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世纪金榜 圆您梦想







1. _______ 2. _______ 3. ________ 4. ________ 5. ________


( )6. When will Mrs. White come back?

A. Right now. B. Quite soon.

C. At four.

- 1 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想

( )7. What sport does the woman like?

( )8. What does the woman prefer to do?

A. To see the new play.

B. To do some shopping.

C. To go to the bank.

( )9. What are the man and woman doing?

A. They are looking for a CD player in a shop.

B. They are learning how to press the button.

C. The man is teaching the woman how to use the CD player.

( )10. Why was Frank on the news last night?

A. He walked along the beach at night.

B. He swam alone in the cold water.

C. He got the boy out of water and saved him.



- 2 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想

( )11. When will the match start?

A. At 1:30. B. At 1:45.

C. At 2:00 .

( )12. Who are they going to play with?

A. With soldiers. B. With friends.

C. With classmates.


( )13. When does this conversation happen?

A. In the morning.

B. In the afternoon.

C. In the evening.

( )14. Where is the bank?

A. It’s next to the restaurant.

B. It’s next to the hospital.

C. It’s behind the hospital.

( )15. How far is the bank from here?

A. About 30 minutes’walk.

B. About 13 minutes’ walk.

- 3 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想

C. About 30 minutes’ ride.


( )16. The boy went to buy some vegetables.

( )17. The boy thought he didn’t get enough apples for five dollars.

( )18. The shop assistant gave the boy fewer apples because he was too busy.

( )19. The boy gave the shop assistant five dollars and went back home.

( )20. From the story we know the boy is very clever.

(五) 听力填表




( )1.A.Me, too. B.Good idea. C.Don’t do it.

- 4 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想

( )2.A.Thank you. B.I like it. C.You are right.

( )3.

( )4.A.Sorry, I don’t. B.Of course,I could.

C.OK, here you are.

( )5.A.Yes, please. B.Yes,I will.

C.Certainly not.


( )6.What color does Bob like better?

A.Red. B. Blue. C.Yellow.

( )7.What’s Linda doing?

A.Watching TV.

B.Reading a book.

C.Listening to music.

( )8.How does Tom usually go to school?

A.By bus. B.By bike.

C.On foot.

( )9.When will the meeting start?

- 5 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想

( )10.How long can the boy play ping-pong?

A.An hour. B.Half an hour.

C.One and a half hours.


( )11.Where does the woman want to go?

A.Beihai Park. B.Beichuan Park.

C.Beijing Park.

( )12.Which bus should the woman take?

A.No. 6. B.No. 16. C.No. 60.

( )13.What does the woman think of the city?

A.Small and beautiful. B.Big and beautiful.

C.Big, beautiful but crowded.

( )14.Why will the woman go to the park?

A.Because she wants to have a rest there.

- 6 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想

B.Because she wants to go and have a look at it.

C.Because she wants to visit her son and his wife, and they live near it.

( )15.Who are the two speakers?

A.A woman and a driver.

B. A woman and a student.

C.A woman and a policeman.


( )16. The passage is about ________ .

A. the picture B. the vision phone

C. shopping online

( )17. Picture phones are very ________ in our life.

A. useful B. impossible C. important

( )18. Perhaps we can _______ through the picture phone according to the passage.

A. write a book B. do shopping C. play games

( )19. Can people read books without leaving rooms in the future?

A. Yes, they can. B. No, they can’t. C. We don’t know.

( )20. _______ will show you the thing when you use the special phone to call the

- 7 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想


A. The other shoppers

B. The picture phone

C. The shop assistant


录音中有一篇短文,听两遍后, 完成表格。



( )1. A. I hope so. B. It’s a pity.

C. Nice to see you, too.

( )2. A. Biology. B. Pop music.

C. Roses.

- 8 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想

( )3. A. It doesn’t matter. B. Of course not.

C. Help yourself.

( )4. A. I like coffee better. B. Two bottles.

C. Sure, I’d love to.

( )5. A. Two kilometers. B. Once a week.

C. It’s easy.

(二)录音中有五段对话及五个问题,听两遍后,选择与其相符的图片。 6.




- 9 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想




( )11. Who is Hector visiting?

