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2014春U-2 I'll help clean the city park 课件Unit2 Section A 1a-1c

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volunteer 志愿者

volunteer v. 义务劳动,自愿做 volunteer to do sth. 义务自愿做某事 Many people volunteer to work on the farm. 很多人志愿到农场去工作。

volunteer v. 义务做;自愿做 They volunteer to help the homeless. They volunteered to repair the house for the old lady.

volunteer n. 志愿者 He wants to be a volunteer to help others.

How could we help people?

We could help clean up the parks.

We could help old people

We could give out food at the food bank

We could visit

sick people in the hospital

We could cheer

up sick kids

We could help sick people in the hospital.

We could help
plant trees.

We could help give out food at the food


链接: 到目前为止, 我们学过许多与give相关的 短语, 现总结如下: give off 发出(气味、热、光等) give away 分发,捐赠 give back 归还 give up 放弃 give ... a hand 给予……帮助

Look at the ways you could help people 1a in the picture. Then list other ways.

Other ways you could help people
We could help plant trees by the river. 1. ________________________________ could help clean up the city park. 2. We ________________________________

3. We ________________________________ could visit the old people in the old ________________________________ people’s home. 4. ________________________________ We could help young kids to learn English.

What other ways we could help people?

Just think and fill in the blanks.

Other ways we could help people
You could help the passengers with their luggage. _______________________________________________
_______________________________________________ You could help plant trees and grass to beautify your hometown. _______________________________________________

You could help the old people cross the street. _______________________________________________
_______________________________________________ You could help the police catch the thieves. _______________________________________________ You could help the old people clean up their houses. You could give the money to the charity and help the _______________________________________________

poor people.

What else could you do to help people?

I’d like to

help children with their schoolwork.


I hope to
I could

visit the old in an old people’s home.
help watch the traffic.

I volunteer to give our old books to “Hope School”. …


Listen and number the ways the boy and girl could help others.

3 The girl could visit the sick kids in the ___ hospital to cheer them up.
2 The boy could give out food at the food ___ bank.
___ 4 The girl could volunteer in an after-school study program to teach kids. ___ 1 The boy could help to clean up the city parks.

Listen and complete the sentences.

1. I hopt to _____ work outside. You could help to clean up the city parks. _____

2. I’d like to help _____ homeless people. You could give out food at the food bank to help feed them. _____
up s

ick kids. You could ask 3. I want to cheer _____ visit the kids. hospitals to let you _____ with their schoolwork. You 4. I’d like to help kids _____ couldvolunteer _______ in an after-school study program to teach kids.

Practice the conversation in the picture above. Then make other conversations using the information in 1b.

I hope to
work outside.

You could help to

clean up the city

Ⅰ. Fill in the blanks. 1. He helps ____ C the classroom. A. cleans up B. cleaning up C. clean up 2. I took her to the concert to ____. B A. cheer up her B. cheer her up C. cheer she up 3. Let’s help ___ A food at the food bank. A. to give out B. give up C. giving out

Ⅱ. Complete the sentences.

1. You’d better _____ come ___ up ____ with (想出) a
better plan.

2. Who will ________ ______ (自愿回 volunteer ___ to answer
答) this question?

3. You could put up a ______ notice (布告) here.

4. With no one to talk to. He _____ felt

very ______ lonely ( 感觉很孤独).
5. The life _____ used ___ to ___ be (曾经是) very interesting in my school days.

根据汉语提示补全句子。 1. 你愿意帮忙打扫城市公园吗? to help Would you like ___ ____clean ____ up ___ the city parks? 2. 莉莉,你能帮我洗碗吗? Could you please help me to ___ wash ____ the dishes, Lily? 3. 简没有想出解决这道数学题的好方法。 Jane didn’t _____ ___ with ____ a good way come up ___ _____ ____ to work out this math problem.

1.I always tell my students ____ on the road because it’s really dangerous. [2013广东广州] A. not to play B. to play not C. not playing D. not play 2. –I will go to Harbin for my summer vacation. What about you? -- I haven’t decided where ____. [2013山东济宁] A. go B. went C. going D. to go

3. – I didn’t hear you come in just now. -- That’s good. We tried ___ any noise, for you were sleeping. [2013广东] A. not make B. not to make C. to make D. making 4. Lucy is shy. She would not invite her classmates ____ dancing with her. [2013江西] A. practice B. practices C. practicing D. to practice

Write three conversations about your discussions with your classmates. A: I’d like to help the old. What could I do? B: You could give them medical service.

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