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Section B 第2课时

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adj. 心烦的,苦恼的

be upset about sth 对---感到不 安

I’m very upset.


adj. 惊奇的,惊讶的,吃惊的

He feels surprised.

点拨:be surprised at sth 对---感到惊奇
be surprised to do sth 吃惊的做-----

Review “linking verb + adj

be pleased with

become cloudy

The little boy is pleased with his new bike.

It becomes cloudy.

smell terrible It smells terrible.

turn green The trees turn green.


观察下列各句的动词-ing形式与动词-ed 形式的用法,然后加以总结。 1. I want to go to a place which is relaxing. 2. Are you interested in this game? 3. I found him interested in the story. 4. I found the book interesting.

人 或有 1. 动词-ed形式,一般用来修饰___ 感到 ……的 , 是 生命的东西,意为“ __________” 主语自己的感觉。 物 ,意 2. 动词-ing形式,一般用来修饰___ 令人 ……的 ,是主语给别人的感 为“ __________” 觉。

2b. practice
? Michael: Hi, Kangkang! This is Michael. I’ve got a bad cold. Are you ___________(interest) in interested my ticket? ? Kangkang:What a pity! However, I don’t think the movie is interesting __________(interest). Why not give the ticket to Mr Brown? ? Michael: Great! He must be ______ (excite) to excited get it. ? Kangkang:OK, I’ll tell him the exciting ________(excite) news right now.

excited to have 1.Mr.Brown was (very) ______________ a ticket and he also felt sorry for Michael. 2. The music in the movie sounded (really) beautiful _________________. 3. The parents felt _______ to see the happ movie together.y 4. The children wereglad ______ to have supper at Kangkang’ house. But theysorry felt ______ for Michael. 5. The food smelt ____ and tasted nic _________. delicious e

Kangkang’s parents got everything ready for supper at 5:30 on Saturday afternoon. Then they left for the movie theater. They met Maria’s and Jane’s parents and Mr. Lee at the gate of the movie theater. Mr. Lee felt excited to have a ticket but sorry that Michael was ill. The music in the movie sounded really beautiful. They felt happy to see the movie together. The children were glad to have supper at Kangkang’s house. The food smelt nice and tasted delicious. They had a good time together. But they missed Michael and felt sorry for him.

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