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7b unit2 Comic strip& welcome to the unit

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1.能识别并掌握各种职业及工作场所的名称。 ? 2.能用简单的英语谈论自己所居住的社区。

Step1.Lead in(Free talk)
Where do you live? ? What kind of home do you have? ? What’s around your home? ? Who lives next to your flat/house/building? ? What’s your neighbour? ? What does he do?/what’s he?

StepⅡpresentation What’s he/she?







StepⅢ practice
1.Finish PartA on page19.(GroupA) What is he/she? He /She’s a…




















cooker 厨具

Where does he/she work?




StepⅣ listening and answering questions.

listen to the tape and answer the questions about Simon’s neighbourhood .(GroupB)

? ⑴where’s

Simon’s flat?

It’s in City Garden in Ninth Street.

? ⑵How

many buildings are there in his neighbourhood?
About 20 buildings.


⑶How many floors do the buildings have?
Most of them have 14 floors.


⑷What does Simon have around his neighbourhood?
Supermarket,restaurants, a school and a hospital.


⑸What does Simon think of his neighbourhood?
He thinks it’s good to live in a neighbourhood like that.

StepⅤRead and make dialogues.
1.Practise reading the dialogue. ? 1)Follow the tape once. ? 2)Role play the dialogue. ? 3)Make up their own dialogues. ? ( two pairs act it out) (GroupC)

Sample dialogue Page19

? ? ?

? ? ? ?

S1:who’s your neighbour? S2:I live in a flat/building/…in …street. S1:How many buildings/… are there in your neighbourhood? S2:There’re about…buildings. Most of them have…floors. S1:what do you have around your neighbourhood? S2:we have…… 2.around 在…周围 S1:Do you like living there? S2:Yes. It’s good to live in a neighbourhood like that.
住在像那样的居民区很好。 Like (prep)像..一样 be like , look like (v)喜欢 like to do sth/like doing sth

1.most of them (宾格)他们中的 大多数 most of the students大多数学 生

It’s good to live in a neighbourhood like that
It’s +adj/n+to do sth做某事是…的 to learn Maths well .(learn) ? It’s hard for him to clean ? It’s my duty _________ the blackboard today. (clean) ? It’s +adj+(for sb)+ to do sth 对于某人来 说做某事是….

StepⅥ.Comic strip
? ? ? ? ?

1.listen and answer the questions.
1)Where’s Hobo going? . He’s going to visit his new neighbours 2)What does Eddie do when he visits his neighbours?(充分利用想象发表观点) Eg.. He just likes eating/drinking.

He doesn’t know how to meet neighbours.
He don’t know how to share things with others. He is lazy/unfriendly/…



2. Read the dialogue and fill the blanks.(Group)
oing Eddie asks Hobo where he is g______. Hobo tells Eddie he eighbour Eddie wants to say h_____ w

ill visit their new n______. ello to rinking Hobo is them too. But he likes e______ ating and d_____. a_______because the new neighbours may not welcome fraid visitors l______ Eddie.Then he asks Eddie to make a cake eet with him. Then, Eddie will learn how to m______ new hare neighbours and how to s______ things with others. What a good e-dog Hobo is!

StepⅦ language points (GroupF)


1.visitor(参观者,访问者)由visit+or构成,表执行 这一动作的人。 Wait+er=waiter teach+er=teacher drive+r=driver work+er=worker visitors Beijing is full of ________(visit) during the holidays
2. like (v)喜欢(prep)类似,像…样 be like长得 像 ,look like看起来一样 like Can you climb the tree _______ a cat? like What ______ his father _______? He’s helpful and friendly.


? ?


? ? ? ? ? ? ?

3.1)be afraid恐怕,接that引导的宾语从句。 2)be afraid of sth害怕某物 3)be afraid of doing sth担心发生某种后果 4)be afraid to do sth不敢做某事 your answer is not right I’m afraid(that) _________ (你的答案是不对的) waking (wake) him. I’m afraid of_________ go there .(go) The girl is afraid _______ to _______

? ? ?

4.most of them/the students/ the homework (大多数、大部 分…)做主语时,谓语动词和of的宾语在数上保持一致。 like (like) football. Most of the boys_______ is Most of the homework _______(be) very difficult.

Step Ⅷ Disscussion

Do you think Eddie’s new neighbours welcome him? Why or why not? If you have a neighbour like Eddie, do you welcome him?

What can you do for your neighbours? ? (work in groups of four and discuss the topic)


一、基础题(1分)根据汉语意思、首字母提示完 成句子 二、能力题(2分幻灯片 21) 三、提升题(3分)根据汉语意思完成句子。


1)There are lots of _______(visit) in Nanjing visitors every year. waiters ? 2) The two ______are ______ waiting for the guest at the door. (wait) ? 3) his job is a _____, cook but he doesn’t have a cooker _____(cook). ? 4)you should be kind and helpful to the people in your n__________. eighbourhood ? 5)Are you a________ to see snakes? fraid

? ? ? ? ? ?



单选题 1) ____is not difficult for us _____ learn English well. A. This; to B. It; to C. This; for D.It; for 2)what are you going to_______ this evening ? A. do B. does C. doing D.doing 3)Is the library open all day? ______ only from 8a.m.to 4p.m. A. Yes, of course B. That’s right C. Sorry, I’m not sure D. Sorry, I’m afraid not. 4)That mountain in Guilin________an elephant. It’s an amazing. A. looks up B. Looks like C. Looks for D.looks after

1.那个小女孩长得像她的妈妈。 looks _______ like ? The little girl ______ her mother. ? 2.韩梅害怕晚上出去。

afraid ? Han Mei is ________ ________ out at night. to ? 3.大多数男孩在我校足球队里。 the boys____ of ____ are in our school Most _____ ? _____ football team. ? 4.她把她大部分时间用在书上。 time most ___ her ______on of _____ ? She spends _____ books.

1.记忆本课时所学词汇和句型。 ? 2.背诵漫画和B部分。 ? 3.预习Reading,完成书上相关练习。

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