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Unit 2 Robots

What is a robot?
esigned to do A robot is a machine d________ erformed by jobs that are usually p_________ humans.

How is a robot work?
Robots are p__________ ontrolled rogrammed and c________ by a computer.

Can you list some kinds of robots you know about? What can these robots do?

Today there are different kinds of robot, ousehold ndustrial robots, h_______ including i_________ ntertainment robots. robots, and e___________ Robots also appear as characters in stories.

industrial robots 工业机器人

household robots家用机器人

entertainment robots 娱乐型机器人

News reporter robot


Inteligencia Artificial 人工智能

Now read a story about a robot. It was originally written by science fiction writer, Isaac Asimov, and published in 1951.

Here the story has been retold by another writer.

Reading for main idea
What is the text mainly about? It is mainly about how a household robot was _________ tested ________ out _________ in a family.

Characters in theReading: story: Satisfaction guaranteed


Larry Belmont

Gladys Claffern

Reading for structure
Part 1:
Para 1- Para 3

Help Leave Meet love

Part 2:
Para 4- Para 8

Part 3:
Para 9- Para 11

Part 4
Para 12

Read for for information Reading information
Choose the best answer

1. Why did Claire feel alarmed at the sight of Tony? A. Because he was a robot. B. Because she didn’t like him. C. Because he was more like a human than a machine. D. Because he never changed his facial expressions.

2. The robot Tony helped Claire to realize her dreams by______.
elegant A. making her home elegant.

B. giving her a new haircut and changing the make-up she wore.

C. giving her advice on her dresses.
D. all the above

(What is being elegant?)

3. “How awful to be discovered by her, Claire thought. By the amused and surprised look on her face, Claire knew that Gladys thought she was having an affair affair. The underlined word “awful”


A. interesting
C. terrible

B. unlucky
D. amazing

Pan Yueming and Dong Jie declared the divorce. had an affair It was said that Dong Jie __________with Wang Dazhi

Reading Reading for for details Details
How did Claire feel? alarmed ____________ embarrassed ____________ amazed What happened?
tall She saw Tony was ______ and handsome He had smooth ________. ______hair and deep his voice was _______.

Tony asked whether she needed help dressing.

By his fingernails _________ and the warmth ________ and ________of his softness skin. Happy, Tony caught her in time, held her surprised, shy ______________ firmly in his arms .

How did Claire What happened? feel?
Tony folded his arms around her, bending his face close to surprised _____________ hers and declared _______that he didn’t want to leave her and that he felt more than just the desire _____ to please her. She was envied by those women. happy


___________ sad

She remembered Tony was just a machine.


laire had a sense of failure
The salesman was rude to her

She was not elegant

Her house was not elegant

She fell off a ladder

She wanted to be another Gladys

Was Claire satisfied Tony? Claire had a sense with of failure
Tony: Mr. Perfect !
She was not elegant Her house was not elegant
The salesman was rude to her

He gave her a new haircut and changed the make up she completely wore

What a sweet victory to be envied by those He women! She might not be He made managed He the as them, but He as beautiful to catch transformed salesman suggested none of them had such a her in the house changed a party in handsome lover! time from
his attitude the next room

She fell off a ladder

She wanted to be another Gladys

her house

Find out how Claire’s emotion developed

A.Sad to remember he was just a machine
B.accepted him E. trusted him C. proud of him F. loved him D. refused to have Tony at her house

How Claire’s emotion developed

sad love

accept trust


Find out the information about Tony

facial expressions never changed

Mini Debate 1. Do you think Tony was also in love with Claire? 2. If so, do you think it acceptable

for Claire and Tony to be in love?
Useful expressions (推测与确信)
I think/ don’t think…
I guess/ suppose… I’m sure that … Is it possible that…?

I believe / don’t believe…
I wonder… I have a belief that… Are you sure that…?


Do you think Tony needs to be rebuilt, why or why not?

Would you give some suggestions to Mr. Belmont?

(as an engineer or a husband)

Nothing is impossible in a fiction! Isaac Asimov (艾萨克 阿西莫夫) (1920-1992) An American scientist and writer Science fiction stories about robots

Films based on the works of Isaac Asimov (艾萨克 阿西莫夫)

Isaac Asimov’s Laws For robots First Law : A robot must not injure human beings or allow them to be injured. Second law : …….. Third Law : ……..

1.Read the text loudly and fluently 2.Preview “ A biography of Isaac Asimov”(P16) 3.Finish off the Exercises on the worksheet.

Unit 2 Robots

Reading for appreciation
Claire spent three weeks with Tony in her house. What sentences in the story show that she kept forgetting and feeling! then What a mixed remembering that he was a machine?
How absurd, She thought. He was just a machine. He held her firmly in his arms and she felt the warmth of his body. She screamed, pushed him away and ran to her room for the rest of the day. Then she remembered---Tony was just a machine. She shouted “Leave me alone” and ran to her bed. …..

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