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Section B 第1课时

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Topic 1 I’m so happy
Section B (第一课时)

Film or Opera?

The movie is very interesting

The film is very moving(感人的).

The opera is so funny and interesting.


1.Why does Mr. Brown feel disappointed? 2.Which opera is Maria’s favorite?
Her favorite is Cats. Because he can’t get a ticket to The Sound of Music.

3.Does Kangkang like opera?
No, he doesn’t like it at all.

4.What does Kangkang like best?
The film, Avatar.

Important phrases
? 似乎不开心 ? 感到失望 ? 看电影

seem unhappy feel disappointed

see the movie not--- at all ? 一点也不 ? 非常喜欢 like ---a lot like best ? 最喜欢

Mark T(true) or F(false)
? 1.Mr

Brown couldn’t get a ticket to Avatar, so he was unhappy ( F ) ? 2.Jane likes the film, The Sound of Music, because it is very interesting ( T ) ? 3.The opera, Cats, is Maria’s favorite.( T ) ? 4.Kangkang’s parents think that Beijing Opera is boring. ( F )

1. What’s the matter? What’s the matter (with sb.)? “(某 人)怎么了?”,用于询问某人的 情 况或心情。 e.g. — What’s the matter? — I have a headache. What’s the matter with Mark? Is

2. not ... at all not ... at all 为“根本不……”,用 在 否定句中,加强语气。 e.g. I didn’t enjoy it at all.


辨析:not at all not at all “别客气;不介意”,常用作 当别人向你表示感谢或对某事是否介意 或因某些原因打扰你而向你道歉等场合 时的应答语。
e.g. — Thank you for your help. — Not at all, it was a pleasure. — 多谢你的帮助。 — 别客气,不用谢。

3. seem v. 好像;似乎;看来 仔细观察下面例句,补全结论内容。 1. His father seems a kind man. 2. These girls seem very happy. 3. Tom seems to know everything. 4. It seems that no one knows what has happened.

【结论】 通过1和2可知,seem后接名词或形容词。 通过3可知,seem后可接动词不定 式,构成“(1) _____________” seem to do sth. 结构。 4中的seem与代词 it 连用,构成“it seems + that从句”句型,相当于“(that从句 的)主语 + seem(s) + to do sth.”,如4可 改为(2) ___________________________ No one seems to know what has ________,句意不变。 happened

【运用】 根据所给汉语意思补全下列句子。 1. 今天他似乎很不高兴。 He seems __________________ quite unhappy today. 2. 她似乎是个聪明的女孩。 She seems ________________. a clever girl 3. 安娜似乎不太喜欢这个主意。 Anna doesn’t __________ seem to like the idea. 4. 看来他们没有赶上火车。 _____________ It seemed that they didn’t catch the train.

Make a dialog similar to 1a. The following sentences may help you.
I love ...
My favorite is ... I think it’s so interesting/funny/moving. I don’t like ... at all. It’s boring. What do you like best?

Li Wei’s favorite movie is ..., because it’s...

His favorite music is___________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________

1. Learn some new words and phrases: seem, film, be proud of, smell, set the table, be able to 2. Go on learning some sentences showing feelings. 3. Go on learning the structure “linking verb+adj.” . 4. Talk about movies and operas.

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