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1. You could help clean up the city parks.你可以帮助打扫城市公园。

2. 【解析1】help v →helpful

1). help sb. to do sth. 帮助某人做某事。 2). help oneself ( to )自用(食物等)。

3). help sb. out 帮助某人克服困难,渡过难关、解决问题、完成工作。 4). with the help of 在??帮助下。 5). help sb. with sth. 帮助某人做某事。 6).Can’t help doing 情不自禁做.... 【2013日照】

15. — Mary is so ________

— she comes to you whenever you’re in trouble.

A. useful B. careful C. thankful D. helpful

【2012 烟台中考】25. The woman ___all of her money to charities____ the poor.

A. gave off, to help B. gave up, helping C. gave away, to help D. gave, helping 解析2】clean up 把??打扫干净(v. + adv.)

clean up the table = clean the table up

①It’s your turn ____________up the kitchen.(clean) ( )

②Your bedroom is too dirty, please _____.

A. clean it up B. clean up it C. set it up

③ If everyone pours less polluted water into Dianchi Lake, it will be _____.

A. deeper and deeper B. cleaner and cleaner C. dirtier and dirtier D. wider and wider

2. The girl could visit the sick kids in the hospital to cheer them up. 女孩可以去医院看望生病的孩子们,让他们振作起来。 【解析1】sick /ill :

(1) sick adj.“生病的”,既可放be (系动词)后作表语,


be sick of ?“讨厌;厌恶??” sick person = patient“病人”

(2) ill adj.“生病的”,只能放be (系动词)后作表语, be ill in hospital 生病住院 ill → illness n.“病;疾病”

①. You look very tired. You must be sick. (= ill) ②.He had a sick mother. 他有一位生病的母亲

①I think her (ill) is very serious. 我认为她的病是很严重。 ( )② The ___ girl was sent to hospital by her mother yesterday. A. sick B. ill C. good D. well 【解析2】in the hospital 与in hospital (1) in the hospital“在医院”


(2) in hospital “在医院;住院” 指生病住院。 类似的短语有:

in the bed“在床上”,也许是蹲在床上或站在床上;

in bed“在床上”指躺在床上 Tom is ill and staying in bed.

( ) 【湖南邵阳】— My grandfather was ill _____ last week. — I’m sorry to hear that. A. in a hospital B. in the hospital C. in hospital D. in hospitals

【解析3】cheer up 使振奋,使高兴的(v. +adv)

cheer sb. up =make sb. happy 使某人高兴 cheer me up 使我高兴

( ) ①You could visit _____children in the hospital and _____them______.

A. ill, set, up B. sick, clean, up C. sick, cheer, up

( ) ② He looks sad .Let’s ___ him___.

A. cheer , up B. put, up C. set up D. call, up

【2013辽宁锦州】11. —He looks unhappy today.

—Let’s .

A. cheer him up B. help out him C. look him after D. argue with him

3. The boy could give out food at the food bank. 男孩可以在食物站分发食物 【解析】give out =hand out分发(v. +adv) hand out bananas give out sth to sb. 分?.给某人 Our teacher begins_____________(分发) our test paper. 【短语】:give in 屈服 give back=return 归还 give a speech 发表 give sb. a call 给??打电话

give away 赠送give away money to kids give sb. a hand =help sb. 帮助某人

give up doing sth =stop doing sth放弃做某事give up smoking 放弃吸烟 give sb. sth = give sth to sb. 给某人某物

give me money 给我钱=give money to me 给我线

( ) ①You shouldn’t _____your hope. Everything will better.

A. give up B. fix up C. cheer up D. put up

( ) ②We have raised some books. We’ll ___to the poor children.

A. put them up B. give them away C. give them away. D. put out them 【2013江苏常州】

8. Many social workers went to Ya’an to help clean

water and food to local people to reduce their pain from the earthquake. A. put out B. come out C. work out D. give out 4. We need to come up with a plan for the City Park Clean -up Day. 我们需要为城市公园清洁日想出一个计划。 【解析】come up with =think up 想出 catch up with 赶上 追上 【短语】:think about 考虑 think of 想起 think over 仔细考虑 【谚语】 Think before you act 三思而后行

拓展】v+up with 构成的短语:

catch up with 赶上;追上 keep up with 跟上;跟、、、、、保持联系 put u with 容忍; 忍得住 end up with 结束;以.......而结束 ( ) ①We need______________(想出) a plan.

( )②My mother came up with a good idea which we all agreed to.

A. thought about B. thought up C. thought hard

2013黑龙江绥化】19. — It is too noisy here. I can’t stand it.

— Me, too. We have to________ new ways to solve the problem. A. catch up with

B. keep up with C. come up with 5. Oh , what did they ask you to help out with? 哦,他们让你帮助做些什么? 【解析】help out 帮助; 帮助......出来 help sb. out 使某人脱离困境 【2013山东青岛】24. He ______ plenty of money to the people in the earthquake area ______.

A. put out, to work out well B. handed out, help them out C gave out, work out well D. gave away; to help them out 6. They told me stories about the past and how things used to be. 他们给我讲过去的故事,并告诉我过去事情是什么样子的。 【解析1】 (1) use v.使用→useful adj. 有用的 use up 用完

Studying English is__________(use). (2) use sth to do sth 用某物做某事

We use Internet __________(find) information.