A. His parents. B. His grandparents.

C. His cousins.

( )12. Where is Susan going?

A. To the countryside. B. To Shanghai.

C. To the Central Park.

( )13. When is Susan leaving?

A. On June 25. B. On July 25. C. On July 5. 听第二段对话,回答14~15小题。

( )14. What time did the girl call Tom?

A. At 7: 00 yesterday evening.

B. At 7: 00 this morning.

C. At 7: 00 yesterday morning.

- 10 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想

( )15. What did Tom do last night?

A. Went to a concert.

B. Had the piano lesson.

C. Sang in the theatre.



( )21. What does the mother say when the girl has something difficult to do?

A. I will help you. B. Do it yourself.

C. Ask the teacher for help.

( )22. Who did the cleaning for the girl that day?

A. The girl herself. B. Her friends.

C. Her mother.

- 11 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想

( )23. Whom does the girl see a dentist with?

A. Nobody. B. Her classmate.

C. Her father.

( )24. What’s the girl like?

A. Friendly and sunny. B. Lazy and crazy.

C. Clever and hard-working.

( )25. What does the girl think of her mother?

A. A busy mother. B. A good teacher.

C. A hard-working woman.



( )1. A. Not at all. B. That’s right.

C. It doesn’t matter.

( )2. A. It’s cool. B. It’s warm.

C. It’s cold.

( )3. A. Of course not. B. Sure.

C. Never mind.

( )4. A. No, I don’t. B. No, I haven’t.

- 12 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想

C. No, I didn’t.

( )5. A. Thanks a lot. B. That’s terrible.

C. You’re welcome.

(二) 录音中有五段对话及五个问题,听两遍后选择最佳答案。

( )6. A. In No. 62 street. B. Across from the zoo.

C. Next to the zoo.

( )7. A. No, it isn’t. B. Yes, it is.

C. I’ve no idea.

( )8. A. Noisy music. B. Gentle music.

C. Both A and B.

( )9. A. Fifteen. B. Five.

C. Fifty.

( )10. A. In the hospital. B. At school.

C. At home.


- 13 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想

11. _________ 12. _________ 13. _________ 14. _________

15. _________



( )16. Where will the girl stay this afternoon?

A. In the zoo. B. In a grocery store.

C. At home.

( )17. What does the girl’s mother do?

A. She is a teacher.

B. She is a worker.

C. She is a librarian.


- 14 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想

( )18. How far is Heping Hotel from here?

A. Half an hour’s ride.

B. An hour’s walk.

C. 15 minutes’ walk.

( )19. How many times do the buses go to Heping Hotel a day?

A. 4 B. 5 C. 6

( )20. How will the woman go to Heping Hotel?

A. By bus. B. On foot. C. By taxi.

(五) 录音中有一篇短文,听两遍后选择最佳答案。

( )21. Where does Franco work?

A. In a factory. B. In a hospital.

C. In an office.

( )22. How long is his summer holiday every year?

A. 30 days. B. 15 days. C. 7 days.

( )23. How did he go to San Francisco?

A. By plane. B. By sea. C. By train.

( )24. What did he see when he arrived at San Francisco?

A. A poster. B. A letter. C. A friend.

- 15 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想

( )25. What did he do in San Francisco?

A. He traveled in the countryside.

B. He helped the injured people.

C. He talked to the people there.




- 16 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想

( )6. A. No, it isn’t here.

B. No, you can’t get there.

C. No, it’s only about ten minutes’ walk.

( )7. A. Thank you.

B. No, it’s not good.

C. I don’t think so.

( )8. A. He likes music.

B. He’s tall and fat.

C. He’s very friendly.

( )9. A. Yes, please. B. Yes, I’d love to.

C. Coffee, please.

( )10. A. Sure. Go ahead.

B. Why not?

C. One minute, please.


( )11. A. Right now. B. In the evening.

C. In the afternoon.

( ) 12. A. Sunny. B. Rainy. C. Fine.

- 17 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想

( )13. A. In a shop. B. At home.

C. In a library.

( )14. A. P. E. . B. Math. C. Music.

( )15. A. He’ll be fine. B. He’s going to get down.

C. He may fall down and hurt himself.



( )16. What are they talking about?

