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1、( ) 1.The People's Republic of China __ on October 1, 1949.

A. found B. was founded C. is founded D. was found

( ) 2. English ____ in Canada.

A. speaks B. are spoken C. is speaking D. is spoken

( ) 3 .This English song___ by the girls after class.

A. often sings B. often sang C. is often sang D. is often sung

( ) 4. This kind of car ___ in Japan.

A, makes B. made C. is making D. is made

( ) 5. New computers ___ all over the world.

A. is used B. are using C. are used D. have used

2、 ( ) 1 Our room must ___ clean.

A. keep B. be kept C. to be kept D. to keep

( ) 2 -I'd like to buy that coat.-I'm sorry. ___.

A. it sold B. it's selling C. It's been sold D. it had been sold

( ) 3 A new house ___ at the corner of the road.

A. is building B. is being built C. been built D. be building

( ) 4 The key ___ on the table when I leave.

A. was left B. will be left C. is left D. has been left

( ) 5 Doctors ___ in every part of the world.

A. need B. are needing C. are needed D. will need

( ) 6 His new book___ next month.

A. will be published B. is publishing

C. is being published D. has been published

3.( ) 1. Japanese ___ in every country.

A. is not spoken B. are spoken C. is speaking D. is not speaking

( ) 2 .These papers___yet.

A. have not written B. have not been written

C. has not written D. has not been written

( ) 3 .The sports meet ___ be held until next week.

A. didn't B. won't C. isn't D. doesn't

4. ( ) 2 ___ the watch been repaired yet? I badly need it.

A. Does B. Has C. Is D . Are

( ) 3 ___ these desks be needed?

A. Will B. Are C. Has D. Do

5.( ) 1 .Why ___ to talk about it yesterday?

A. didn't a meeting hold B. wasn't a meeting held C. wasn't held a meeting D. a meeting wasn't held

( ) 2. Who was the book___?

A. write B. wrote C. written D. written by

( ) 3. Where ___ these boxes made?

A. was B. were C. is D. am

6.( ) 1 The flowers ___ often.

A. must be water B. must be watered

C. must watered D. must water

( ) 2 The books may___ for two weeks.

A. be kept B. be borrowed C. keep D. borrow

( ) 3 The broken bike____ here by Mr Smith.

A. can mend B. can mended C. can be mend D. can be mended

7.( ) 1 The old bridge in my hometown___ next month.

A. is going to be rebuilt B. will rebuilt

C. are going to be rebuilt D. are going to rebuilt

( ) 2 The play ___ at the theatre next Sunday.

A. is going to be shown B. will shown C. will show D. is shown

( ) 3 The old stone bridge ___ next week

A. is going to be rebuilt B. will be rebuild

C. are going to be rebuilt D. will rebuild

8.( ) 1 Now these magazines__ in the library for a long time.

A. have kept B. are keeping C. have been keeping D. have been kept

( ) 2 The pot ___ for ___ hot water

A. used; keeping B. was used; keeping

C. is used; to keep D. are used; keep

( ) 3 Tea ___ in the south of China.

A. grows B. is grown C. were grown D. will grow

( ) 4 The bridges___ two years ago.

A. is built B. built C. were built D. was built

9.( ) 1. The river smells terrible. People must ___ dirty things into it.

A. be stopped to throw B. be stopped from throwing

C. stop to throw D. stop from throwing

( ) 2 .The teapot ___ water

A. is filled with B. filled of C. fulling of D. filled

( ) 3. Old people must be looked after well and ___ politely.

A. speak to B. spoken C. speak D. spoken to

( ) 4 .Old people must ___.

A. look after well B. be looked well after

C. looked well after D. be looked after well

10.( ) 1 Newly-born babies___in hospital.

A. are taken good care B. are taken good care of

C. take good care of D. take good care

( ) 2 They were___ at the sudden noise.

A. frightening B. frightened C. frighten D. frightens

( ) 3 These walls ___ stone.

A. are made of B. made of. C. are made into D. made into

11.( ) 1. Jane ___ to sing us an American song last Saturday.

A. called B. was asked C. told D. was said

( ) 2. The papers ___ to them.

A. were shown B. show C. shown D. have shown

( ) 3 .The coat___her sister.

A. made to B. were made for C. was made for D. was made to

12.( ) 1 I ___ five minutes to decide whether I should go or not.

A. gave B. was giving C. had given D. was given

( ) 2 Good care____such things.

A. should take of B. should be taken

C. should be taking D. should be taken of

( ) 3 She will____good care____.

A. take; of B. be taken; of C. take; for you D. be taken; of you

13.( ) 1 .The teacher made him___ his homework.

A. to do B. do C. did D. done

( ) 2. The boy_ streets without pay in the old days.

A. was made to clean B. made clean

C. made to clean D. was made clean

( ) 3 .These children____dance.

A. were seen to B. were seen for C. were seen D. saw to

14.( ) 1. These stones___well.

A. are fitted B. fit C. fits D. is fitted

( ) 2. The bike ___ 500 yuan.

A. was cost B. costed C. cost D. is costed

( ) 3. The important meeting ___ on a cold morning last year.

A. was'had B. was held C. held D. had

15.( ) 1. Great changes___ in the past ten years in China.

A. took place B. have taken place

C. were taking place D. had taken place

( ) 2 .You can't use the computer, it____.

A. was broken down B. is wrong C. is bad D. has broken down

( ) 3 .Great changes___in our country during the past 20 years.

A. have happened B. happened

C. have been happened D. were happened

( ) 4 .The watch has often ___ down.

A. sat B. lain C. broken D. fell

16.( ) 1. Please pass me another cup. This one___.

A. is broken B. is breaking C. broke D. broken

( ) 2. The story books___ by the writer in the 1960s.

A. are written B. were written C. are writing D. were writing

( ) 3. What time ___ the door ___ every day?

A. does; closed B. does; close C. is; closed D. /; close

17.( ) 1. Can he___ himself?

A. get dress B. get dressed C. gets dressed D. instead of

( ) 2 .He fell from his bike and ___.

A. is hurt B. gets hurt C. got hurt D. hurt

( ) 3 .Lookout, please keep away from the fire, or your trousers will__

A. burnt B. burn C. burning D. get burn

18.( ) 1 .The apple___very sweet.

A. is tasted B. taste - C. tastes D. are tasting

( ) 2 .You___ more beautiful in the light blue shirt.

A. see B. watch C. look D. look at

( ) 3 .What you said ___. like a good idea.

A. heard B. listened C. sound D. sounded

19.( ) 1. -What do you think of the TV play?

-Wonderful. It is worth___ a second time.

A. watching B. watched C. seen D. seeing

( ) 2. How dirty the tables are! They need___.

A. to clean B. clean C. cleaning D. cleaned

( ) 3 .The book is worth ___.

A. seeing B. reading C. seen D. read


1. 1-5 B D D D C 2. 1-6 B C B B C A 3. 1-3 A B B 4. 1-3 A B A

5. 1-3 B D B 6. 1-3 B A D 7. 1-3 A B A 8. 1-5 D B B C D

9. 1-4 B A D D 10. 1-3 B B A 11. 1-3 B A C 12. 1-3 D D B

13. 1-3 B A A

17. 1-3 B C D

14. 1-4 B C B 18. 1-3 C C D 15. 1-4 B D A C 19. 1-3 A C B 16. 1-3 A B C

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