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Unit 7 unit8comic

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What do you think of their clothes? in fashion

out of fashion

colour 色彩

material 材质

style 款式


red grey purple

yellow brown blue

orange black pink

green white

colour 色彩

material 材质

style 款式




To attend an important party, what will beautiful ladies choose to wear?

a black dress

a red skirt

a blue qipao

a pair of pink boots

a pair of white and red trainers

a pair of black heels

white sports trousers

red shorts

blue jeans

If we are going to have a trip, what kind of trousers should we wear?

a green T-shirt

a pink blouse

a white shirt

colour 色彩

material 材质

style 款式

an orange scarf

What is …made of ? It’s made of …
a purple sweater


black and white trousers

What are …made of ? They are made of …
brown boots

leather silk

colour 色彩

material 材质

style 款式

What are they wearing?
shirt tie trousers





What is Millie borrowing from her mother?

Millie is borrowing a red blouse from her mother.
borrow sth. from sb. She is asking her mother to _______ lend her a red blouse. = lend a red blouse to her lend sb.sth.

lend sth.to sb.

Millie needs to borrow more clothes, would you like to help her?

size: 34-43 leather

size: S/M/L cotton

size: S/M/L silk

A: Can you lend…?/May I borrow…? B: … A: What size …? B: … A: I can wear it(them). /It’s(They’re) too large/small for me,but… B: That’s ok. A: Thank you!

Is Eddie going to wear anyting in fashion? What does Hobo think of Eddie ?

Open your books and turn to page 92. Read the short dialogue to yourselves.

spend 10 more minutes =spend another 10 minutes


read seven more books =read another seven books I can spend ______two hours on my homework. A A. another B. more C. little

I want to eat 3 more bowls of rice. I want to eat another 3 bowls of rice.

声音响亮 有动作、表情,语言有特色 有自己的语言,内容更丰富

Work in a group of four. Make a coversation about what to wear. You can use: what to wear; 数字+more+名词 复数;borrow; lend…

Discussion: What do you think of their clothes? Who is the most beautiful?

The appearance of civilization in line with the heart of civilization, the appearance of cleanliness and gentle should be performance of pure and beautiful heart ——— V.G. Belinskiy “外表的文明要同内心的文明一致, 外表的整洁和文雅应当是内心纯 洁和美丽的表现。” ———别林斯基

1.Choose a photo of your family Describe what your family are wearing. 2.Give some suggestions to be more fashionable on your family.

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