A. Shopping. B. Visiting a friend. C. Taking a vacation.

( )17. How long will the man be away from home?

A. 10 days. B. 16 days. C. A couple of days. 听第二段对话,回答第18~20小题。

( )18. Whom does the man want to talk with?

A. Mr. White. B. Jim. C. Dr. Black.

( )19. Where did Dr. Black go?

A. He went home. B. Nobody knew.

C. He went to his office.

( )20. Which is the home phone number of Dr. Black?

- 18 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想

A. 7723-1059. B. 7723-1058. C. 7722-1069.


21. Before the chemistry lesson, the teacher is talking about the lab _______.

22. First, you are not allowed to _______ any food or drink into the lab.

23. Second, _______ run around when you come into the lab.

24. While doing experiments, you must _______your teacher and watch carefully.

25. The teacher’s words are very important for the students’ _______.



1. ________ 2. ________ 3. _________ 4. _________ 5. _________



- 19 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想

( )6. When did Mr. Wu come to this school?

A. Since five years ago.

B. For five years.

C. Five years ago.


( )7. What’s the weather like now?

A. Sunny. B. Cloudy. C. Rainy.

( )8. The man asks the girl to take ______ with her.

A. a raincoat B. an umbrella C. a coat

听第三段对话,回答第 9、10小题。

( )9. What’s the matter with the man?

A. He has a bad cold.

B. He has a high fever.

C. He has a bad headache.

( )10. The woman tells the man to______ .

A. have a good rest

B. take some medicine

C. see a doctor at once

- 20 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想


( )11. The man’s son doesn’t like______ .

A. beef B. pork C. chicken

( )12. The girl thinks the man’s wife will be _____ this time.

A. angry B. pleased C. worried


(四)情景反应。 根据你所听到的内容和实际情况,听两遍后写出尽可能简要的答语。

16. _______________________________

17. _______________________________

18. _______________________________

19. _______________________________

- 21 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想

20. _______________________________


The Grand Movie Theater is open 7 days a week. Next week, it will show some

a day at 5: 30 in the afternoon and 8: 10 in the evening. Tickets are ﹩﹩2. 60 5: 00 p. m. , Monday to Friday.





1. Look! The girls are dancing! How beautiful!

2. Linda wants to be an artist when she grows up.

3. I can’t find my glasses. Tom, can you help me to find them?

4. Yesterday I went to the zoo, and saw some cute monkeys.

- 22 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想

5. What a heavy snow! Let’s go out to make a snowman.


6. M: Hello! May I speak to Mrs. White?

W: I’m sorry. She isn’t here right now.

M: I see. Will she be back soon?

W: She won’t be back until four.

M: Thanks.

7. M: Do you watch a lot of sports on TV?

W: Not really. But I like to play ping-pong.

M: I like football and volleyball. And I enjoy watching ping-pong match. The Chinese ping-pong team is the best in the world.

W: I agree.

8. M: Hey, why don’t we go to see the new play on Sunday?

W: I’d rather not. I’m not really interested in the play.

M: Well, how about going shopping instead?

W: That sounds good. And let’s go to the new supermarket near the bank.

M: OK.

9. W: Can you tell me how to use this CD player?

- 23 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想

M: Sure. First you have to turn it on. Just press the first button.

W: OK. Do I have to open it now?

M: Yes. Open it.

W: How do I open it?

M: Just press the button on the right.

10. W: We saw you on the news last night, Frank.

M: Oh, yeah.

W: So tell us what happened?

M: Well, I was walking alone on the beach when I heard someone calling out for help. I looked, and there in the water was a little boy. I jumped into the water and saved the boy.

W: You’re really great!



M: What time does our football match start on Sunday?

W: The game begins at 2: 00.

M: Cool! Who are we going to play with?

W: A team of soldiers, surprised?

- 24 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想

M: Wow, they must be very strong and have excellent foot skills.

W: Maybe. But soldiers usually give a good game.

M: I’ll try my best.

W: Don’t hurt your feet these days.

M: Don’t worry. See you then.


M: Good evening, a table for two?

W: No, thank you, but I have a small problem. Can you help me?

M: Sure, what can I do for you?

W: I’m looking for a bank. Is there a bank near here?

