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1.They are cleaning the classroom. They_are not__ cleaning the classroom.

2.I can find my watch. I ___can____ __not_____find my watch.

3.She is wearing a sweater today. She ___is____ _______wearing a sweater today.

4.There are some bananas on the table. There are _______ _______bananas on the table.

5. There is a bottle and a glass under the chair. There ______ a bottle _____ a glass under the chair.

6. She can speak a little Chinese now. She _______ _______ speak a little Chinese now.

7. He has tea in the afternoon. He ______ ________ tea in the afternoon.

8. They know me very well. They _____ _____ me very well.

9. My sister likes meat very much. My sister ______ _____ meat very much.

10. I think he is right. I ______ _______ he _______ right.

11. Please put these books in the box. _____ _____ these books in the box.

12. I want some milk. I ______ ________ _______ milk.

13. Go to the classroom. ______ _____ to the classroom.

14. There are some apples in the basket. There ______ ______ apples in the basket.

15. They are watching TV now. They _____ ______ watching TV now.


1.There is a river in the picture. _______ _______a river in the picture?

2.There are some boys in the room. _______ _______ _______ boys in the room?

3.They are singing over there. _______ ________ ______ over there?

4.I am in Class Two. _______ _______in Class Two?

5. Tom and Jim stay in China now. _____ Tom and Jim stay in China now?

6. He likes meat a lot. _____ he ______ meat a lot?

7. Americans speak American English. _______ Americans _______ American English?

8. The boy has many friends. _______ the boy ______ many friends?

9. Lin Tao often does his homework at 7∶00. ______ Lin Tao often ______ his homework at 7:00?

10. He buys some eggs every week. _______he _______ eggs every week?

11. Miss Gao often buys things in the shop. ________ Miss Gao often ________ things in the shop?

12. Jim usually has breakfast at six in the morning. ________ Jim usually ________ breakfast in the morning?

13. Han Mei is doing her homework at home. _______ Han Mei ______ her homework at home?

14. Lily and Lucy want some apples. _______ Lily and Lucy want apples?

15. They are buying a lot of things from the shop. ______ they ______ a lot of things from the shop?

C.对划线部分提问。(每空一词) ________ ________ students________ ________ in your class? 3.This is Jim's bedroom. ________ bedroom ________ this? _______ language can Tom speak? _____ _____ the twins come from? 22. I like the dining room very much room very much? at six o'clock. ______ _____ they ______ at six o’clcok?

morning on weekdays? ________ ________Tom ________ for lunch?

_______ ______ kilos of fish________ Mrs Read ________? 提问) ________ ________ pears does ________ sister want? s Kate’s father. ________ ________ is Kate's father? D.按要求转换句型。(每空一词)

1.I know the answer.(一般疑问句) ______ ______ know the answer?

2.We can see some birds.(一般疑问句) ______ ______ see ______ birds?

3.There is a computer in my house.(一般疑问句) ______ ______ a computer in house?

4.There are some flowers on the teachers’ desk.(一般疑问句) ______ ______ ______ flowers on the teachers’ desk?

5.There are some apples on the tree.(否定式) There ______ ______ ______ apples on the tree.

6.I think he is very old.(否定句) I ______ think he ______ very old.

7.Please color it green.(否定句) ______ ______ color it green.

8.We can speak good English.(变否定句) We ______ ______ speak good English.

9.Thank you for helping me.(同义句) Thank you for ______ ______ .

10.There aren’t any pears in the box.(同义句) There are ______ pears in the box.

11.What do you think of China?(同义句) ______ _______ ______ China?

12.Let me look at your book.(同义句) Let me ______ ______ ______ ______ your book. 对划线部分提问) ______ ______ is her sweater? 对划线部分提问) ______ ______ your pencils? 对划线部分提问) ______ ______ do you get up every day?

16.There are students in my class.(对划线部分提问) ______ ______ students are there in your class? 17.These are cars.(用buses改写成选择疑问句) Are these cars______ ______ ?

18.The book is in my schoolbag.(变否定疑问句) ______ the book in your school-bag?

19.Two boys are in our house.(改为there be句型) ______ ______ two boys in our house.

20.Can’t you find the map?(作肯定回答) ______ ,I______ .

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