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真 题 · 感 悟 中 考

真 题 · 感 悟 中 考


)1. [ 11· 青岛中考] Tom______his father, because they

both are cheerful and easygoing. A. looks like C. doesn’t take after B. takes after D. isn’t like

真 题 · 感 悟 中 考

)2. [11· 南昌中考]—Where did you go for your winter

vacation? —My family went to Paris. ______ had a great time. A. He B. She C. We D. They

( )3. [10· 天津中考]We will have a field trip this afternoon.
真 题 · 感 悟 中 考

The news makes everyone ______.

A. excited
C. happily

B. frightened
D. luckily

真 题 · 感 悟 中 考

)4. [10· 台湾中考]How can you study in the living room I think you need a

when other people are watching TV? ______ place. A. cleaner B. quieter

C. safer

D. smaller

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