(3) used to do sth 过去常常做某事,表示过去做过的事现在已经不做,只用于过去时态。 ①My mother used_________(tell)us story when we were young.

( ) ②He used to ____short and ____ short hair when he was young.

A. have; be B. be; have C. be; be D. have; have

(4) be /get used to doing sth 习惯于做某事

My grandpa is used ___________(live) in country. (5) be used to do sth 被用来做某事=be used for doing sth

①Stamps is used ____________(post) letters.

( ) ②My brother used to _____ up late, but now he is used to ___ up early.

A. get get B. getting; get C. get; getting D. getting; getting

( ) ③ Keys are used ___ the door.

A. to open B. to opening C. open D. opening

【记】 He used to wear glasses . But now he is used to wearing contact lenses.



33. –How does Jack usually go to work?

—He ______ drive a car, but now he ______ there to lose weight.

A. used to; is used to walk B. was used to; is used to walking C. was used to; is used to walk

D. used to; is used to walking

【2013四川雅安】20. My parents getting up early on weekdays

A. used to B. be used to C. was used to D. are used to


30. She------ live with her grandparents , but she doesn’t now.

A. used to B. is used to C. was used to

【2013贵州安顺】18. She ____ live alone. But she _____ living alone because she

feels lonely.

A. used to; doesn’t used to B. is used to; was used to

C. used to; is not used to D. was used to; doesn’t used to

. That sounds interesting. 那听起来挺有趣。

【解析】sound (1)n声音 We heard a strange sound. 【辨析】Sound/noise/voice

⑴sound(n.)指自然界中所有的声音,可指悦耳的声音也可指噪音。 ⑵noise一般指很响的,刺耳的声音,即喧闹,嘈杂声等。 ③voice指人通过发音器官发出的声音(包括说话,唱歌等)。 Mary has a beautiful voice. 玛丽的声音很美。 Don't make such a noise. 别这样大声喧哗。

【2011大庆4】11. — Did you hear any strange _____when the quake happened?

— No, I was in my garden with my flowers and was enjoying the beautiful _____of my birds at that time.

A. voice; noise B. noise; sound C. whisper; sound D. sound; voice 【2011四川德阳2】

4. Stop making so much _____. The children are sleeping. A. voice B. noise C. sound

(2) vi.听起来,似乎,其后加表语(形容词,介词短语,名词) —How does the music sound to you? 这音乐你听起来怎么样? —It sounds beautiful. 它听起来很美。

【2013山东临沂】25. —Do you know the song Gangnam Style?

Of course. It ________ interesting. A. tastes B. smells C. sounds D. feels 8. Yeah, a lot of old people are lonely. 是的,很多老年人都很孤独。 【解析】alone / lonely 辨析:

(1)alone = by oneself adj. 单独的,指无人陪伴的客观事实,不带感情色彩。

He often walks alone to home .

(2)lonely ①指人孤独的,寂寞的,强调主观感受;②也可指某个地方是荒凉的 ( ) ①The old man lives ___,but he never feels ____.

A. alone lonely B. lonely; alone C. alone; alone D. lonely; lonely ( ) ②My little sister is afraid to stay at home alone.

A. quietly B. lonely C. all the time D. by herself ( )

③ He did the work all by himself.

A. already B. together C. alone D. Lonely

【2011雅安】12. His grandparents live ____ in a small house, but they don’t feel _______

A. lonely; alone B. alone; lonely C. lonely; lonely D. alone; alone22.His grandparents live ____ in a small house, but they dont feel _____.

A.lonely; alone B.alone; lonely C.lonely; lonely D.alone; alone

67. My old neighbor Charles felt _______ after his children moved out.

A. lonely B. safely C. angrily D. happily

9. We should listen to them and care for them . 我们应该倾听他们说话并且关心他们。 解析】care for 照看;照顾; 照料

2】 33. Many students in our school _______ the old and they usually offer their seats to them on buses.

A. worry about B. care for C. agree with D. take care 【拓展】care的短语总结 take care =be careful v.当心,小心

take care of =look after v.照顾,照料,照看 take care of 处理,做完 care for v.照顾,照看

23. Thanks for your invitation, butIm so sorry I cant go. I need to ______ my baby at home.

A. take away B. take off C. take care of D. take out of

10. Mario Green and Mary Brown from Riverside High School give up several

hours each week to help others. 来自河畔高中的马里奥。格林和玛丽每周都会花几个小时去帮助别人。 【解析1】give up 放弃

give up doing sth=stop doing sth 放弃做某事

( ) I find it too difficult to learn English well. I want to drop it.

A. give up it B. give it up C. give away it D. give it away

13. — It's too hard for me to be a trailwalker.

— Never ________. Believe in yourself!

A. put up B. give up C. hurry up D. look up

【2013江苏连云港】11. It was a difficult time for the quake-hit victims in Ya'an, but they didn't ________ hope.

A. give up B. give off C. give in D. give out

【2013浙江温州】8. Andrea Bocelli never , which makes him a successful


A. takes away B. gives away C. gets up D. gives up

【2013山东德州】Although many great people ever failed, they never____and

managed to succeed.

A. set out B. stayed up C. kept on D. gave up

48. The people in Ya'an have met lots of difficulties, but they haven__________hope.

A. picked up B. given up C. looked for D. waited for

【2013山东滨州】24. —Diaoyu Island belongs to China.

—Surely it does! We Chinese will never it up.

A. cut B. fix C. give D. set

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