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1. I’ve eaten all cakes. Can I have one of ?

2. Tell Tom not to forget book. And you mustn’t forget .

3. George has lost pen. Ask Mary if she will lend him .

4. We’ve finished work; have they finished ?

5. Jack has a dog and so do I. dog and had a fight.

6. The teacher wants you to return that book of that he lent you.

7. Mr. and Mrs. Green and a friend of are coming to see us.

8. Mary wants to know if you’ve seen a pair of gloves of .

9. We are going to Paris to stay with a French friend of .

10. Dinner has been ready for a long time. I have had and Mary has had .

Come and have now.


1. Children know little about the danger of playing on the road and must be told.

2. The general(将军) visited all the wounded soldiers(伤兵) in the hospital and talked

with . was interested in everything told .

3. Ling Ling is a girl. studies in a primary school. Her brother lives with ,

and helps to prepare the lessons.

4. The ship is lying at anchor(泊位). comes from Shanghai.

5. This photo of your mother is very much like her. I like .

6. Mike is my classmate. is good at physics.

7. Kate wants a glass of milk. Will you pass it to ?

8. ---What’s the weather like today? is cloudy.

9. I love and she loves . We love each other.

10. Jim, lost your way, didn’t you?


1. I will clean the classroom .

2. Be careful, boys! You will hurt .

3. They told me they had finished the work .

4. He was an English teacher.

5. We will do it . We need no help. Thank you.

6. Help to some vegetables, children.

7. She is too young to look after .

8. The dog ate all the food all by .

9. Lucy, is Lily teaching English?

10. Tom, you must do it .




1. Are there pictures in that book?

2. I asked him for ink, and he gave me .

3. Have you more books?

4. I haven’t spoken about it to one of the students.

5. ---Have you got interesting books? ---No, I haven’t got .

6. Jim, would you like bananas?

7. Do you need help?

8. I wonder if he can give me help.

五、用不定代词much, many, little, a little, few, a few填空

1. Hurry up! We have very time.

2. Hurry up! You haven’t got time.

3. I have time; I can help you with your homework.

4. people want to see this play. Because it is interesting.

5. The text is not difficult. There are new words in it.

6. The text is not difficult, but there are new words in it.


1. will come and help me?

2. of you understands him?

3. --- books are these? ---They are mine.

4. teaches you Chinese?

5. is your telephone number?

6. is the way to the factory?

7. did he want to see?

8. To do you wish to speak?

9. does your father do?

10. grade are you in?


1. The cat is too young to look after . ( it )

2. Is bike red or black? ( he )

3. Meimei learnt to speak English by . ( she )

4. You can do it all by , Tom. ( you )

5. It’s time for to have supper. ( we )

6. He put on the new coat and then looked at in the mirror.

7. She can swim very well. She taught . ( she )

8. I’ve lived here all life. ( I )

9. My radio is not so good as . ( he )

10. Could you give a bottle of water, please? ( he )

11. You bought a new pencil on way to school, didn’t you?

12. It isn’t my ruler. is a long one. ( I )

13. This is my dictionary. is over there. ( she )

2 ( he ) ( you )













25. A friend of will come to see me tomorrow. ( I ) Miss Li teaches Chinese and they like her very much. ( they ) I have a cat. name is Mimi. ( it ) John is very clever. He can mend the bike ( he ) Some of like Chinese. ( we ) Miss Li doesn’t like that bag. She prefers . ( I ) Do you know about him? ( something ) Who are the bowls for? For . ( she ) Our TV shower is more modern than . ( he ) Last Sunday they visited a place of interest and enjoyed . ( their ) The teacher is sitting between Tom and . ( we ) ---Are you going to buy a CD by ? ( you )

---No, a friend of is going with . ( I )


1. have been to Paris.

a. I , you and he b. He, you and I

c. You, he and I d. You, he and me

2. ---When shall we meet again?

