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1. We want (他们) to help us.

2. This is (我的) book. That is (你的).

3. This doesn’t look like (我的) dictionary, it may be (你的).

4. (他) often helps (我们) with (我们的) lessons.

5. Is this book (你的)? No, it’s not (我的). It’s (她的).

6. I’ll work out the problem (我自己).

7. Who are (他们)? (他们) are (我们的) new classmates.

8. (她) is very honest. (我们) may depend on (她).

9. These books are very important to (我).


1. of them knows Japanese. (Neither, Both)

2. We study Chinese, English, maths and subjects. (the others, other)

3. Don’t hurry. There is time left. (little, a little)

4. ---Is there wrong with your bike?

---Yes, there is wrong with it. (something, anything)

5. I don’t like this one. Please give me . (another, other)

6. (He, His, Her) name is Jack. (She, He, His) is a cook.

7. He’s invited to parties. (a lot of, lots)

8. This box is heavier than that . (one, ones)

9. We must get ready before setting off. (everything, anything)

10. of us is afraid of difficulties. (None, All)

11. Do you mind if I ask you questions? (few, a few)

12. There are many trees on sides of the street in Beijing. (all, both)

13. Would you like tea or coffee? (some, any)

14. Did they spend money on their trip to Hangzhou? (many, much)

15. There’s wrong with, but I’m afraid you’re eating too .

(anything, nothing ; many, much)

16. Please show (me, I, mine) the way.

17. Which of shirts are Tom’s? (these, this, that)

18. Did ask for me when I was out? (somebody, anybody)

19. She’s very popular. likes her. (Someone, Everyone)

20. “It’s going to snow,” the old woman said to . (her, herself, hers)

三、 单选

1. They didn’t learn in this afternoon.

a. something new b. anything new c. new something d. new anything

2. We have work to do.

a. many b. a few c. a lot of d. any



3. ---How about these two films? --- of them are very interesting.

a. Neither b. Either c. All d. Both

4. The sentence is wrong.

a. himself b. herself c. itself d. it

5. Is there in today’s newspaper?

a. anything interesting b. interesting anything

c. something interesting d. interesting something

6. like music.

a. Both of them b. Both of they c. The both girls d. Both them

7. ---What would you like to have, tea or milk?

--- . I’d like to have a glass of water.

a. Each b. Neither c. Either d. Both

8. Mary has made Chinese friends since she came to Beijing.

a. a few b. a little c. a lot d. lots

9. do you like best, bread, rice or noodles?

a. What b. Which c. who d. Whom

10. No agreement was reached in the discussion. As neither side would give way to .

a. the other b. any other c. another d. other

11. I asked her for ink, but she did not have .

a. any ; some b. any ; any c. some ; any d. some ; some

12. of us went to the Summer Palace except Lin Tao.

a. Some b. Either c. All d. Every

13. of us has read the story.

a. Some b. Both c. All d. None

14. Our teacher asked us to be strict with in English study.

a. ours b. our c. ourselves d. oneselves

15. work is heavy, but is heavier than .

a. Our ; their ; our b. Our ; theirs ; ours

c. Our ; theirs ; our d. Our ; their ; ours

16. Except Mrs. Lee and , no one was old in the waiting room.

a. his b. her c. I d. she

17. is a close friend of aunt’s.

a. She ; mine b. Her ; mine c. She ; my d. Hers ; my

18. None of us saw how it happened, so we had to ask the boy about his good deeds.

But he just gave us a smile.

a. him b. himself c. his own d. his

19. He is a good student. But on hand, he is in poor health.

a. other b. the other c. other’s d. others




1. This isn’t pencil case. I left mine at home.

a. my b. me c. I d. myself

2. Merry Christmas, George! Here is a card for , with best wishes.

a. you ; our b. us ; your c. you ; your d. us ; our

3. ---How about the movie you saw yesterday?

---Some people think it’s boring ; think it’s exciting.

a. others b. other c. each d. another

4. Not long ago, our country sent up a rocket with two small satellites(卫星) into space. One

weighed 204 kilos and , 25 kilos.

a. another b. other c. others d. the other

5. ---Are these cars made in Japan?

---Yes. And they’re much cheaper than made in America.

a. that b. those c. it d. ones

6. ---May I help you with some jeans, sir? ---Yes, I’d like to try on those blue .

a. pair b. one c. two d. ones

7. Who taught math last year?

a. they b. their c. them d. their

8. There is on Channel 6. Please try to find it.

a. important something b. something important

c. important anything d. anything important

9. ---Have you any friends in Paris? ---Yes, I have there.

a. few b. a few c. little d. a little

10. ---Uncle John is too busy to help us. ---Never mind. Let’s do it .

a. himself b. myself c. ourselves d. itself

11. Do you know the boy sitting between Peter and .

a. she b. I c. his d. me

12. ---My prize is different from . ---But is the same as mine.

a. Dick ; yours b. Dick’s ; your c. Dick ; your d. Dick’s ; yours

13. ---Who taught her French? ! She learned it by herself.

a. Nobody b. Anybody c. Somebody d. Everybody

14. We have two bedrooms, but of them is big enough for six people to live in.

a. none b. both c. any d. neither

15. ---Wow! What a nice computer! ---My parents bought it for my sister and me. It’s a. ours b. hers c. mine d. theirs

16. ---When shall we meet again?

---Make it day you like. It’s all the same to me.

a. one b. another c. some d. any

17. I’ve read several books, but of them is funny.

a. neither b. either c. none d. all

18. Some students are sitting in the classroom while are playing on the playground.

a. the other b. others students c. others d. other of the students

19. Children, don’t be so pleased with . Be careful.

a. yourself b. yourselves c. herself d. themselves



20. ---Do you prefer milk or orange juice? ---I don’t like . I usually drink coffee.

a. other b. another c. neither d. either

21. --- of the answers is right. Have a third try. ---OK. We must find the right one.

a. All b. Both c. Neither d. Either

22. ---Do you have any eggs in the fridge? ---No, is left.

a. some b. anything c. one d. none

23. ---Paul, is that sweater? ---No, it’s not .

a. your ; Bob’s b. your ; mine c. Bob’s ; yours d. Bob’s ; mine

24. I have apples than you, but are better than yours.

a. few ; my b. few ; mine c. fewer ; my d. fewer ; mine

25. ---Jan, go and water the flowers with Ann.

---Why ? Bob is sitting there, doing nothing.

a. I b. me c. he d. him

26. I agree with most of what you said, but I don’t agree with .

a. nothing b. everything c. something d. anything

27. ---What are you going to do tonight? ---We haven’t made up our minds .

a. which one to choose b. where to go c. what to do d. how to do it

28. Jack, good boy! Please pass the glasses. I want to read the newspaper.

a. you b. me c. him d. her

29. ---Is here? ---No, Bob is ill at home.

a. anybody b. somebody c. everybody d. nobody

30. ---I can’t find my pen. Can you lend me ? ---Sorry, I’m using it myself.

a. you b. your c. yourself d. yours


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