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as 专项练习

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1. We must improve our studying method _____ we may study better.

A. in order to B. in order that C. for D. so as to

2. She has _____ she remembers all the names of the students she has taught.

A. such a good memory that B. such good memory that

C. good memory D. so good memory that

3. So quickly are science and technology advancing ______ is a possibility today may be a

reality tomorrow.

A. that B. that what C. what D. if what

4. We eat _____ we may live but some people seem to live ______ they may eat.

A. in case, so that B. in case, for fear C. though, in case D. so that , in order that

5. She doesn’t know the answer _____ I’ve told her several times.

A. in spite of B. as C. while D. although

6. _____ the weather was fine, I opened all the windows.

A. As B. For C. Because of D. Since that

7. _____ there was no answer, _____ I wrote again.

A. As, so B. For, so C. As , / D. That,/

8. ________, he has to help support the family.

A. Though he is child B. A child as he is

C. As he is a child D. Child as he is

9. Tom swims ______ Tony ________.

A. as good as , does B. so good as , is C. as well as , does D. so well as, is

10. His classmates no longer laughed at him _____ they used to.

A. as though B. like C. just like D. as

11. We must improve the farming method _____ we may get high yields.

A. in order to B. in order that C. since D.as

12. When a gun was pointing against your head, you should do _____.

A. as to what told to B. like what you were told to

C. as you were told to D. like you were told to do

13. America will never again have as a nation the spirit of adventure _____ it did before the west

was settled.

A. so B. as C. when D. for

14. The old woman ahs loved Tom _______ he were her son.

A. as B. because C. if D. as if

15. We were about to start _________ it began to rain.

A. as B. when C. so D. while

16. The book is written in _____ that we beginners can understand it without much difficulty.

A. such simple English B. such a simple English

C. so simple English D. so simple an English

17. ___________ I want to see it again.

A. Very moving is the film that B. So moving the film is that

C. So moving is the film that D. Such moving film is that

18. She explained again and again _________ others misunderstood her.

A. since that B. in case C. in order that D. even though

19. She hurried back to the classroom _______ she should be late.

A. for fear that B. so that C. that D. in order that

20. It is obvious to the students _______ they should get well prepared for their future.

A. as B. which C. whether D. that

21. According to statistics, a man is more that twice as likely to die of skin cancer ____ a woman.

A. than B. such C. as D. that

22. Peter was so excited _____ he received an invitation from his friend to visit Chongqing _____

he found it hard to fall asleep.

A. that, where B. as , that C. as, where D. that , that

23. Mr. Kin is such a considerate person _____ all his colleagues like to work with.

A. that B. so C. as D. who

24. ______ was most important to her, she told me, was her family.

A. It B. This C. What D. As

25. Nancy enjoyed herself so much ________ she visited her friends in Sydney last year.

A. that B. when C. as D. where

26. My English teacher’s humor was __________ make every student burst into laughter.

A. so as to B. such as to C. such that D. so that

27. ---Would you be _______ give me a lift on your way home?

---Sure, with pleasure.

A. so kind as to B. so kind that C. such kind person that D. such kind as to

28. The Science Museum, _____ we visited during a recent trip to Britain, is one of London’s

tourist attractions.

A. which B. as C. that D. where

29. ---What made him so upset?

---_______ she failed in her exam.

A. Because B. As C. Since D. That

30. ______ is expected, according to the online survey, prices of houses will not go up any more.

A. What B. As C. It D. Which

31. ____ is known to us all is that the old scientist, for _____ life was hard in the past, still works

very hard in his eighties.

A. As, whom B. What, whom C. It , whose D. As, who

32. Although I have bought masses of toys for my little son, _____ seems to be his favorite.

A. none of which B. all of them C. none of them D. all of which

33. Mother was worried because Alice was ill, especially_____ Father was away in France.

A. as B. that C. during D. if

34. ______ the day went on, the weather got worse.

A. With B. Since C. While D. As

35. Pop music is such an important part of society _____ it has even influenced our language.

A. as B. that C. which D. where

36. I’d like to arrive 20 minutes early _____ I can have time for a cup of tea.

A. as soon as B. as a result C. in case D. so that

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