M: Yes. There is a bank in the street. It’s next to the hospital.

W: How far is it?

M: Go straight along the street. It’s about thirty minutes’ walk.

W: Thanks.

M: You’re welcome.


One day a little boy came into a fruit shop. He had five dollars and wanted to buy some apples. He said to the shop assistant, “Give me apples for five dollars,

- 25 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想

please. ”When the shop assistant gave him the apples, the boy counted them and felt very surprised. Then he said, “Last Friday, my mother bought apples here for five dollars, too. Why did you give me fewer apples? ” “Don’t ask questions, boy. I have no time for questions. ”“Excuse me, sir, ”said the little boy, “but. . . ”“It is all right, my boy, ” said the shop assistant. “Don’t you know? The fewer apples you get, the less fruit you will have to carry. ”“Alright, ” said the boy and he gave four dollars to the shop assistant. He was just going to leave the shop when he heard the words, “Come back! You must pay me five dollars. ”“That’s OK! ” said the boy. “Don’t you know? The fewer dollars you get, the less money you will have to count. ”


Friendship Day celebrations take place on the first Sunday of August every year. It began in the US in 1935. Today, many countries celebrate it. On this day people spend time with their friends and express love to them. There’re many different celebration ideas.

Write a nice card for your friends. Buy or make them a small present such as flowers, a cake. . . Plan a special day with your best friend or friendship group. A picnic is always a fun idea.

Send your friends Happy Friendship Day greetings online to tell your friends how special they are.

答案:1~5. CBDFA 6~10. CCBCC

11~15. CACBA 16~20. FTFFT

- 26 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想

21. Friendship Day 22. In the US 23. The first Sunday of August

24. Friends 25. In many different ways




1. Let’s go to the zoo.

2. Your dress looks very nice.

3. Look! The boy is playing soccer.

4. This apple is small, please give me a bigger one.

5. Would you mind opening the window? It’s too hot.


6. W: Hi, Bob. I like yellow. What color do you like?

M: I like blue better.

7. M: Don’t read any more, Linda. It’s too late now.

W: OK, dad! I’ll go to bed in a minute.

8. W: I usually go to school by bus. What about you, Tom?

M: My house isn’t far from my school. I usually walk there.

9. M: Nancy, it’s just seven forty now. Why are you in such a hurry?

- 27 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想

W: Oh, I’m having a meeting. But there is only twenty minutes left. I must go now.

10. M: Mum, can I go and play ping-pong with Lin Tao?

W: I think you can. But you can’t play it too long.

M: OK, Mum. Can I play it for an hour?

W: Er. . . All right.


W: Excuse me, I want to go to Beihai Park. Which bus should I take?

M: No. 16 bus. I think it will come soon.

W: Thank you. That’s very nice of you.

M: Is this your first time here?

W: Yes.

M: So what do you think of our city?

W: I like it. It’s big and beautiful. But I also think the traffic is too bad, and some places are so crowded. Anyway, are you a student?

M: Yes, I’m a junior high school student. Why do you want to go to Beihai Park? W: My son and his wife live near there, and I’m going to visit them.

M: Oh, I see. You’ll find your way around before long. Oh, your bus is coming. W: It’s really nice to talk with you. Thanks for your help again.

- 28 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想

M: You’re welcome. Bye!


Today some people are using a kind of phone called the picture phone or vision phone. With it , two people who are talking can see each other.

Picture phones can be useful when you have something to show the person you’re calling. They may have other uses in the future. You’ll be able to read the book over your picture phone. You may also be able to shop through your picture phone. If you want to buy something, you can pick up your phone and call the shop . The shop assistant will show you the thing over the phone. Then you’ll be able to shop and never even leave your room!


My friend and I spent a few weeks in London last year. We went there in autumn. We think it’s the best season to visit England. The weather is usually quite good and there aren’t too many visitors in October. We stayed in a small hotel in the west of England. We did most of our sightseeing on foot. We went to look at the places that all visitors see. We went shopping and spent much money. What we liked most was going to the theatre. We don’t have the chance to see such wonderful plays at home. A lot of people say English food is very bad. We didn’t think so. It’s true that most of the restaurants are French, Italian or Chinese, but we had some very good meals.

