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unit2 What time do you go to school单元测验

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Unit 2 What time do you go to school?

姓名:________ 班别:________ 学号:__________


1. 起床_____________2.穿上衣服_____________3.刷牙_____________4.洗澡_____________5.散步___________

6.大量,许多_______________7.吃早餐_________________8. 迟到_________________ 9.到家_______________

10.做作业_____________ 11.或者…或者…____________12.健康的生活______________13.散步_____________

14.在周末_______________ 15.起得早________________ 16.跑得快________________17.打扫房间_________

18.最好的朋友_____________19.有一份好的工作_____________ 20.八点半 ______________21.美味极了_____ 写出四个程度副词

22.总是__________ 23.通常地___________ 24.有时____________ 25.从不______________


26. Tony usually eats breakfast_______7: 00 am_______Saturdays.

A. at; at B. on; on C. on; at D. at; on

27. —What time_______ your get up on weekends?

—He usually gets up exercise at 8:00..

A. does B. do C. is D. are

28. Bob is very fat because he ______ exercises.

A. always B. sometimes C. usually D. never

29. Scott_______to school from Monday to Friday.

A. usually walk B. walk usually C. usually walks D. walks usually

30. Either Jim or Tom________at a radio station.

A. work B. works C. to work D. working

31. -----_______does he play soccer ball?

-----In the afternoon.

A. Where B. What time C. When D. What

32. I have _______ homework to do in the evening.

A. many B. lot of C. lots of D. much of

33.The apples tastes __________.

A. good B. well C. funny D. interesting

34. I stay at school from Monday _______ Friday.

A. to B. in C. on D. for

35. Mary knows the ice-cream is not good _______ her, but it tastes good.

A. with B. to C. for D at


My cousin Jerry is __1___thirteen years old, but he is a good student and a successful musician. He usually _2___up at six ten. He has breakfast at seven o’clock. He__3___school at seven thirty. School starts(开始)at __4____8 o’clock. At twelve o’clock, he has a quick lunch at school. After lunch, he plays__5__guitar with his friends. They are __6__ players in School Show.

Jerry and his friends__7___a music club. After school, they take the number 102 bus to their club. In the club, he helps kids(儿童) play the guitar for two__8____. He works very well. The kids___9___him a lot. He usually gets home at around 6: 00 pm. He has dinner with his parents at six thirty. After dinner, Jerry and his parents listen to music, because they love music. And they go to bed at ______nine.

36. A. have B. has C. only D. more

37. A. goes B. does C. sleeps D. gets

38. A. goes to B. go to C. goes for D. go for

39. A. in B. on C. at D. of

40. A. an B. a C. the D. /

41. A. guitar B. piano C. trumpet D. violin

42. A. is B. are C. have D. has

43. A. hours B. days C. weeks D. years

44. A. love B. need C. join D. listen

45. A.in B. on C. of D. around


My uncle Mike is a music teacher. He never gets up very late. He usually gets up at five o’clock in themorning. After he brushes his teeth, he often plays baseball with my aunt.

Then he eats his breakfast. After that, he often plays the violin. At about

7:50 he takes the number 6 bus to his school.

He has no classes on Thursday and Friday. He usually goes to the viol

in club. There he helps kids with the violin. Oh, my brother plays the vi

olin very well. Do you love to play the violin? Do you want to join the

violin club? Please call my uncle at 116-3886.

46. What’s the meaning of“late”?

A. 晚 B. 早 C. 懒惰 D. 勤奋

47. After breakfast Mike often___________. .

A. plays the violin B. plays baseball C. has a shower D. brushes his teeth

48. Please call 116-3886 if you want to learn______________. .

A. English B. baseball C. the violin D. football

49. On Thursday and Friday Mike usually_____________. .

A. goes to the violin club B. goes to the baseball club

C. has classes at school D. plays basketball with his sister

50. What time does Mike go to his school?

A. At seven forty. B. At seven fifty. C. At eight o’clock. D. At eight fifteen.


51. Her cousin does his________(家庭作业)after school every day.

52. I often brush my ___________(牙齿) before I go to bed.

53. I work at a radio s___________. .

54. “8: 15”means(意思是)a q_________ past eight.

55. My father has a good j________, he w________ at a bank(银行). .

七. 完成句子 (10分)

56. What time do you usually go to school? (改为同义句)


57. I like to get up early. (改为否定句)

___________________________________________________ 就划线部分提问)


59. never, I , late, for, am, school(.) (连词成句)


60. father, goes, work, to, usually, my, at, o’clock, ten (.) (连词成句)


八. 写作 (15)

假Bob是你的好朋友, 请根据下面表格的提示,以Happy Day为题,写一篇50词左右的短文,介绍一下Bob

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________

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