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Hanxiao Tai

Slimp, Stephen

Oct, 2013

My favorite place

I believe that many people have favorite places, and I also have my favorite place. My favorite place is my hometown Dalian. It is located in the south of Liaodong peninsula which is in the east of Huanghai Sea and west of Bohai Sea. It is a unique geographical location makes Dalian attractive for tourists and a large number of tourists come to Dalian for fun every year. Dalian is a beautiful city, and I think that three factors make Dalian so desirable: if has many scenic spots and special holidays; if has a good cuisine; and if it is near the sea.

I am a travelholic, and I have been many places around China, from Harbin to Kunming from Beijing to Tibet. But Dalian is the only city that I will never be tired of. Many scenic spots and special holidays make Dalian so attractive and unique. One landmark of Dalian is Xinghai square; Xinghai square is the largest square in Asia that the municipal government built by reclaiming land from sea, and forms a total area of 1.76 million hectares larger than Tiananmen Square in Beijing. It has held the Beer festival annually in August. The beer festival in Dalian is unbelievable, and you

can find all kinds of beer you want such as Eisbock, Dark beer, Qingdao beer and Blue Bulb. In addition; “Laohutan” is also something famous you should never miss when you visit there. “Laohutan” is a place name in the northeast of Dalian;

“Laohutan”Polar museum is the best and the largest aquarium in China. You can find any marine animal such as a white whale, penguin, shark, flying fish and so forth. My parents always took me to watch the wonderful animal shows when I was a little child, my favorite animal show is performance of seals that they are very clever and flexible animals because they could catch every cycle trainers threw at them. We have spent a fantastic time together in aquarium.

Dalian’s cuisine is also a reason that attracts me. I was born and raised in

Dalian, and I absolutely like Dalian’s cuisine, especially seafood which is one of the specialties of the cuisine in there. As most Chinese know, Dalian seafood ranks the first in the northeast China. There are about 250000 tons of annual production of various kinds of seafood, such as hair tail, cuttlefish, cobbler fish and so forth. The high output of seafood and low price allow Dalian families to consume seafood every day. Many people in Dalian are the masters of seafood cuisine. My parents are also good at cooking seafood, so I usually can eat various, fresh and tasty seafood. If you visit Dalian, you will be surprised to find that all restaurants in Dalian have a same dish that is “Xianyubingzi”. “Xianyu” is a kind of Dalian specialty preserved fish,

marinated with salt and stored over the winter to make it have a special taste, used in this dish. I am attracted by the delicious taste of “Xianyubingzi”, and all my troubles and pressure seem to disappear after I eat this food. In addition to seafood, you can find that there are also many other nice food in Dalian such as Japanese sushi, kimchi, Korean BBQ and so forth. That is because Dalian was set up by the Russians in 1897, and then Dalian was occupied by the Japanese until 1905. Although the aggressor brought damage to China, it also brought the different culture, including the different kind of cuisines. The Russian and Japanese food has a great influence on Dalian cuisine. For example, the raw red shell is the typical combination of Dalian food and Japanese food. If you like to watch TV, you might know that “A Bite of China”, a good documentary, recorded all the famous food in China including Dalian cuisine, which proves the status of Dalian food in China. I miss my hometown and Dalian’s food every day.

The third reason why Dalian attracts me is because it is near the sea. Dalian is a coastal city, and the sea plays an important role in climatic regulation in Dalian. The weather in Dalian is very similar between each season, the weather won’t be too cold, and the summer won’t be too hot. I remember that I usually wouldn’t dress with more than three layers to go out in winter. In addition, the seawater is very calm and clear because there are not any heavy industries around Dalian such as steel mill, cement mill and thermal power plant. Fortunately, my family lives on the seaside; I

can enjoy the fresh sea breeze and rippling waves, charming sunrise and sunset at the seaside every day. My parents often took me to play on the beach when I was young. We built sand castles there, and we were laughing and playing with happiness. I love the sea in Dalian. Not only it is very beautiful, but also it has my best memory in my life.

From what is said above, these are my beautiful hometowns that attract millions of tourists to visit here every year for many scenic spots, delicious food and near the sea. It is known as the Pearl of the North. “I love Dalian and never leave” this is an adverting slogan in my memory. Actually it is difficult to use simple words to describe a three-dimensional Dalian. Just like there are ten thousand different Hamlets in ten thousand different people's eyes; there has been thousands of Dalian in different people’s eyes and memories. Anyway, Dalian is Dalian I love my hometown, and I'm proud to live in Dalian.

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