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Unit6 Do you like bananas你喜欢香蕉吗

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Unit 6
Do You Like Bananas?

外国语学院 09级英语六班 田攀攀 11023011008

Teaching Planning
Background information Teaching objectives Teaching contents Teaching aids Teaching procedures

Blackboard design

Background Information
A. Teaching material

The study procedures of the book “Go for it ”are arranged step by step and the contents are very close to real life . It contains several ideas about likes and dislikes, with its emphasis on knowledge, structure and application, cultural background information and language communicative funcation.

B. Student analysis
Psychological feature

Students in grade 7 are around 12 years old. They are more curious about new things , so their interests in learning are easy to be aroused. Their self-consciousness has began to formed preliminarily therefore can be developed quickly. They care about other’s judgments very much. So I’ll pay more attention to the ways of guiding them.

B. Student analysis
Present standard

After more than three years’ study and practice under the new course standard, they have obtained some basic knowledge of words, grammars and language structures. At the same time, they have acquired the abilities of cooperation, exploration and experimentation.

C. Teaching methods




Teaching objectives

knowledge objectives

Students can gather information about food and develop their opinions about Likes and dislikes. Students can use the structure freely in their life.


Students can improve their four skills, especially the speaking skill by reading and interview. Students can develop their communicating and cooperating abilities by group work.


Students should know that it is not a good habit to waste food. Students can know something about the culture of food, such as hamburger and French fries.

Teaching contents
hamburger, tomato, banana, pear, salad, strawberry, ice-cream



Do you like…? Yes, I do/ No, I don’t

difficult/key point

Using the new words and structures to make up a dialogue. And the usage of the new structure in our life.

Teaching aids






Teaching procedures
Warm up New vocabularies and structures Practice Consolidation Optional activity

step 1: Warm up(5mins)
1. listen to a song: At the beginning of the class, I will use a tape recorder to play a song “apple’’ for the students and I will ask them try to follow it to sing together. 2. Lead in: I will show pictures about some kinds of food and let students talk about likes and dislikes.

step 2: New vocabularies and structures(15mins)
1. A guess game: let them learn new words with
help of cards. Show students the front part of the cards which contain English words. The I will describe it in English and let them guess the Chinese meaning .Next show the back part of the cards and let them check their answers. After learning the new words one by one, I will

write them down on the blackboard.

2. For this part, students should pay more attention
to the noun in the structure. The method that I use in this part is inductive.

step 3: practice (10mins)
1. A match: Let all students stand up and we will
do a match. First, I will speak the words and structures in English and students speak their Chinese meaning loudly. Then we will change the role. In this process, who is the first one can answer my question who can sit down. When all can sit down, the match is over.

2.Listening: I will play the recorder of
exercise of 1b and let students listen to the tape and circle the correct responses.

3. Role play: Look at the picture on the book
and ask students to form groups and act it out.

step 4: Consolidation (10mins)
1. Self-check:Ask students to do the exercise 1a and fill the blanks. 2. Interview:Let students make an interview and write down the names and ideas of their interviewees as many as possible. Pick out the most successful interviewer by asking students to report the number of his or her interviewees. Let the winner share the result. 3.Summary:Make a summary with students and emphasize the words and structures.

Step 5: Optional activity (5mins)
If time permitting, I will let some students Share their stories about likes and dislikes In their life.

a. Make a survey about your family members and ask them about their likes and dislikes.

b. Make a list of food that you like and dislike in English.
c. I will check the homework next time.

Blackboard design
hamburger, tomato, banana, pear, salad, strawberry, ice-cream

Do you like …? Yes, I do/ No, I don’t

Thank You for your listening

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