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Unit 2 Lesson 12 A blog about the silk road

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Unit 2

It’s Show Time!
Lesson 12


句型展示 1. 在旅途中我看到了很多,也经历了很多。

I saw and ______ ______ ______ on the trip.
2. 在这些地方中国的历史如此生动。

The history of China is ______ ______ in these places.
答案:1. experienced a lot 2. so alive

3. 我用一种新的方法看到了我自己的历史和文化。 I ______ my own history and culture ______ ______ ______ ______ . 4. 接下来我该去哪?

Where ______ I ______ next?
5. 有没有人给些建议呢?

Does ______ have any ______?
答案:3. saw; in a new way 4. should; go

5. anyone; suggestions

1. experience v. &n. 经验;经历;体会 ◆I saw and experienced a lot on the trip. 在旅途中我看到了很多,也经历了很多。 ◆Do you have any experience of teaching English? 你有教授英语的经验吗?

◆I had a rather strange experience last Sunday. 上周日,我有一次相当奇怪的经历。 ◆Even experienced teachers can make mistakes. 即使有经验的教师也可能犯错误。

【探究总结】experience的用法 (1)experience用作动词,表示“体验,经历”; 不可数 (2)用作名词,表示“经验,体验”,是

可数 (3)而表示“经历,感受”,通常是 _____(可数/不


他在非洲旅行时,有很多有趣的经历。 He had ______ ______ ______ while travelling in Africa. 答案:many interesting experiences

2. alive adj. 活着的;活泼的;有生气的
◆The history of China is so alive in these places. 在这些地方中国的历史如此生动。 ◆He is (very) much alive. 他非常活跃。 ◆He told a very lively story. 他讲了一个非常生动的故事。

【探究总结】alive, living, live, lively的区别

【学以致用】 ①My father bought a(n) _______ fish. It is still _______ now. A. live; living C. alive; living ②那个老人还活着。 The old man is still ______. 答案:alive B. live; alive D. alive; alive

Ⅰ. 用所给词的适当形式填空 1. This ______ (be) me with a funny dog. 2. No one has some new ______ (suggestion) about the classroom culture in my class. 答案:1. is 2. suggestions

3. I show some ______ (photo) to my classmates. 4. You should ______ (see)your grandparents once a week. 5. Danny ______ (ride) a camel in the picture. 答案:3. photos 4. see 5. is riding

Ⅱ. 句型转换 1. Tom had lots of experiences on his trip to China. (改为同义句) Tom ______ ______ ______ on his trip to China. 2. He took this picture in Xinjiang. (改为否定句) He ______ ______ this picture in Xinjiang. 答案:1. experienced a lot 2. didn’t take

3. I ate some special foods there. (改为一般疑问句) ______ you ______ ______ special foods there? 4. Their journey lasted about twenty years. (对画线部分提问) ______ ______ ______ their journey last? 5. You did so well in

the exam. (给出相应答句) _____________________________________________________

答案:3. Did; eat any
5. Thank you.

4. How long did

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