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Unit 11 Could you please tell me

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Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. 心之所愿,无事不成。

Unit 11 Could you please tell me where the restrooms are? SectionA(3a-4)


Teaching aims:
Memorize phrases; Practice the dialogues fluently; Finish the Class Exercises.


Directions Challenge

right onto Huangshan Road. Then get to the first crossroad. You'llsee Hexiang Primary School.

Go straight to the second block and turn

Changan Street . The Beijing Restaurant is on your left.


out o_____the front door and walk twoblocks _____ on


Read this article.Then list the advantages and disadvantages.

Learn by yourself.(1st) 第一次自学-独立完成任务 比一比,谁更快!


my friends hang out the air isn't fresh there;always something happening; a lot of free concerts it's usually crowded there;fun to watch people; go inthemusicstore; listen to CDs; look at books in the bookstore always spend too much money

Find out these phrases.

Learn by yourself.(2nd)

第二次自学-独立与合作 比一比,谁背的更快!

decide to do 1.决定做某事 hang out 2.闲逛 prefer doing 3.更喜欢做...... 4.有......正在...... There be doing... 5.做......是有趣的 It's fun to do... 6.花费太多时间做...... spend too much time doing...

Read the dialogue with your partners.

Learn by yourself.(3rd)

第三次自学-团队合作 比一比,谁演的更好!

Interviewer:Why do you go to the mall? A:I go to the mall because my friends hang out there.But I don't really like it. Interviewer:Oh,why not? A:The air isn't fresh.I prefer being outside.Also,it's usually crowded. Interviewer:And how about you? B:Oh,I love the mall.There's always something happening.There are a lot of free concerts there. It's also just fun to watch people. C:I like the mall,too.I like to go in the music store and listen to CDs.I also like to look at books in the bookstore. A:Well,when I go into stores I always spend too much money!



Where do you usually hang out with your friends?At a mall?At house?At school?Tell us the advantages and disadvantages.


a mall

At house At school
other places

Class exercises Ⅰ选词填空

hang out,kind of,next to,too much
1. I think you spend _________money on shoes. 2. This T-shirt is __________small for me.Please show me another one. 3. The clothes shop is _________a bookstore. 4. My grandparents like _________after supper.

Class exercisesⅠⅠ选出正确句子 1.Could you tell me what does he want? Could you tell me what he wants? A.宾语从句用陈述语序;

2.We knew that the earth goes around the sun. √ We knew that the earth went around the sun. B.宾语从句若是客观真理,常用一般现在时; 3.We are talking about how to get the bus station? √ We are talking about how we to get the bus station? C.宾语从句中的主语与主句中的主语一致时, 可用疑问词+to do形式。

在 句 子 中 起 宾 语 作 用 的 从 句 叫

做 宾 语 从 句 。

语 法 小 结

? Make sentences with each phase; ? Write an article about the dialogue ; ? Preview 3a on page 89.

Thank u very much!C U!

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