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Yesterday Once More
When I was young I'd listen to the radio was waiting for my favorite songs. When they played played I'd sing along, it made made me smile. Those were were such happy times and not so long ago.

How I wondered wondered where they'd gone. but they're back again just like a long lost friend. All the songs I love so well.

Unit 1 Where did you go on vacation ?
Section A (1a-1c)

Free talk:
A:How was your holiday? B:It was great / OK /not bad / … A:What did you do on vacation? B:I stayed at home/…
do my homework clean my room play tennis visit my aunt have a party practice English play soccer cleaned go to the beach played go to the movies visited stay at home had do some reading practiced study for the test
did played
went went

did studied

New York City

summer camp


went to the mountain

went to the summer camp

Where did they go on vacation?

went to New York City

went to the beach

My friends’ vacation

Xiang Hua





Where did Xiang Hua go on vacation?

New York City.

He went to New York City.

Where did Tom go on vacation?

summer camp

He went to summer camp.

Where did Tina go on vacation?


She went to the mountains.

Where did Sally go on vacation?

home She stayed at home.

Where did Brad go on vacation?

Hi, Brad!

He visited his uncle.
Hi, Uncle Jack!

瞬间记忆 (如果你能 用过去式 说出短语, 拜访我 参观博 就能得到 叔叔2 物馆3 相应分数, 去夏令 去海滩 3 快快加油 营3 去爬山 呦!)
3 呆在家 里2 做作业2 去纽约 2

Where did they go on vacation?
1.Tina 2. Xiang Hua

went to New York City
went to the mountains

4. Brad


visited his uncle stayed at home went to summer camp
A: Where did Tom go on vacation? B: He went to summer camp.

stay at home go to New York City visit your uncle Did you … ? go to the mountains go to the beach visit museums

play volleyball
go to the movies

study for exams

[?g'z? m]

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