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7B Unit 3 Welcome to Sunshine Town第三课时含答案

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7B Unit 3 Welcome to Sunshine Town!

Period3 (Grammar)


1.We often get many_______(明信片)on Teachers' Day.

2. - Whose is that key r_______? -Sorry, I don't know.

3. - Where is my pencil c_______? - Look, it's on your desk.

4. Your new_______ (T恤衫)looks good on you.

5. - Are these books y_______? - No, they are Sandy's.


1. Simon would like to take the boys to his_______ (school) football field.

2. I'm looking forward to_______ (see) my grandmother now.

3. These are their books, so these books are_______ (they).

4. - Whose pencils are these'? -I think they are_______ (Jim).

5. - Do you know that man in black? - He is a friend of_______ (I).


( )1. - Whose room is this? - It's_______.

A. Lily and Lucy's B. Lily's and Lucy's

C. Lily's and Lucy D. Lily and Lucy

( )2. All parents love their children, and my parents love _______,too.

A.ours B.me C mine D.my

( )3. - Where is Mrs Li? - She is in the_______.

A. teacher's office B. teachers' offices

C. teacher office D. teachers office

( )4. This room is_______. It's not_______.

A. the boy's; girl's B. the boy's; the girl's

C. the boy; the girl D. boys'; girls

( )5. That hat is the most popular_______ kind this year.

A. woman's B. womens' C: women's D womans'


Sunday is a very in London. All the shops are closed and so are the cinemas. Londoners get out of town of cars on the roads into the country(农村). The south coast (南海岸) is only fifty or sixty miles and people like to go down to sea on enjoyed the journey(旅程) but not the swimming. The water the whole(总的来看), it was an ( )1.A.noisy B.quite C.quiet D.quick

( )2.A.most B.more C.much D.any

( )3.A.likes B.liking C.are like D.like 1

( )4.A.at B.in C.on D.of

( )5.A.there have B.there are C.there is D.there be

( )6.A.of B.away C.out D.from

( )7.A.that B、a C.one D.an

( )8.A.for B.of C.by D.with

( )9.A.was B.is C.are D.has been

( )10.A.interesting B.well C.great D.bad


Mary is an American schoolgirl. She is now in Beijing with her parents. She doesn't know Chinese, but she is trying to study and speak it. She often tries to speak Chinese to her Chinese friends. Sometimes they don't understand her because she can't speak Chinese well. It's Saturday morning. Mary goes out. She is on her way to the park. She is going there to see a flower show. But she doesn't know how to get there. She asks a Chinese boy. The boy can't understand her. Then she takes out a pen and some paper. She draws flowers on it, gives the picture to the boy and says something about it. The boy smiles and then shows Mary the way to the park.

( )1. Where does Mary live now? She lives in_______.

A America B. England C China D. Canada

( )2. She can speak_______ Chinese.

A. much B. a little C little D. a few

( )3. She likes speaking Chinese with her_______.

A. parents B. friends C sisters D. teachers

( )4. What is she going to do?

A. To go to a new school. B. To see her friends.

C To go to a farm. D. To see some flowers.

( )5. How does she ask the way to the flower show?

A. She asks the way' in Chinese. B. She asks the way with a sign

C. She draws a picture to ask the way. D. She doesn't ask any people.














一. 1. postcards 2. ring 3. case 4. T-shirt 5. yours

二. 1. school's 2. seeing 3. theirs 4. Jim's 5. mine



五. 1. C 2. C 3. B 4. D 5. C


1. Our books are all over the place.

2. Neil's mother is calling him from the UK.

3. Where is Tom’s key ring?

4. There are a lot of after-school activities in their school.

5. His book is next to Amy's pencil case.


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