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真 题 · 感 悟 中 考

( )1. [11· 铜仁中考]—Can you tell me ______ ?
真 题 · 感 悟 中 考

—I lost my MP3 player. A. what’s the matter with you B. what the matter is with you C. what the matter you is D. what the matter with you are

( )2. [11· 永州中考] Could you please tell me ______ ? A. why does the earth go around the sun
真 题 · 感 悟 中 考

B. why the earth goes around the sun
C. why the earth went around the sun

( )3. [11· 扬州中考]—I can’t find Mary. Where’s she?
—Sorry, I don’t know ______ .

A. where has she been
C. where has she gone

B. where she has been
D. where she has gone

( )4. [10· 上海中考]I want to know ______ .
真 题 · 感 悟 中 考

A. when we should arrive at the airport B. when should we arrive at the airport C. when the airport we should arrive at D. when the airport should we arrive at

( )5. [10· 台州中考]—I want to know ______ ?
真 题 · 感 悟 中 考

—Why not go to the Blue Lake? That’s a good place.
A. why I can go fishing

B. where I can go fishing
C. when I can go fishing

D. who I can go fishing with

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