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Unit 2 Lesson 11 Food in China

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Unit 2

It’s Show Time!
Lesson 11


Ⅰ. 短语连线 1. get back 2. a trip to 3. my favourite dishes 4. a Chinese treasure 5. hand-made noodles A. 一次去??的旅行 B. 我最喜欢的菜 C. 手工面条 D. 回来 E. 一笔中国财富

Ⅱ. 句型展示
1. 我刚刚从一次去中国的丝绸之路旅行中回来。 I ______ ______ ______ from a trip to the Silk Road in China. 2. 你想尝一尝这些来自中国的美味食物吗? Do you want to ______ these wonderful foods from China? 答案:1. just got back 2. taste

3. 这个人做面这么快。就像魔术! The man made the noodles ______ ______. It ______ ______

4. 我曾经在我们的城市吃过北京烤鸭。 I ______ had ______ ______ in our city. 答案:3. so fast; was like 4. once; Beijing Duck

1. worth adj. 值得(做某事);有价值的
◆It takes a lot of work, but the end product is worth it.

◆The book is well worth reading.

◆The house is worth about 200, 000 yuan.


(1)“be worth+名词/代词”表示“有??价值;值??钱”。 动词-ing 动词-ing/动词不定式)”表示“值得做某 (2)“be worth+________( 事”,句子的主语是worth之后动词-ing的逻辑宾语。

【学以致用】 Do you think the TV play worth _______? A. watch C. watching B. to watch D. watched

2. taste n. 味道 vi. & vt. 尝(起来),品尝 ◆Do you want to taste these wonderful foods from China? 你想要品尝这些来自中国的美味食物吗? ◆The pie has a taste of apples. 这种馅饼有苹果味。

【探究总结】 taste的常用短语 n. 味道 have a taste 尝一尝

link-v. 尝(起来) taste like+名词, 尝起来像??


vt. 品尝 taste +n./pron.

taste adj. 味道好的,有味道的

【学以致用】 ①—Do you want to learn how to cook healthy and ______ (taste) food? —Of course. 答案:tasty ②—Dinner is ready. Help yourself. —Wow! It _______ delicious. Could you please tell me how to cook it?

A. tastes

B. looks

C. sounds

D. feels

treasure n. 宝物;财富 ◆Beijing Duck is really a Chinese treasure.

◆It is said that the pirates put their treasure on this island.

◆The house was large and full of art treasures.


【探究总结】treasure的用法 不可数 可数/不可数)名词,表示“金银财宝, (1)treasure用作_______( 财富”; 可数 可数/不可数)名词,意思是“贵重物品; (2)treasure用作_____( 宝物;珍品;珍宝”。


I think your computer is really _______.
A. an treasure B. a treasure

C. treasures

D. treasure

Ⅰ. 根据句意及首字母提示完成单词 1. My father oft

en goes o ______ to read stories. 2. Mary likes Chinese food—e ______ Sichuan food. 答案:1. online 2. especially

3. It’s t ______ that it’s a little difficult to learn English well, so you have to work harder. 4. The boy plays computer games o ______ a week. 5. —How much is the product w ______? —Sorry, I don’t know. 答案:3. true 4. once 5. worth

Ⅱ. 句型转换

1. I see and experience a lot about our school after the meeting. (用
last week 改写)

I ______ ______ ______ a lot about our school after the meeting last
week. 2. someday, hope, we, to, travel, around, our, city (. )(连词成句) ______________________________________________________ 答案:1. saw and experienced 2. We hope to travel around our city someday.

3. We began to travel along the Silk Road a month ago. (对画
线部分提问) ______ ______ you ______ to travel along the Silk Road? 4. She took some pictures in Rizhao last week. (改为一般疑问句) ______ she ______ any pictures in Rizhao last week? 5. This computer costs 2, 000 yuan. (改为同义句) This computer ______ ______ 2, 000 yuan. 答案:3. When did; begin 4. Did; take 5. is worth

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