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1. ---Is that Mary? ---Right. She’s nice and I like very much.

a. herself b. her c. hers d .she

2. ---Hey! There is a bag on the ground. Whose is it?

---There’s a woman over there. Maybe it’s .

a. her b. hers c. she d. herself

3. Bill is in the classroom, doing homework.

a. he b. him c. his d. himself

4. No one helped Millie. She did it all by .

a. myself b. herself c. himself d. yourself

5. ---Have you heard of the accident about Joan?

---The accident? No, I haven’t. Tell me about .

a. it b. her c. him d. them

6. Ted’s mother kept telling Ted not to tell lies, but didn’t help.

a. which b. it c. she d. he

7. Your digital watch is quite nice. Where did you buy , too.

a. one ; one b. it ; it c. it ; one d. one ; it

8. Now many Chinese farmers like traveling from one place to to enjoy the beautiful

scenery of our country.

a. other b. others c. the others d. another

9. Shirley had to buy these CDs because she didn’t know which one to take.

a. all b. none c. each d. both

10. My friends and I are interested in drawing, but of us is good at it.

a. neither b. both c. none d. all

11. ---What else do you want? else. I think I have got everything ready.

a. Something b. Nothing c. Anything d. Everything

12. of them knows French, so I have to ask a third person for help.

a. Neither b. Either c. Both d. None

13. ---Is OK, Lucy? ---No, my maths is not as good as English.

a. everything b. something c. nothing d. anything

14. ---Here’s coffee and tea. You may have . ---Thanks.

a. either b. each c. one d. it


1. ---Hello, is that Mrs Black speaking? ---Yes, who’s that? --- Mary.

a. I’m b. That’s c. She’s d. This is

2. school is much larger than .

a. Their ; us b. Their ; ours c. Theirs ; ours d. Their ; our

3. I saw playing in the street at that time.

a. them b. they c. their d. theirs

4. The girl dresses when she gets up.

a. her b. she c. herself d. himself



5. The text is easy to understand, though there are new words in it.

a. a few b. a little c. few d. little

6. Can I have bottle of orange, please?

a. another b. some more c. any more d. second

7. ---What did you see, Mary? ---I saw a lot of tall green trees on of the lake.

a. either side b. all sides c. both sides d. other side

8. He was too happy to say .

a. something b. anything c. nothing d. everything

9. Show me you’ve written.

a. what b. that c. while d. than

10. Here are several knives. You can take of them.

a. any b. either c. both d. neither

11. of us has an English-Chinese dictionary.

a. Every b. Both c. Each d. All

12. Here is a seat for .

a. both us b. us both c. both of us d. B and C

13. You can have fish meat, but you can’t have .

a. neither ; nor ; both b. both ; and ; neither

c. either ; or ; both d. either ; or ; neither

14. There are so many buildings on side of the road.

a. all b. both c. either d. every

15. the pupils are here, some are playing on the sports ground.

a. All b. Not all c. None of d. Neither of

16. If you have question, put up your hands.

a. some b. any c. the d. many

17. Tom’s mother kept telling him that he should work harder, but didn’t help.

a. he b. which c. she d. it

18. He asked three of us to come, —Jack, .

a. I and Dick b. Dick and I c. Dick and me d. me and Dick

19. She has to wash her clothes seven days.

a. every b. each c. after d. before

20. ---May I use your car? ---Sorry, I’m using it. You can borrow .

a. someone else b. anyone else c. someone else’s d. anyone else’s

21. the books have you read?

a. What of b. Which of c. What d. Which

22. ---When shall we meet again? ---Make it day you like, It’s all the same to me.

a. one b. any c. another d. some

23. If the pen is not yours, ?

a. who else it can be b. whose else it can be

c. whose else’s can it be d. who else’s can it be

24. ---Who teaches English? ---I teach .

a. your ; myself b. you ; myself c. your ; me d. you ; himself

25. are all going there.

a. He, you and I b. you, I and he c. You, he and I d. I, you and he 2


26. second lesson is very easy one.

a. The ; / b. The ; a c. A ; a d. A ; /

27. do you think will be the first in the race?

a. Whom b. Who c. What d. Who’s

28. ---Do you rent(租) the house? ---No, it’s .

a. my own one b. my one c. my own d. own one

29. of us wants to read it.

a. Everyone b. Every one c. No one d. No body

30. We couldn’t buy anything because of us had money with us.

a. all ; no b. any ; not c. none ; any d. no one ; any

31. knew how to read and write in the old days.

a. None of them b. Everyone of them c. No one d. All they

32. I’m afraid we can’t able to finish it in time. We need to help us.

a. more three men b. another three men

c. other three men d. three other men

33. My cap is as big as .

a. mine b. my brother’s one c. my brother’s new one d. my brother

34. been to Beijing.

a. The both children have b. Both of children have

c. The children have both d. The children both have

35. ---What did your uncle give you yesterday?

---He gave me dictionaries.

a. his all five b. all his five c. five his all d. five all his

36. He did he could to help me with my maths.

a. what b. that c. which d. that what

37. The trousers look very nice. Please .

a. try it on b. try them on c. try on it d. try on them

38. I had a bad cold. is why I didn’t come.

a. This b. That c. These d. It

39. I want to tell you is : We are going to have a picnic tomorrow.

a. That ; that b. What ; that c. What ; this d. That ; this

40. Food and Drink words can you find in the box?

a. How many b. How much c. What d. Whose

41. many flowers there are on the teacher’s desk!

a. What b. How c. How too d. What so

42. are you going to see a film?

a. With who b. With whom c. Who d. Whom

43. passed the exam in maths. For example, Li Lei got only forty-nine marks. (分数)

a. Not all them b. Not all of them c. Any of them d. They all



44. Lucy is coming to my house this evening. I’ll give her to eat.

a. anything delicious b. delicious anything

c. delicious anything d. something delicious

45. ---How many students are there in the classroom? --- .

a. No one b. None c. Nobody d. Nothing

46. of these buses go to Beijing.

a. None b. Neither c. No d. Either

47. Betty and Mary have come back, but students in the class aren’t here yet.

a. the other b. others c. another d. the others

48. I have bought a new watch because my old doesn’t work.

a. it b. one c. that d. this

49. Is this story the same as in that newspaper?

a. the one b. it c. which d. what


1. ---Mum, Mary bought a parrot yesterday. Could you please buy for me?

---Sure. But you must take good care of it.

a. one b. this c. it d. that

2. ---Which would you like, sir, tea or coffee? ---I don’t mind. is OK.

a. Either b. Neither c. Any d. Both

3. They have an English lesson day, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

a. each other b. every other c. some others d. another more

4. ---Look, who is coming? must be our English teacher.

a. She b. He c. It d. This

5. People usually put small present in stocking on Christmas Eve.

a. each other b. each others c. each other’s d. each others’

6. Tom is stronger than in his class.

a. any students b. other student c. any other student d. any other students


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