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Unit1 :

1.Tom can play ___ paino,but he can’t play___chess.

A.the,the B./,/ C.the,/ D./,the

2.I always tell my students ___on the road because it’s really dangerous.

A.not to play B.to play not C.not playing D.not play

3.Can John play the___well?

A.paino B.basketabll C. Chess D.football

4.If you have any questions,please call Ken _____8685-3126______the evening.

A.on,on B.on,in C.at,in D.in,at

5.Miss Read is good____music.She can be good ____ children in the music club.

A.at,at B.with,with C.at,with D.with,at

6.Let me ___ you ___ your English.

A.help,with B.to help,for C.helping,with D.to help,for

7.--Do you know the song “Gangnam Style”

--Of course.It___ interesting.

A.tastes B.smells C.sounds D.feels

8.My friend Lisa is good at___.

A.sing B.to sing C.singing D.sings

9.Li Ming wants ___ the music club.

A.joins B.joining C.join D.to join

10.I can __ Chinese kung fu

A.make B.do C.think D.have

11.You don’t need ___early tomorrow morning.

A.gets up B.get up C.getting up D.to get up

12.Jenny likes___,but she doesn’t like ____ today.

A.swimming,to swim B.to swim,

C.swimming,swimming D.to swim,to swim

13.Jenny,put on your coat___ you will catch a cold.

A.but B.and C.or D.so

14.Beidaihe Kids Summer Camp needs help____ sports.

A.of B.with C.for D.in

15.--What ___ do you like best?


A.subject B.sports C.colour D.time

16.---Hi,can I help you?


A.Yes,please. B.No,I can’t C.Yes,I can D.You are welcome

17.---I want some students for the school concert.Bill,____ you?

---Yes,I can.But only a little.

A.do B.must C.should D.can

18.Can he___an English song?

A.sing B.sings C.to sing D.singing

19.---____ can she do?

---She can dance.

A.What B.How C.When D.Why

20.---Can you play football?

---_____.It’s hard.

A.Yes,I can B.No,I can’t C.No,I can D.Yes,I can’t.

21.I can play _____ basketball,but I can’t play _____ violin.

A./,a B.a,a C.the,/ D./,the

22.You can call me _____ 398-3038 if you have any questions.

A.at B.on C.in D.for

23.Sarah often helps mom _____ housework on Sundays.

A.do B.to do C.with D.A,B and C

24.John is a little boy,but he can _____ three languages.

A.speak B.talk C.say D.tell

25.He sings _____ .He wants _____ the music club.

A.well,join B.good,join C.well,to join D.good,to join

26.Jim can’t climb trees, _____ he can row a boat.

A.but B.or C.so D.and

27.English isn’t _____ if you work hard at it.

A.easy B.difficult C.bored D.interesting

28.Mike is from Canada.He can _____ Chinese Kung fu.

A.have B.play C.do D.make


---I usually go hiking with my friends.

A.What can you do?

B.What do you do on weekends?

C.Can you go hiking on the weekend?

D.Do you want to go hiking?


Unit 1 :

1.I like summer because I can S________ in the river.

2.Lang Lang can play the p________very well.

3.She can d________,so she wants to join the art club.

4.Mr li is our history teacher.He often tell us s________in class.

5.Lily likes music ,she wants to be a m________in the future

6.He likes playing basketball.So he wants to j_____ the basketball club.

7.---Can you s_____ English?

---Yes,I can.

8.---Can you t_____ me the name of the cartoon?

---Yes, Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf.

9.Many students know Luo Zhixiang is good at d_____.

10.He often plays c_____ with his father in the evening.

11.Miss Zhou ________(教)us Chinese.

12.There is a talent________(节目)in our school every year.

13.The ________(小提琴)on the table is Wu Ying’s.

14.Han Han is good at________(写)

15.I can talk to my friend on the phone on the________(周末)

16.She is a Chinese,but she________(说)English very well.

17.She says she likes________(画)pictures

18.He ________(参加)the art club in the evening.

19.The girl likes English,and she wants to _____ (参加)the English club.

20.Can you _____ (给...看)us you new MP4 player?

21,Liu Hui isn’t at _____ (家)He is in London now.

22.Mr Lin likes to write some _____ (故事) for children.

23.I like _____ (跳舞)and playing the guitar.

24._____ (跳舞) is her favorite.

25.He wants to be a _____(音乐家)in the future.

26.Do you want to go to the _____ (国际象棋)club.

27.Can you _____(展示)us how to play the guitar.

28.I go the see a new movie with my friends _____ (今天)

29.Li Yundi can play the _____(钢琴)well.

30.Please come to the students’ Sports _____ (中心)

31.This is a _____ (小提琴).Do you like it?

32.There are two _____ (音乐家)coming to our school for the festival.

33.He is a very ________player and he plays soccer very________(good)

34.We can see________(paino) in the room.

35.Jack ________(not like) the show.

36.He often helps me________(study)music.

37.Do you ________(real)want to join our music club?

38.My sister likes singing and ________(dance)

39.--Do you know Ye Shiwen?--Yeah.She is a ________(swim) star.

40.My father often helps me _____ (learn) English

41.There are five _____ (paino) in the room.

42.They can tell you stories and you can make _____ (friend)

43.Cindy likes _____ (paly) football very well.

44.Li Ming wanta _____ (join) the music club.

45.Can I _____ (have) a look at your new watch?

46.I want _____(have) a birthday party for my mother.

47.Moyan is a famous writer.He _____ (write) many stories.

48._____ (China) Kung fu is very fun.Many foreigners like it very much.

49.Mr. Lin likes to write _____(story).

50.Here _____ (be)all my pencials and pens.

51.What about _____ (play)volleyball this afternoon.

52.Let’s _____(join) the music club.

53.Can you _____ (show)me your new bag?

54.---Can you go the England in 2014? ---Sorry,I _____(can)

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