答案:1~5. BABCC 6~10. BBCBA

- 29 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想

11~15. ABCCB 16~20. BABAC

21. best 22.Hotel 23.on foot 24.bad




1. Nice to see you.

2. What kind of music do you like best?

3. I’m sorry to keep you waiting for a long time.

4. Which do you prefer, coffee or juice?

5. How often do you chat online?


6. W: Is your father doing the dishes, John?

M: No, he isn’t. He is surfing the Internet. And he likes it. Q: What does John’s father like to do?

7. W: My sister often rides her bike to work.

M: That’s a healthy way, I think.

Q: How does the girl’s sister go to work?

8. W: Did you come back home by subway?

- 30 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想

M: Yes, and I also gave my seat to an old man. He was thankful.

Q: What did the man do on the subway?

9. W: Peter, how about playing computer games after school?

M: That’s boring. Why not see a film?

W: Good idea.

Q: Where are they going?

10. W: Look! Old Henry is talking with some friends.

M: Yes, he looks very happy.

Q: What’s Old Henry doing?



W: Hey, Hector! What are you doing for the summer vacation?

M: I am visiting my grandparents in the countryside. I am leaving on June 25. What about you, Susan?

W: I am going to Shanghai with my cousins.

M: Oh, cool! Are you going to visit the Shanghai World Expo Park?

W: Of course, we are. It’s a good place to go sightseeing.

M: Have you ever been there before?

- 31 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想

W: Not yet. A great vacation! I can’t wait.

M: When are you leaving then?

W: On July 5.

M: Well, have a great time!


W: I called you at 7 o’clock yesterday evening, but there was no reply. Where did you go, Tom?

M: Oh, sorry! I went to the Town Theatre.

W: Was there a concert?

M: Yes. A concert for the poor people in Yushu, Qinghai Province. What did you do then?

W: Er, I had my piano lesson.

M: What a pity! The concert was very successful. They raised lots of money at the concert.

W: Great! People there need food, clothes and so on. We also should do something for them.

M: I agree with you.


Hello, everyone. I’m a reporter from our school broadcasting station. Now I

- 32 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想

want to know something about your summer vacation plans. I will ask you five simple questions. I’m sure all of you can answer them. But remember: write your answers down on your papers, OK, let’s begin.

Question 1: Where are you going to visit on vacation?

Question 2: Who are you going with?

Question 3: When are you leaving?

Question 4: How long are you staying there?

Question 5: What are you going to do there?


When I have something difficult to do, I always ask my mom, “Could you help me? ” But she always says, “Do it yourself, dear. ” Then I get so sad. I think she is a lazy mother.

For example, one day, I invited some friends to my home. My bedroom was out of order. Books were all over the table and the ground. I forgot to make my bed. So I asked my mother to help me clean it. But she said seriously, “Do it yourself, girl. ” So I did it myself.

Because of my “lazy” mom, I am supposed to wash my clothes and clean my room. I have to help my parents do some housework. I even have to go to the dentist by myself if I have a toothache. It’s really hard to do everything on my own, but I have learned a lot.

- 33 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想

From now on, I understand my mother. It’s her “laziness” that makes me clever and hard-working. Just as my mom always says, “A lady can’t be lazy or she’ll be crazy. Work can make you sunny. ”

答案:1~5. CBAAB 6~10. CBCAC

11~15. BBCAA

16. I am going to visit Yueyang/Shanghai/. . .

17. I am going with my parents/. . .

18. I am leaving on July 1st /. . .

19. For one month/. . .

20. I am going to go shopping/. . .

21~25. BAACB



1. Thanks a lot for your nice suggestions, Mr. Green.

2. What’s the weather like in Changchun in winter?

3. Could you tell me where I can get some film tickets?

4. Bob, have you packed your lunch yet?

5. Don’t worry. I will tell you some customs in Japan.

- 34 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想


6. M: Excuse me, how can I get to the city library?

W: The No. 62 bus will take you there. It’s across from the zoo.

Q: Where is the city library?

7. M: When are you supposed to arrive if you are invited to a dinner party in Germany?

W: I’m supposed to get there on time.

Q: Is it polite to be late for a dinner party in Germany?

