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Do you want to watch a game show Period 2导学案

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Unit 1 Do you want to watch a game show?

(Section A Grammar—3c)

授课时间: 2014年2月×日 总第2课时


1. Knowledge:

Words :joke, comedy

Phrases:want to do, plan to do, expect to do, hope to do, learn from, think of

Sentences:Do you want to watch the news?

What do you plan to watch tonight?

What can you expect to learn from sitcoms?

Why do you like watching the news?

What do you think of talk shows?

2. Ability:treat the skills of reading, speaking and writing.

3. Moral: Love our colorful life and enjoy our life.


1. How to use the phrases : want to do, plan to do, expect to do, hope to do...

2. Be able to talk about preferences


Task 1: Can you write down the following words? Then check with your partners.

1. 打算;计划 2.预料,期待 3. 讨论

4. 发生 5. 笑话;玩笑 6.喜剧;喜剧片 Task 2:

1. 想做某事 2. 计划做某事3. 期盼做某事 4. 希望做某事

5. 查明;弄清楚 6. 看电视新闻

7. 看体育节目 8. 电话聊天

9. 看足球比赛 10. 看喜剧/肥皂剧


Task1: Check the words:

1. . (令人兴奋的)

2. out what’s going on around the world.

3. 喜剧)

4. (期盼) to watch a game show.

Task 2: Summarize the usages of “want, plan, expect , hope” according to the Grammar.

Task 3: Pair work : Practice the conversation in 3a and make a new conversation with

your partner.

Task4: ○3bpair work Ask and answer the questions and each write a report.

I game shows, I like to watch . I to

watch a sports show tonight. I can to learn from the news. Task4:

3cGroup work According to the chart, write a survey report:

wants to watch a movie, to watch

a sitcom, to the news, plans watch a sports show, never watch a sports show.



1. I want to _______( watch ) scary movies.

2. Do you plan 3. He can (expect) to learn something from the news.

4. Do you like ( follow ) the story and see what happens next?


1.How do you like talk shows? (同义句)

do you talk shows?

2.I want to watch a talent show. (变为一般疑问句,并作否定回答)

to watch a talent show? 3. 提问)

you learn from sitcoms?

4. 提问)

you soap operas ?

5. (提问)

he to watch action movies?



1. Preview “meaningless-cartoon”

2. Read and practice the sentences in Grammar more.


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