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1. Please ______ the light. A. turn on B. close C. open D. turn down

2. Is her lifestyle the same as yours or _______ ? What are the ________? A. differences, different B. different, differences C. difference, differences D. different, different

3. I’m sorry I can’t go. I have _______ homework this weekend.

A. much too B. too much C. many too

D. too many

4. It’s important _______ help the old. A. of I with B. of me to C. for me to D. for me

5. ---How many _____ do you like? ---Four _____ of potatoes.

A. potato, pieces B. potato. piece C. potatoes, piece

D. potatoes, pieces

6. Chongqing is bigger ______ in Japan.

A. than any other city B. than any city C. than the other cities D. than any cities

7. Ruben is _____ and _____ than me.

A. taller, outgoing B. tall, outgoing C. taller, more outgoing D. tall, more outgoing

8. There ________ some orange in the bottle, but there _______ any bananas in the basket.

A. was, weren’t B. wasn’t, were C. were, wasn’t

D. weren’t, was

9. How many students ______ to aquarium yesterday? A. go

B. went C. are going D. goes

10. Did you finish _____ that letter last night? A. writing B. writeing C. write D. to write

11. Please come to my party if you _____free this evening. A. will be B. doesn't C. be D. are

12. She read this book last Monday, ______ she? A. did B. doesn't

C. didn’t D. does

13. Would you like something _______ to eat? A. other B. the other

C. else D. else’s

14. I ______ (buy) a gift for you when I _______(go) to America.

15. On my next vacation, I _______ for a drive. A. went B. go

C. am going D. am go

16. Jim needed ____ a good rest because he was too tired. A. had

B. having C. has D. to have

17. –Lucy was ill in bed yesterday. ---___________.

A. Why B. She’s much better now C. Certainly

D. I’m sorry to hear that.

18. I hope you can ______ your homework here. A. take B. bring C. carry D. buy

19. My friend came to see me this morning, but I was _____. A. at home B. in C. out D. out of

20. Does your classmate enjoy ______ (live) at school or at home?

21. I hope ______ a teacher like my grandpa. A. to be B. being

C. you to be D. me to be

22. My uncle travels ______ every year. He travels for his business.

A. very B. a lot of C. lots of D. much

23. He was not here _________. A. last night B. tomorrow

C. now D. in 2 days.

24. She caught a cold the day before yesterday and now she’s getting a little _________.

A. colder B. best C. bad D. worse

25. The boss asked Tina ____ late for work. A. to be not late B. never to be C. not late D. don’t late

26. He ________ with his friends last weekend. A. hanged out

B. hung C. hung out D. hang out

27. I began ______ English when I was ten. A. to learn B. learned C. learnt D. learn

28. We stopped _______ when the teacher came in. A. to talk

B. talk C. talking D. talked

29. After a long walk, we stopped ___. A. to have a rest B. having a rest C. have a rest D. had a rest

30. They have a beautiful dog ______ Jay. A. call B. calling

C. called D. to call

31. Can you enjoy _______ in town? A. living B. to live

C. live D. lived

32. He ______ me an interesting story last night. A. tell B. is telling C. tells D. told

33. My mother will go to Beijing in _______.

A. one-week B. one week time C. two weeks’ time

D. two-week-time

34. I learnt swimming by ________. A. me B. myself

C. my D. mine

35. My uncle was very old and he was too weak(虚弱) ________.

A. stand up B. to stand up C. standing D. stood

36. I think reading is ________ writing.

A. as important as B. so important as C. the most important D. the same as

37. He with his twin brother ______ playing in the park _______ a sunny afternoon.

A. was, in B. was, on C. were, in D. were, on

38. _____ earth we live on is bigger than ____ moon. A. The, a

B. The, the C. An, a D. An, the

39. ---My watch keeps good. What about ______? ---Mine? Oh, two minutes slow.

A. you B. her C. hers D. yours

40. We must keep the windows ______ (close) when we leave our classroom.

41. The engineer will return from Macao ________ a few days. A. for B. in C. on D. after

42. We’ll have to clean the plates before mother ________ (come) home.

43. I’m really getting too fat. From now on, I _________(do) more exercise and eat less food.

44. ---Do you know _________? ---He’s Tom’s father.

A. who is he B. what he is C. what’s he D. who he is

45. The earth is our home, we must ___ the land, air and water clean.

A. save B. share C. let D. keep

46. ---Can I help you? ---Well, I’m afraid the box is ______ heavy for you, but thank you all the same.

A. so B. much C. very D. too

47. ______ a doctor is a job he enjoys. A. Be B. To being C. Being D. Be going to

48. ---Do you think it’s going to rain at the weekend? ---___________.

A. I don’t believe it B. I don’t believe C. I believe not so

D. I believe not

49. ---Excuse me. ____ is the nearest bookshop? ---Go down the

street and turn left at the second corner.

A. How B. What C. Where D. Who

50. ---What would you like to drink, girls? ---____________, please.

A. Two cups of coffee B. Two cups of coffees C. Two cup of coffee D. Two of coffees

51. ---Could I look at your pictures? ---Yes, of course you _________.

A. could B. will C. might D. can

52. _______ students in this school _______ computer.

A. A number of, is learning B. The number of, are learning

C. The number of, is learning D. A number of, are learning

53. I don’t think _______ to do now. A. there is something else

B. there is anything else

C. there is not anything else

D. there is nothing else

54. The scientist stopped ______ to me though he was busy.

A. talking B. to talk C. to have a talk

D. having a talk

55. Turn ______ the radio a little. I _______ hear the program.

A. up, can hardly B. down, hardly can C. on, can’t

D. off, can

56. ---Look! The light in the office is still on. ---Sorry. I forgot _______.

A. to turn it off B. turning it off C. to turn off it D. turning off it

57. The farmers were busy ________ ready for the next year in ______ winter of 2002.

A. getting, / B. to get, the C. to get, / D. getting, the

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