8. M: Mona, did you enjoy yourself at the party?

W: No, it was quite noisy, you know. I like gentle music.

Q: What kind of music does Mona like?

9. M: A terrible accident happened in America last week.

W: Oh, what was it?

M: A plane fell into a neighborhood and fifty people were killed.

W: Oh, my goodness!

Q: How many people died in the accident?

10. M: Our English teacher was ill. Who will teach us today?

W: It must be Sophia. Look, she’s coming to our class.

- 35 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想

Q: Where are they talking?


11. When Chinese people meet for the first time, they usually shake hands.

12. Pandas are one of the endangered animals in the world. Luckily they are well looked after in China.

13. Look, Miss. Green is shopping in the supermarket. There are lots of things in the shopping cart.

14. I always buy Sunlight soaps, because they can make me have silky skin.

15. Uncle George likes hanging out with his friends in a small restaurant near his home. He enjoys talking loudly and freely with his friends.



M:Would you like to go to the zoo with me this afternoon?

W: I’d love to, but I must stay at home and do the housework.


W: Because my mother is busy working in a grocery store.


W: Excuse me, is this the way to Heping Hotel?

- 36 -

世纪金榜 圆您梦想


W: Is it far from here?

M:No, not very far. It’s about 15 minutes’ walk.

W: Are there any buses going there?

M:Oh, yes. But only about 4 times a day.

W: When does the next bus come?

M:About an hour later. I think you can walk there.

W: Well, thank you. I’ll walk there. I can’t wait so long for a bus.


Franco is a doctor in New York city. He has one week off every August for the summer holiday. Last summer he decided to take a trip to San Francisco. He didn’t want to go there by air. He really wanted to see the United States, so he took the train.

The train left New York city on Monday at 10: 30 p. m. . During the long trip, he looked out of the window and watched the country go by. He saw large cities, small towns, and of course the beautiful countryside. For five days, Franco didn’t get off the train. He took walks through the train and talked with other people.

Finally at 2: 45 p. m. on Friday, the train stopped in San Francisco. When he got off the train, he saw a poster on the wall of the station. It said: Wanted! Volunteer doctors in the earthquake areas are wanted! Franco went to help the injured

- 37 -

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people. He had been busy the whole week, but he was happy. 答案: 1~5. ACBBA 6~10. BABCB

11~15. DFAEC 16~20. CBCAB

21~25. BCCAB




1. W: Excuse me. What’s the time by your watch?

M: Oh, it’s a quarter past seven.

2. W: Where’s Mr. Smith from?

M: He’s from New York, America.

3. W: What do you call that animal?

M: It’s a camel. It helps people a lot in the desert.

4. W: Is your aunt a worker?

M: No, she isn’t. She’s a nurse. She works in a hospital.

5. W: How does Mike learn Chinese?

M: He learns Chinese by listening to the radio.


- 38 -

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6. Excuse me, is the bank far from here?

7. Your Chinese handwriting is wonderful!

8. What does your uncle look like?

9. Would you like a cup of tea or coffee?

10. Mr. Brown, can I ask you some questions about your country?


11. M: I wonder whether I could borrow your bike now.

W: Sorry. I’m using it myself. But you can use it this afternoon.

M: Thank you very much.

Q: When can the man use the woman’s bike?

12. W: What’s the weather like today?

M: It’s raining now, but the radio says it will be fine tomorrow.

Q: How’s the weather today?

13. W: Can I help you?

M: I’d like to borrow a book called Harry Potter. Can you tell me where to find it? Q: Where are they talking?

14. W: What’s your favorite subject, Tom?

M: I like P. E. . What about you, Helen?

- 39 -

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W: I like math and music.

M: Math? I think it’s difficult.

Q: What subject does Tom like best?

15. W: Don’t climb that high. You may fall to the ground and hurt yourself.

M: Don’t worry. I’ve done this many times.

Q: What does the man mean?



W: When are you going to take your vacation?

M: I’ve got a sixteen-day vacation starting from July 1.

W: Where are you going?

M: Florida and Hong Kong.

W: That’s interesting. Is your wife going as well?

M: Yeah. We’ll stay in Florida for ten days and spend the rest of the time in Hong Kong. Then we plan to climb some mountains, go swimming and do some shopping. W: Have a good trip.


