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不定式(to do ,动名词,现在分词,过去分词)



谓语v. + to do (否定 not to do)

want to do decide to do

offer to do pretend to do

agree to do fail to do

hope to do hesitate to do

refuse to do arrange to do

manage to do plan to do

choose to do intend to do

promise to do happen to do

谓语v. +sb. / sth. + to do (否定 not to do)

ask sb. to do encourage sb. to do

allow sb. to do warn sb. to do

invite sb. to do require sb. to do

persuade sb. to do inspire sb. to do

teach sb. to do order sb. to do

force sb. to do forbid sb. to do

advise sb. to do wish sb. to do

expect sb. to do enable sb. to do


finish doing insist doing

enjoy doing be busy doing

practice doing

mind doing give up doing

keen on doing be used to doing

consider doing look forward to doing

miss doing pay attention to doing

avoid doing suggest doing

使役动词+sb./sth.+do (否定 not do)

let sb. do

make sb. do

have sb. do

有些谓语动词之后既可以加动词不定式to do,也可以加动名词doing。但它们的中文意思不同。

stop to do 停止正在做的事去做另一件事 (做)


stop doing 停止正在做的事(不做了)

remember to do 记得去做 (未做)

remember doing 记得做过 (已做)

forget to do 忘记去做某事 (未做)

forget doing 忘记做了某事 (已做)

go on to do 做完一件事后继续去做另外一件事

go on doing 继续做正在做的事

try to do 尽力/设法去做

try doing 尝试去做

need to do 需要做

need doing 需要被做

感观动词+sb./sth. +do./doing 但意思有区别


see sb. do.

hear sb. doing

含有感观动词和使役动词的句子变被动语态时,非谓语动词的形式如下: be + 谓语v. + to do

be + 谓语v. + doing

let sb. do → be let to do

watch sb. doing → be watched doing

hear sb. doing → be heard doing

watch sb. do → be watched to do

see sb. do → be seen to do

hear sb. do → be heard to do

make sb. do → be made to do


instead of doing after/before/without doing be interested in doing be/feel frightened of doing be surprised /amazed at doing except (for) doing be good/bad/poor at doing


Why not do

in order to do

find/think it adj. to do

It’s adj. (for/of) + to do


adj. +enough +to do

Doing sth. is ?? / To do sth. is ??

It takes ??to do

prefer to do ??rather than ??

It’s time for (doing)

had better (not) do

would you like to do / feel like doing

Would you please do (not do)???

Thank you for doing sth.

used to do / be used to doing

spend ??on sth. / (in) doing sth.

prefer doing to doing

prefer to do rather than do

would rather do ?? than do

It’s time to do??

分词 (现在分词、过去分词)


现在分词:具有主动和进行的意味,现在分词和逻辑主语之间是主动关系。 过去分词:具有被动和完成的意味,过去分词与逻辑主语之间是被动关系。 The girl singing for us is ten years old.

She is there waiting for us.

The boy hurt by the car was sent to the hospital.

Most of the people invited to the party were famous scientises.


1. –Do you mind my _______ here?

-________. Look at the sign. It says, “No, smoking”.

A. to smoke, Of course not B. smoking, You’d better not

C. to smoke, No, I don’t D. smoking, Never mind

2. –Oh, I had a terrible toothache.

-You’d better _______ see s doctor and have your bad teeth _______ out.

A. go to, pulled B. to go to, pulled

C. go to, pulling D. to go to, pulling

3. I prefer ________ at home to _______ outside.

A. to stay, playing B. to stay, play C. staying, play D. staying, playing

4. Doctor Wang often asks us ________ too much meat.

A. don’t eat B. not eat C. not to eat D. doesn’t eat

5. All my classmates are busy ________ ready for PE test.

A. get B. to get C. getting D. got

6.Let’s stop _______ a rest. We’ll begin again after 10 minutes.

A. have B. having C. to have D. has

7. It’s a nice day. What about ________ our dog after supper?

A. to walk B. walked C. walk D. Walking

8. He likes _______ table tennis but he doesn’t like ________ today.


A. to play, to play B. playing, playing

C. playing, to play D. to play, playing

9.Peter is busy _______ at school, but he never forgets ________ exercise every day.

A. working, doing B. working, to do C. at work, doing

10.You can never imagine the great difficulty I had _______ her QQ number.

A. to get B. getting C. got D. not to get

11.–What about ________ hiking this Sunday?

-Great. I’d like ________ with you.

A. to go, going B. going, going C. going, to go

12.Many people think it’s important ________ us ________ learn English well.

A. for, to B. to, to C. with, for

13.–My dad bought me a new MP 4, but I don’t know_______.

-Let’s read the instructions.

A. what to use B. which one to use C. how to use it D. when to use it

14.Drivers are warned _________ when they are tired.

A. to drive B. not drive C. not to drive

15. If you want to know ________ the mobile phone, you’d better read the instructions first.

A. how to use B. how to make C. where to mend D. where to buy

16.Students should pay attention to _______ the teacher in class.

A. hear B. listen to C. listening to D. hearing of

17. Alice asked me _______ another bag for her.

A. get B got C. to get D. getting

18. –Simon, do you feel like ________ basketball or football?

-________ is OK. I have a lot of homework to do.

A. to play, Neither B. playing, Both C. to play, Both D. playing, Neither

19. Please stop _______. You must pay attention to _______ the teacher.

A. to talk, listen to B. to talk, listening

C. talking, listening to D. talking, listen to

20. All the children like Mr. White very much because he often makes them _______.

A. laughed B. laugh C. laughing D. to laugh

21. –I enjoy _______ with different people and writing stories about them. -Why don’t you consider ________ a TV reporter in the future?

A. talking, to be B. to talk, to be

C. talking, being D. to talk, being

22. –Have you seen the science fiction movie Carter of Mars, John?

-Yeah, it’s truly worth ________. It’s ________ moving that I’ve seen it twice.

A. seeing, too B. to see, enough C. seeing, so D. to see, such

23. Stop ________! It would _______ your health.

A. smoking, harm to B. to smoke, do harm for

C. smoking, do harm to D. to smoke, be harmful for

24. –Who is the man talking to the teacher?

-A foreign teacher ________ our school.

A. visits B. is visited C. visited D. visiting


25. When _______, the museum will be open to the public next year.

A. completed B. completing C. being completed D. to be completed

26. Betty is often seen ________ the old man with his housework.

A. help B. to help C. helped D. helps

27. Time goes by so fast. We must never miss the chance to show love for our parents and make them ________ how much they mean to us.

A. to know B. knowing C. know

28. –Why don’t you write?

-Sorry. I don’t have a pen ________?

A. to write B. to write with C. writing D. writing with

29. –Do you know where Mr. Yu is?

-Well, it’s hard to say. But I heard him _______ loudly here just now.

A. was reading B. reading C. had read D. to read

30. It’s very nice _______ pictures for me.

A. of you to draw B. for you to draw

C. for you drawing D. of you drawing

31. –Mr. Wang, I have trouble _______ the text.

-Remember _______ it three times at least.

A. to understand, reading B. understanding, reading

C. understanding, to read D. to understand, to read

32. It took my daughter two weeks _______ the novels _______ by Lu Xun.

A. read, written B. to read, written

C. reading, to write D. to read, wrote

33. Our parents often tell us not _______ alone n the river in summer.

A. swim B. to swim C. swimming

34. –How do you feel when you see the national flag of China?

-It makes us ________ proud.

A. feel B. to feel C. felt D. feeling


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