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My father had a small business, employing(雇用)fifteen people at any given time. We sold all kinds of milk products. I had worked for my father since I was young,

One day, we had a new employee, Debbie, who wanted to work in the store for the summer. She had 36 done this type of work before, but planned to give it her all.

On her first day, Debbie made just about every mistake in the 37 . She charged the wrong prices for items, she gave the wrong bag of food to the wrong customer, and she 38 and broke a half gallon of milk. The torture(折磨)of watching her fighting her way was too much for me. I went into my father’s office and said, “Please go out there and put her out of her misery(苦恼).” I 39 him to walk right into the store and let her go away from our store.

Since my father’s office was situated within view of the sales counter, he had surely 40 what I was talking about. He sat, 41 , for a moment. Then he got up from his desk and walked over to Debbie, who was standing behind the counter.

“Debbie,” he said, as he put his hand 42 on her shoulder. “I have been watching you all day, and I saw how you 43 Mrs. Forbush.”

Debbie’s face turned red and tears began to 44 in her eyes as she tried hard to remember Mrs. Forbush from the many women she had given the wrong change to or drop off her milk onto the floor.

My father continued, “I’ve never seen Mrs. Forbush be so 45 to any one of my employees before. You really knew how to deal with her. I am sure that she is going to want you to 46 her every time she comes in. Keep up the good work.”

In return for being a wise and kind employer, my father got a trusty and hardworking employee for fifteen years ? and a friend for life.

35. A. unless 36. A. already 37. A. vision

B. neither

C. as

D. nor

D. ever

B. yet

C. never

B. book C. spirit

B. forced

D. position

D. missed

38. A. dropped B. lost 39. A. encouraged 41. A. careful 42. A. gently 43. A. accepted 44. A. run

40. A. followed B. seen

C. touched

C. expected D. influenced C. guessed D. heard C. angry

C. treated C. appear

C. rude

D. thoughtful D. directly D. rise D. polite D. depend on

C. lightly

B. upset B. seriously

B. agreed B. well

D. considered

45. A. funny B. hopeless 46. A. wait on B. look after

C. stand for

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