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模块六 冠词专项学案

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1. The Chinese astronaut Fei Junlong and Nie Haisheng were so struck by _____beauty of ____nature that they took lots of pictures in space.

A. /; / B. /; the C. the; the D. the; /

2. ----There will be ______ lecture in the hall?

----- Really? Who will give _____ lecture? And about what?

----- Professor Chen, ______ president of Beijing University. It’s about the

environmental protection.

A. the; a; the B. a; the; a C. the; a; / D. a, the; /

3. (1) To escape the pull of the earth, a rocket must reach___ speed of learning 26,440


(2) Signals travel at______ speed of light.

A. a; the B. the; the C. the; a D. a; a

4. ------- Stay a bit longer. It’s been such_________ fun having you.

-------Thanks anyway. I’ve got ________ early start tomorrow morning.

A. 不填;an B. a; an C. 不填; the D. the; an

5. Most people prefer to travel on _______ train, because you can have a comfortable journey, but make sure you get ______ fast one.

A. the; the B. a; the C. the; a D. 不填;a

6. Most experts predict that all these efforts will lead to _____ strong and powerful China, _____ country can surprise the whole world.

A. a; a B. the; a C. 不填; the D. 不填; a

7. Zhongguancun is now ______ home to many IT companies and they are making it _____ success.

A. the; a B. /; a C. a; a D. /; /

8. My friend bought _____ book of great use on English learning, I wondered what ____ useful book it is.

A. a, a B a, the C. a. an D. the ; a

9. _______ English language, unlike _____ others, is learning almost all over the world as an international language.

A. The; the B. The.; / C. / ; the D. /, /

10. More and more Chinese have realized the importance of ____ education, and they

want them to receive ________ good education.

A. /;/ B. the, a C. /, a D. a, a

11. The world’s largest mobile phone maker _______ Nokia said its sales in China

jumped 76% to 7.4 million handsets in ______ second quarter.

A. 不填; a B. 不填; the C. the; the D. the; a

12. Many people agree that ______ knowledge of English is a must in ____ international trade.

A. a; an B. the; an C. the; the D. a; /

13. ______ China is no longer______ China of the past.

A. /;/ B. the, the C. /; a D. /; the

14. Reading is _____ good habit. Stick to it, and you’ll make _____ great progress.

A. a; / B. a; a C. the,; a D. /, a

15. ________ historic meeting between CPC General Secretary Hu Jintao and KMT Chairman Lian Zhan marked a new time in relations across ________ Taiwan Streets.

A. The, a B. A; / C. /; the D. The; the

16. I don’t know whether this is _____ part that she played in Hero, _____ very

famous film in our country.

A. a; a B. the; a C. a; the D. the; the

17. Hawking is _____ success, _____ disabled man though he is.

A. a; / B. /; a C. the; a D. a; the

18. Would you like _______ knife and fork, or would you rather use______ chopsticks, sir?

A. the; the B. a; / C. /; the D. /;/

19. He developed _____ deep interest in insects when he was at _____ age of 8.

A. a; a B. the; the C. a; the D. the; a

20. Mr Zhang went to Qingdao on_____ National Day and is leaving for Beijing on

____ Spring Festival.

A. /, / B. the, the C. the, / D. /, the

21. He had decided to give it up, but on ____ second thoughts he decided to try ___

third time.

A. the; a B. /; / C. a; a D. /; a

22. ---- What did you think of _____ president?

----- I didn’t care for him at first, but after ____ time I got to like him.

A. the, a B. /; the C. the; the D. /; a

23. Keep away from the cage. _______ lion is ______ fierce animal.

A. The; a B. A; the C. A; / D. The; the

24. ----- Did you enjoy yourself yesterday?

----- Yes. As you saw, ______ party went on in _____ most pleasant atmosphere.

A. the; a B. the; the C. a; the D. a; a

25. Towards evening, ______ came, which made things even worse.

A. cold rain B. cold rains C. the old rain D. a cold rain


1-5 DDAAC 6-10ABAAC 11-15 BDDAD 16-20 BABCD 21-25 DAAAD

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