---We’ll meet day you like; it’s all the same to me.

a. another b. one c. some d. any

3. ---Has Jack got the money? ---Yes, I gave yesterday.

a. to him them b. to him it c. him them d. it to him

4. All my classmates are going to the Summer Palace except .

a. he and I b. he and me c. him and I d. him and me

5. ---Which of these two cars will you buy?

---They both are very beautiful. I’ll take of them.

a. both b. either c. all d. neither

6. Don’t worry. There’s still time left.

a. a few b. few c. a little d. little

7. I don’t know English book it is.

a. whose b. what c. where d. who

8. them got a seat.

a. Each of b. Every c. Every of d. Each

9. There are many trees on of the river.

a. both side b. each sides c. both sides d. every side

10. Our work is not so good as .

a. him b. he c. his d. he’s

11. The two of the students often help .

a. each other b. one another c. to each other d. for one another

12. of us has a new bag.

a. Both b. Each c. Everyone d. All

13. The population of China is much larger than of England.

a. it b. this c. / d. that



14. ---I’ve forgotten my bread. ---Never mind, you can have .

a. some of us b. us some c. some of ours d. some of our

15. There is something on the floor. Please .

a. pick up it b. pick up them c. pick it up d. pick them up

16. I asked her for ink, but she didn’t have .

a. any ; some b. any ; any c. some ; any d. some ; some

17. There is in the bag. It’s empty.

a. nothing b. something c. anything d. somebody

18. One should try best to do things well if wants to be successful.

a. his ; he b. his ; one c. one’s ; one d. her ; she

19. ---Is it going to rain? ---I don’t think a. it b. this c. that d. so


1. ---Who is knocking at the door? ---He must be Li Lei.

2. I have bought a new watch because my old it doesn’t work.

3. ---Who’s that speaking? ---I’m Mary.

4. Show me that you have written.

5. ---Could you do anything for me? ---Certainly.

6. ---How many students are there on the hill? ---Nobody.

7. The girl could dress her when she was five years old.

8. Neither of the two buses go to Dalian.

9. All not students are here, some are playing on the playground.


The train was coming to the station and all the passengers stood up and were going to the entrance. Only Mrs. Shute looked worried. was looking for something but she failed and she began to cry sadly. An attendant(服务员) came up to and asked, “ What’s the matter, Madam?”

“ I’ve lost .” answered the old woman. “But I can’t remember it is.” “How many pieces of luggage(行李) do have?”

“Six, Sir.”

“One, two, … six,” the man finished counting and said, “ are all here. What about ticket?”

“They’re here, in handbag.”

“And passport(护照)?”

“They’re in the handbag, too.”

“You’re remembered wrongly, I think.” Said the attendant.

“I don’t think so,” said Mrs. Shute, “I’m sure I’ve lost !”

“Why do you have two passports? And where’s Mr. Shute?”

“Oh, I’ve remembered,” shouted the old woman, “I’ve lost just him!”




1. I don’t like this shirt, so I want to see some .

a. other b. the other c. others d. another

2. Paul has friends except me, and sometimes he feels lonely.

a. many b. some c. few d. more

3. The police caught the man stole my handbag.

a. he b. that c. whom d. which

4. ---Do you live by yourself? ---Yes. I have two sons. But of them lives

with me. They are now studying in America.

a. neither b. both c. none d. either

5. We couldn’t buy anything because of the shops opened at that time.

a. all b. some c. any d. none

6. ---Could I come this evening or tomorrow morning?

is OK. I’m free today and tomorrow.

a. Either b. Neither c. Both d. None

7. Yesterday I saw enjoy in the park.

a. her ; hers b. they ; them c. she ; herself d. them ; themselves

8. We usually do homework in the evening.

a. we b. one’s c. me d. our

9. ---Who taught English last term? Was Mr. Smith?

---No, Miss White did.

a. you ; it b. you ; he c. your ; it d. your ; that

10. Do you have children, Mr. Green?

a. much b. any c. some d. few


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