,我们 做朋友已经差不多5年了; ? 2.她高而苗条,一头长发,乐于助 人; ? 3.她长大后想当个导游,周游世界; 我们将永远是最好的朋友。

? Millie is my classmate. She is 15 years old. She is my best friend. She lives next door and we have been friends for almost 5 years. She is tall and slim, and she has long hair. She likes to help people. Millie wants to be a guide and travel around the world when she grows up.We will always be best friends.

15.电视 TV
? 例一 要点: ? 1.我们学校的学生喜欢各种电视节 目; ? 2.阿尼塔是7年级的学生,最喜欢看的 电视节目是《动物世界》;她的哥哥 汤姆在8年级,最喜欢的电视节目是 《体育城》; ? 3.他们每天看一小时电视,从电视节目 中,他们学到了从书本上学不到的许 多东西。

The students in our school like different kinds of TV programmes. Anita is a seventh grade student. Her favourite programme is Animal World. Her elder brother Tom is in Grade Eight. His favourite programme is Sports City. They watch TV for one hour every day. From TV programmes they've learned a lot which can't be learned from books


? 例二 要点: ? 1.今天是个非常令人激动的日子;我和 表兄一起参加了一个电视竞赛节目; ? 2.在节目中,我们要合作回答各种关于 体育知识的问题;节目开始前,我感 到很紧张,但是我和表兄好好地做了 准备;我们正确地回答了大部分问题; 最后,我们获得了最高分,赢得了比 赛; ? 3.我的家人都很高兴。

? Today is a very exciting day. My cousin and I took part in a TV game show. On the show we had to work together to answer all kinds of questions about spots. Before the show I felt quite nervous, but my cousin and I prepared well. We answered most of the questions correctly. Finally, we got the top score and won the show. My family are all very happy.

16.迪斯尼乐园 Disneyland
? 例一 要点: ? 1.我和父母在香港已经三天了,我们在 这儿过得很愉快; ? 2.今天,我们在迪斯尼乐园度过了一整 天;它是个著名的主题公园,共有四 个不同的区域,我们都参观到了;在 这天的最后,我们观看了一场烟火表 演; ? 3.我在那里拍了许多照片,回来后会给 朋友们看。

My parents and I have been in Hong Kong for three days. We are having a good time here. Today, we spent the whole day at Disneyland. It is a famous theme park. It has four different areas. We visited all of them. At the end of the day, we watched a fireworks show. I took a lot of photos there. I will show them to my friends when I get back.

? 例二 要点: ? 1.上星期六我们乘地铁去了迪斯尼乐 园; ? 2.先在大门口拍照,然后参观了乐园里 的四个区域;当迪斯尼人物游行在下 午晚些时候开始时,我们非常激动; 它是一天最精彩的部分;游行后,我 们观看了一部3D电影; ? 3.我们在乐园里待了大约8个小时,它 可真是激动人心的一天。

? Last Saturday We went to Disneyland by underground. First we took photos at the entrance. Then we visited the four areas inside. We were very excited when a parade of Disney characters began later in the afternoon. It was the best part of the day. After the parade, we watched a 3-D film.We stayed at the park for about 8 hours. It was a really exciting day.

17.购物 Shopping
? 例一 要点: ? 1.桑迪想为她的朋友贝蒂买一件生日礼 物; ? 2.贝蒂喜欢发夹;桑迪发现了一对漂亮 的发夹,它们与贝蒂最喜欢的那件外 套相配; ? 3.桑迪还想给贝蒂买张激光唱片,因为 贝蒂喜欢听音乐; ? 4.最后,桑迪决定买那对发夹和一张激 光唱片;总价是28元。

Sandy wanted to buy a birthday present for her friend, Betty. Betty liked hair clips. Sandy found a pair of pretty hair clips. They matched Betty’s favourite coat. Sandy also wanted to get a CD for Betty, because Betty liked listening to music. Finally. Sandy bought the hair clips and a CD.The tota

l cost was twenty-eight yuan.

