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2013年八年级英语第七单元第二课时课件 幻灯片

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Look and compare
now In ten years

more trees
more ______in trees There ____ 10 years. will be ____

可数名词 more + 不可数名词 more water
will be more There ____ ____ water ______in 10 years.

less meat
less meat will be ____ There ____ ______in ten years.

less + 不可数名词

fewer people
will be fewer people There ____ ____ ______in ten years.

fewer + 可数名词

few—fewer—fewest 修饰可数名词

little—less—least 修饰不可数名词

Listen and circ

1. There will be (more/ less/ fewer) people.
2. There will be (more/ less /fewer) free time.

3. There will be (more/ less/ fewer) cars.
4. There will be (more/ less/ fewer) pollution

5. There will be (more/ less/ fewer) trees.


Listen again. Check (√) the predictions you hear.

______1. There will be fewer people. ______2. There will be less free time. _____ 3. People will use the subways less. _____ 4. There will be more pollution. _____ 5. Cities will be very big and crowed.

Let's predict our own life in the future

have my own car

have a lot of money

become a pianist

work in America

marry with a handsome guy

In ten years


will / shall引导的一般将来时:一般将来时表示将来发生的动作或情况,最 基本的结构:will / shall + 动词原形
“主谓(宾)句型”的一般将来时: 肯定句:主语+ will

/ shall +动词原形+(宾语)+其他成份 People will have robots in their homes. 否定句:在will / shall 的后面加not即可。will not = won’t People will not (won’t) have robots in their homes. 一般疑问句:把will / shall 提到句子主语之前,结尾变问号。 Will people have robots in their homes?
特殊疑问句:特殊疑问词+will +主语+动词原形+其他成份?

When will people have robots in their homes?


be”句型的一般将来时 肯定句: There will be +名词+其他成份 [注意]:无论后面加单数名词或复数形式,be都必须用原形。 There will be only one country. 否定句:在will后面加not. There won’t be only one country. 一般疑问句:把will提到there之前。 Will there be only one country? Yes, there will. / No, there won’t.

1. I won’t ______________(be) free tomorrow. be 2. The students _____________(have) a meeting this will have weekend. 3.Lily______________________(stay) with me tonight. will stay

going to rain 4. It’s _________________________(rain) this evening.

will visit 5. We ___________________(visit) uncle Lee next week.
6. There _______________(be) a football match in our will be school.

Will be (be) free tomorrow? 7. _________you___________
8. Shewon _______________( ’t move not move )to France this year.

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