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Some photos of The Sound of Music.

The background introduction
这部电影讲述了一个修女来到一个上校的家里当 家庭教师的故事。女主角玛利亚是个活泼豪放 热情的人,她喜欢无拘无束的高声歌唱。上校 的妻子去世很多年,留下的七个年幼的孩子总 是吵闹,无人管束,上校很头疼。玛利亚的到 来给家里带来了欢声笑语。她带着孩子们到大 自然唱歌,玩游戏,这些很受孩子们的欢迎, 上校也被她的热情和孩子们纯真的笑脸感染了, 也渐渐的对玛利亚产生了感情。

Do you know something about The Sound of Music?

The Sound of Music is an American movies. It happened in Austria.

Have you seen this film before?

She is Maria.

Mr. Von Trapp and his children.

Phrases in 1a
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 最受欢迎的 the most popular 照顾 care for / look after / take care of 对---生气 be angry with 因为,由于 because of 吵闹的孩子们 noisy children 生动有趣的歌曲 lively and interesting songs 表演搞笑的短剧 put onshort and funny plays 使某人振奋/开心 cheer sb up 起初 at first 笑脸 smiling face

1. What did Maria go to the Von Trapp family for?

2. Why were the family sad and tired?

She went to the Von Trapp family to care for seven children. Because Mrs. Von Trapp died.

3. How did Maria cheer up the children?

4. What do you think of Maria?

She taught the children to sing lively songs and perform short, funny plays .

She is helpful, outgoing, active and so on

1b. Pair work
The film is very popular ________. It is about _______.She takes care of Paragraph 1 Maria from Austria seven________ of the Von Trapp family children The Von Trapp family were ____ sad before cried Paragraph 2 Maria came. The children always _____ and shouted ________. The father feltlonely ______ and angry ______ often became angry with them. Maria tried to cheer them up with ______ plays. Paragraph 3 ______ lively songs and short funny The father felt sad ____ at first, but then he became ______ happyagain when he saw their smiling _______ faces

sad afraid lonely worried serious happy mad cute Titanic tells a love story about Jack and Rose. They were happy to be with each other on the ship called Titanic. On the night of April 15th, 1912, the serious Titanic had a ________ accident on the way to America. Jack and Rose fell into the sea with many other people. They were very frightened afraid because they were ______ of losing each other. In the end, Rose was saved, sad but Jack died. Rose was very _______. She felt so _______! lonely back

sad afraid lonely worried serious happy mad cute
This is a moving story about a mother cute His and her son. The son was very _____. mother loved him very much. At first, they lived together happily. But one day the mother suddenly lost her son. The mother worried that she looked for him was so _______ every

where, but she couldn’t find him. She was very sad and went _____. mad

I. 根据句意及所给首字母提示补全句中所 缺单词。 1. The old man lives alone, but he doesn’t feel lonely l______. 2. Jenny is a lively l____ girl. We all like her. 3. The little boy cried b_______ because he couldn’t find his mother. 5. You must be m____ mad to drive so fast!

II. 根据句意及所给汉语提示填空,每空 一词。 1. ____ At ______( first 开始) I was a little afraid, but I started to relax soon. 2. How can I _____ cheer ____( up 使……高兴 起来) Mike? He looks sad. 3. Don’t worry about your children. I’ll _____ 照顾) them well. care ______( for

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