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新目标九年级Unit13 Period4

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Unit 13 Rainy days make me sad

Which do you think is more difficult, receiving gifts or giving gifts?

Careful reading
Reading carefully and fill in the chart. Each group discuss one paragragh.


Main ideas Group 1 P.1 Receiving a gift can be ________. difficult
Group 2 P.2 Receiving a ____makes Xiaojing_______. purse embarrassed guilty Group 3 P.3 Receiving a ______ sweater makes Han Ling ______. makes people uncomfortable Group 4 P.4 Receiving money _____________________. Teacher P.5 ________ different thoughts Different people have ________

on receiving gifts.

Skim & Fill
How many people took part in the discussion according to the passage?
Names gifts feeling

Guo Xiaojing purple purse embarrassed Han Ling orange sweater guilty they are lazy

John Wilson


You’re supposed to answer the questions without cheating. 1. You got a gift that you don’t want from your parents on your birthday. 2. Your grandparents gave you some money on your birthday.

Different ideas of receiving money between Chinese and westerners. In China

In western countries

Giving and receiving Giving money as money a gift or receiving makes people money is uncomfortable. a usual way. It’s the. thought that counts.

请根据课本第108至109页的短文完成下 列练习。 根据短文内容,回答下面问题。 1. When did Guo Xiaojing receive the purple purse from her parents? When she was about twelve years old. 2. Who thinks it’s hard to buy clothes or other personal things for people?
Han Ling.

3. Where does John Wilson come from? England. 4. Why do some people like to give money? Because they want to make things easier. 5. What’s the Chinese meaning of “It’s the thought that counts”? 情意胜过一切(心意才是最重要的)。

1)Receiving money might make people feel uncomfortable . . 2) Guo Xiaojing pretended to like the gift because she wanted to make her parents happy. . 3) When did Han Ling wear the sweater? Every time / when she visited her grandparents . . 4) It’s important to make people feel that you like the gift they gave. you 5) Why is it hard to buy clothes or other personal things for people? Because different people have different tastes.

people feel uncomfortable to make his grandparents happy give a gift than to receive one

2. … we don’ t want to offend the person who gave it to us 4. …you like the gift they gave you

for decide lazy help instead in

tradition as make At

Giving a gift is not always easy. How do you 1_____ decide which is the right gift for your friend, classmate, family member,or 2___ for co-worker? Will they like? How much In different situations, there money should you spend? * 3 __ are some gifts that will always 4 ___ well. helpIf you know what they are , it can 5 ____ make giving gifts very easy. 6 At dinner party, flowers are often needed. If you think ___a flowers are too feminine a gift for a man to receive, you instead can consider giving a plant 7

_____. * Giving money 8 __ as is a simple thing to do. But some people may think a gift lazy money gift means the giver is too 9 ___ to go out to find tradition the right gift. But money gift is a 10 ________ during the Chinese Spring Festival.

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