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7A Unit2 Neighbours Task

Free talk:
1.What kind of house do you live in? 2.Are your neighbours friendly and helpful? 3.Is there a community center in your neighbourhood?

have a ‘helping hands’ meeting

at the community centre

community activities

I think a community centre is very helpful. Everything will be better with its help. It brings us useful information and the volunteers would like to do anything to help us.

When and where is the meeting? It’ll be at the community centre on the afternoon of 5 March.

A Health centre

B Art & Design Group

C Fix-it Club
( A)

(1)Mr Green is not feeling well these days.

C ) (2)There is something wrong with Lily’s fridge. (
(3)Miss Zhang worries about what to wear for a party. (B ) (4)Grandma Chen’s washing machine is not working well. C ( ) B (5)Mrs Ma does not know how to design her home.( )

community centre

5 March

engineers something wrong

doctors and nurses make them feel better

styles and colours what to wear to a party how to design the home some ideas

What’s each paragraph about?
Time and place of the helping hands” meeting
Different activities of the helping hands” meeting

Paragraph 1

Paragraph 2

Time: this Sunday morning


in the hall of Sunshine Community Centre
Beautiful Hair Club---cutting hair & designing hairstyle Computer Group---checking computers Delicious kitchen---teaching people how

to cook delicious food


1. Review words & phrases. 2. Finish the exercises about Task.

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