M: Hello, is that Dr. Black’s office?

- 40 -

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W: Yes, it is. May I help you?

M: Yes, I’d like to speak to Dr. Black, please.

W: Dr. Black went home this afternoon. May I ask who is calling?

M: This is Jim White.

W: Oh, yes, Mr. White. Dr. Black asked me to give you his home phone number. M: Just a moment, please. Yes, what’s the number?

W: His number is 7723-1059.

M: That’s right. Thank you very much.


I’m glad that you’ve chosen chemistry. Before our lesson, I’d like to use a few minutes to talk about the lab rules. You’d better take some notes and write the rules down. Ready? OK, let’s begin. First, you are not allowed to bring any food or drink into the lab. You can’t eat or drink here. It’s dangerous. Second, never run when you come into the lab. Third, please don’t touch anything in the cupboards or on the shelves, and don’t taste anything in the bottles and boxes there. While doing experiments, you must listen to your teacher and watch carefully. All these rules are very important to you for your safety. Please obey the rules and enjoy your time in the lab.

That’s all. Now let’s begin our lesson.

- 41 -

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答案:1~5. CBABC 6~10. CABCA

11~15. CBCAA 16~20. CBCAA

21. rules 22. bring

23. never /don’t/you mustn’t/you’re not allowed to

24. listen to 25. safety




1. The music is so loud that he can’t stand it.

2. The boy used to play the violin when he was young.

3. Jack watched a soccer game too late last night, so he fell asleep in class.

4. Mr. Brown tried to repair his car after the accident.

5. The children are going on a visit to the museum.



W: Excuse me, Mr. Wu. How long have you been a teacher in this school? M: I’ve been here for five years.


- 42 -

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M: Where are you going, my child?

W: I’m going to the shop.

M: You need an umbrella, it’s cloudy now. I think it will rain later. Here, take this one.

W: Oh, I don’t need it. I’ll be back soon.


W: What’s wrong with you? You look so pale.

M: I’ve got a bad headache.

W: Really? I think you should go home at once and have a good rest.

M: OK. I will. Thank you.


W: Good morning, sir. What can I do for you?

M: Well, I’d like to buy some meat.

W: Would you like pork or beef?

M: Some pork, please. My son never likes beef.

W: What about some chicken?

M: OK. But only one kilo, please. My wife always dislikes me to waste money. W: So just take it easy this time. You only have to pay 20 yuan for all these things.

- 43 -

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M: Anna, where are you going for your holiday this year?

W: Well, I’m going to Switzerland to visit my pen friend there.

M: You’re so lucky and how long will you stay there?

W: About 20 days. I’ll go there on July 5th and come back on July 25th.

M: I’m sure you will have a wonderful time there.

W: Yeah, we’ll visit many wonderful places, play sports, meet new people and learn about its culture, too.

M: And where will you live?

W: I’ll live with my pen friend’s family. In fact, I’m a little worried because I don’t know what I am supposed to do or not to do.

M: Take it easy! Let me tell you what you should do. First, don’t be late! Being on time is very important there because they care about time.

W: I know their watches are very famous. And then?

M: You’d better call first before you visit others.

W: That’s quite different. In our country, we don’t have to call first.

M: Yeah, that’s the difference. Wish you good luck!

W: Thank you.

- 44 -

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M: My pleasure.


16. How beautiful your new schoolbag is!

17. Do you live in the countryside?

18. Which sport do you like best?

19. What’s the weather like today?

20. What time do you often get up in the morning?


The Grand Movie Theater is open 7 days a week. Next week, it will show some the evening. Tickets are $$2. 60 for all further phone 8813928 during office hours from 8: 00 a. m. to 5: 00 p. m. , Monday to Friday.

答案:1~5. BDAEC 6~10. CBBCA 11~12. AB

13. friend 14. learn 15. Be on time.

16. Thank you/Thanks (a lot)/. . .

17. Yes, I do. /No, I don’t. /. . .

18. Basketball/Volleyball/. . .

- 45 -

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19. Windy/Hot/. . . 20. At 6: 00/. . .

21. funny 22. twice 23. special 24. card

25. information

- 46 -

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