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时间介词有in , on,at, after, since,during,by,before,after,until等,前三个介词用法有个口诀: at午夜、点与分,上午、下午、晚用in。





1、时间介词in与after 的用法辨析

介词 in + 一段时间用于一般将来时。如:We’ll go to school in two weeks.

介词after + 一段时间用于一般过去时。如:My mother came home after half an hour. 介词after + 时间点常用于一般将来时。如:We’ll go out for a walk after supper.


介词for 表示一段时间如:I have been living here for 10 years.

介词since 表示从过去某一时间以来如:I have been living here since 2000.


介词before表示“在?之前”如:He won’t come back before five .

介词by表示“到?时为止,不迟于?”如:The work must be finished by Friday.


当所指的时间起止分明时用介词during如:He swims every day during the summer. 如果一段时间不明确则用介词for如:I haven’t seen her for years.


till和until用在肯定句中,均可表示“直到?为止”,如:I will wait till(until)seven o'clock.


如:Tom didn't come back till(until)midnight.

till多用于普通文体,而 until则用于多种文体,并且在句子开头时,用until而不用till如:Until he comes back,nothing can be done.

注意:在last, next, this, that, some, every 等词之前一律不用介词。

1. She usually gets to school _______ 7:30 in the morning.

2. Can you come here ______ the morning of April 5?

3. Some of my classmates were born ______ May, 1982.

4. It is often too hot _____ summer in China.

5. The girl left her home _______ a cold winter evening.

6. He has lived here ______ 1980.

7. We have worked in this city ______ about 5 years.

8. My father usually goes to bed at ten ______ night. 9. What do the students do ______ Monday afternoon? 10. I must go now. My parents are waiting _______ me at the bus stop. 11. My pen pal lives _______ Sydney, Australia. 12. Lucy is a good student. She often helps her classmates ______ their lessons. 13. The old woman often goes out ______ a walk after supper. 14. Most ______ us are doing very well _______ maths.

15. Don’t forget to say “Thank you” when someone opens the door ________ you. 16. Hawaii is famous _________ its beautiful beaches.

17. I won’t believe you until I see it ________my own eyes. 18. I have borrowed some books _______ our school library. 19. How far is it ______ Sydney _______ Beijing? 20. Is there anything wrong _______ your computer? 21. The train is passing __________ a tunnel.

22. It’s a big house ________ an interesting swimming pool. 23. There is a map and some pictures ________ the wall in our classroom. 24. Look! Lily is lying ________ the beach and enjoying the sun.

25. Don’t treat him ________ a child.

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