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1.The fish __________ (smell) terrible. Why not throw it away?

2.A new teaching building ___________ (build) in our school now.

3.While the meeting _____________ (go) on, the headmaster came in.

4.She _____________ (feel) sorry at what she had said.

5.Sit here and your coffe ___________ (bring) to you in a while.

6.How long ________it ___________ (take) you to finish your composition last night?

7.Nobody _____________ (find) in the classroom yesterday.

8.Instead of ___________ (watch) TV, they talked about something important last night.

9.Is it necessary for him ___________ (return) the book at once.

10.He ____________ (repair) his bike when his teacher came out.

11.Can you finish __________ (read) this book in a week?

12.I __________ (send) you a telegram as soon as I hear the good news.

13.Thank you very much but I ___________ (drink) enough today.

14.Do you know if it ___________ (be) fine tomorrow? If it __________ (be) fine tomorrow, I will go for an outing.

15.He said that some foreign guests __________ (visit) our school.

16.I didn’t go to bed until I ___________ (finish) my homework.

17.Our country __________ (change) greatly in the past few years.

18.The scientist stood up, ___________ (give) a friendly smile and began to speak to us.

19.By this time yesterday, he ______________ (go) over all his lessons.

20.Don’t talk. The children _______________ (sleep).

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