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( ) 1 You _____ get her a scraf as birthday gift.

A.should be supposed to B. are supposed to C are suppose to D.should suppose to

( ) 2 - All the students in Class One went to the cinema ____ Li Ping. Why?

- Because he had a stomachache..

A. besides B. without C. except D. beside

( ) 3 Loud music may make people ____ fast.

A. to eat B. eats C. ate D. eat

( ) 4 I would rather ____ you the secret right now.

A. don’t tell B. not to tell C. not tell D. didn’t tell

( ) 5 I study hard _____ I can catch up with my classmates.

A. so that B. because C. in order to D. as

( ) 6 People in China and England have different customs ____ table.

A. in B. at C. on D. for

( ) 7 The bad news made Mary ____. She couldn’t help crying.

A. excited B. relaxed C. sad D. happy

( ) 8 ____ English well. Liu Hua went to a college in England a year ago.

A. To learn B. Learned C. Learning D. Learn

( ) 9 – This book ____ educating teenagers. Would you like to buy it?

- Yes. I’ll take it.

A. aims at B. depends on C. majors in D. sets up.

( ) 10 – My sister bought me a new MP4 player, but I don’t know _____. --Let me show you.

A. what to use B. which one to use C. how to use it D. where to ues it

( )11 He ’d rather_ for hours himself than _others for help.

A.work, ask B. worked, asking C. .work,asking D. worked, ask

( ) 12– It’s impossible for them to buy that house.

- They really want to own a house, ___ ,they don’t consider whether they can afford

it or not.

A. finally B. but C. besides D. therefore

( )13 Soft colors like pink and light blue make people _____

A.tense B. relax C. relaxed D. sad

( ) 14 The color red makes people__________ .

A. hungry B. thirsty C. eat slowly D. relaxed

( ) 15 Usually people in Japan and Korea ______ when they meet for the first time.

A. are supposed to kiss B. are supposed to bow C. suppose to kiss D. suppose to bow. 书面表达。(15分)


1、初次见面要握手。 2、 吃饭时筷子指向别人是很粗鲁的。 3、参加倾会要准时到达。4 送礼物不能送钟表。 文章开头已给出。

China is a country with a long history, so there are many customers in it.


In the modern world,1 ________is everywhere! Some people think that ads are great. 2_____ hate ads, saying that they make our cities and countryside look 3_____ . Many ads are aimed 4______ at teenagers,and some young people see more than 100 advertisements a day. It's true that some ads can be very useful. For 5________, they can help you to 6_______ two different products so that you can buy the one you really need. They can also help you 7_______ money. When 8______ are listed, you can go to the store with the lowest price. And also tell when stores are having sales. However, some advertising can be 9______ or misleading. Sometimes the words sound good but don't really tell you anything about the 10_____of the product. At other times,the picture in an ad looks a lot better than the real thing. So you have to be careful . At times an ad can lead you to buy something you don't need at all.

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