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2014年春八年级Unit 3 Could you please clean your roomSection A

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do the dishes do the dishes

? Fold

your clothes

take out the rubbish

? Clean

the living room

fold the clothes

? Sweep

the floor

sweep the floor

make the bed

? Make

the bed

clean the living room





Do you do these chores at home?
7 6



Unit 3

Could you please clean your room?

Listen.Who will do these chores? 1b Check(√) Peter’s mother or Peter.
Chores do the dishes sweep the floor take out the rubbish make the bed Peter’s mother

√ √


fold the clothes
clean the living room

√ √ √

Section A,1b Mom: Peter, we need to clean the house. Your grandma is coming over at seven. Peter: Sure, but I need to do my homework first. Mom: Ok. Then after you finish your homework, let’s clean up the kitchen. I can do the dishes and sweep the floor. Could you please take out the rubbish? Peter: Sure,Mom. Mom: Good. And could you please make your bed and fold your clothes? Peter: All right. Mom: And let’s see…I have to clean the living room before your grandma arrives.

Make polite requests
Different ways of saying. Which is the most polite? ? Sweep the floor! ? Can you sweep the floor? ? Could you please sweep the floor?

Make conversations
A: Could you please sweep the floor?
B: Yes ,sure.Can you do the dishes? A: Well ,could you please do them? I’m going to clean the living room. B: No problem.

Make your conversations
A: Could you please …? B: Yes ,sure.Can you …? A: Well ,could you please do it/them? I’m going to … B: No problem.

1.List six kinds of chores.
2.Write a conversation between

you and your parent about
doing chores at home.

3.Help your parents do some
chores at home.

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