? 例二 要点: ? 1.我的学校附近有一个新的购物中心; 它于去年建成; ? 2.购物中心内有许多服装店,这对女孩 们来说是太好了;但是,为男孩们服 务的商店不多; ? 3.在顶楼有很多餐厅,在那里你可以品 尝来自不同国家的不同风味的食物; 这个购物中心真是个有趣的去处。

? There is a new shopping centre near my school. It was built last year. There are lots of clothes shops in it. This is great for girls. However, there are not many shops for boys. There are lots of restaurants on the top floor. There, you can try different styles of food from different countries. The shopping centre is a really interesting place to go.

18.保护动物 Protecting animals
? 例一 要点: ? 1.扎龙自然保护区是世界上最重要的湿 地之一;许多鸟儿生活在那里;湿地里 有许多鱼,所以鸟儿能容易地找到食 物; ? 2.现在,越来越多的鸟儿因为没有足够 的生存空间而处于危险当中;它们中的 许多已经死掉了; ? 3.中国政府想要保护这些濒危鸟类;它 们在像扎龙这样的保护区会是安全的。

Zhalong Nature Reserve is one of the world’s most important wetlands. Many birds live there. There are many fish in the wetland. So the birds can easily find food. More and more birds are now in danger because they do not have enough living space. Lots of them have died. The Chinese government wants to protect these endangered birds. They can be safe in reserves like Zhalong.

? 例二 要点: ? 1.我们喜欢观鸟;我们每年数两次鸟 儿,以研究鸟儿在数量方面的变 化; ? 2.现在正在邀请学生们帮忙;需要更多 的人帮我们点数; ? 3.许多人不知道湿地的重要性;我们希 望这则信息会有助于他们理解。它可 以使他们采取行动来保护野生动物。

? We like bird watching. We do a bird count twice a year to study the changes in bird numbers. We are now inviting students to help. We need more people to help us count. Many people do not understand the importance of the wetlands. We hope this information will help them understand. It may make them take action to protect wildlife.

19.时尚 Fashion
? 例一 要点: ? 1.我是个中学生;上周我设计了一件上 衣、一条裙子和一双靴子; ? 2.黑色的上衣是用羊毛制成的,长而漂 亮;红色的裙子也是用羊毛制成的, 适合在秋天穿;靴子是短筒皮靴,与 衣服很相配; ? 3.我非常喜爱它们。

I am a middle school student. Last week I designed a coat, a skirt and a pair of boots. The black coat is made of wool. It is long and beautiful. The red skirt is made of wool too. It is good for autumn. The boots are short and are made of leather. They match the clothes very well. I love them very much.

? 例二 要点: 1.上星期六,我

们班举办了一场时装表 演;我们都穿着20世纪不同时代的服 装; 2.海伦看上去色彩鲜艳,她的一身衣服 来自20世纪80年代;约翰看起来很休 闲,穿着蓝黄相间的运动衣和一双色 彩鲜艳的运动鞋;20世纪90年代的年 轻人喜欢穿运动鞋。

? Last Saturday, our class held a fashion show. We all wore clothes from different times in the 20th century. Helen looked colourful. Her clothes were from the 1980s.John looked very relaxed. He wore blue-and-yellow sports clothes and a pair of colourful trainers. Young people in the 1990s liked wearing trainers.

20.住房 Housing
? 例一 要点: ? 1.我与父母一起住在一个小城镇; ? 2.我们的公寓在四楼;有三个卧室、一 个客厅、一个厨房和一个浴室;我的卧 室有一扇大的窗户;在我们的楼附近有 一个花园,所以我从卧室的窗户可以看 到花园里的鲜花和树木; ? 3.我们家离我的学校不远,我每天步行 上学。

I live with my parents in a small town. Our flat is on the third floor. There are three bedrooms, one sitting room, one kitchen and one bathroom. My bedroom has a big window. There is a garden near our building, so I can see the flowers and trees in the garden from my bedroom window. Our flat is not far away from my school. I walk to school every day.

? 例二 要点: ? 1.我和父母一起住在繁华街道的一座 公寓里;公寓在城市的南部; 2.在我们的公寓里有一个大的客厅;晚 上,我们在那里看电视; 3.我喜欢烹饪,经常在厨房帮妈妈做 饭; 4.我的卧室有一个阳台,我喜欢坐在那 儿听音乐。

? I live with my parents in a flat on a busy street. It is in the south of the city. There is a big sitting room in our flat. In the evening, we watch TV there. I like cooking and I often help my mother make dinner in the kitchen. My bedroom has a balcony. I like sitting there and listening to music.

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