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Unit 3 Could you please clean your room?导学案

年级: 八年级 学科: 英语

编制人:刘文英 赵文英 审核人:八年级英语组

Unit 3 (第三课时) SectionA3a-3c

学习目标 能读懂短文并会做相关练习;。 学习重点


2.能够学会对提出有礼貌的请求和征求允许的句型以及如何礼貌应答进行总结。 学习难点


一自主学习 明确目标


1.扔下_______________2.带某人去散步_______________3.整曰/夜_______________ 4.做家务_______________5.一…就,尽快_______________

6.频繁,反复_____________________7.下班回家_________________ 8放学回家______________________9.一直____________________

10.顺便过来__________________11.生某人的气________12 走开____________ 13惊奇地__________14.第二天__________ 二、语言探究:

1.For one week, she did not do any housework and neither did I. 她一个星期没做家务,我也没做。

用法:neither在句中是副词,意为“也不”,放在句首,表示前面否定的内容也适用于另一个人或物,句子须采用部分倒装。此时也可用nor替换neither使用。如:You didn’t see him,and neither did I. 你没有看见他,我也没有。

拓展:neither其他用法:(1)neither用做形容词,表示“(两者)都不”,置于单数名词之前。如:Neither chair is comfortable.两把椅子坐起来都不舒服。

(2)neither用做代词,表示“两者都不”。如:Neither of my parents enjoys music.我父母都不喜欢音乐。

(3)neither用做连词,常用在短语neither...nor...中,意为“既不......也不......”,这个结构作主语时,谓语动词必须与nor后面的名词或代词在人称及数上保持一致。如:Neither the teacher nor his students know how to work out the problem.老师和他的学生们都不知道怎么算那道题。 2.通过课文你学到了什么?理解下面的话了吗?请翻译 The minute I sat down in front of the TV, my mom came ove

You watch TV all the time and never help out around the house! I just as tired as you are!___________________________________ 3.认真阅读3a回答问题,带着问题阅读,找出答案。

When did this happen?


What was the first thing Nancy did when she got home? __________________________________ What did her mother want her to do? _______________________________

What dose Nancy’s mother do during the day? And what does she have to do in the evening? ____________________________________________ What did Nancy want to do?


What was the result when Neither Nancy nor her mother did any housework for a week? ___________________________________________ What did Nancy finally understand?

_____________________________________________ 【2】达标检测 盘点收获 一、用所给词的适当形式填空。

1.I really hate_________(listen)to the loud music. 2.Neither of his parents_________(like)doing chores. 3.Jim spent five hours in finishing________(draw)the picture.

4.The kids saw the robot throw the ball into the box in________(surprised). 5.Tom’s mother is very busy, so he needs________(help)out around the house. 6.Iwill call you up as soon as I _________(come) back. 二、根据句意、汉语和首字母提示完成下列句子 1.John, please don’t t_________waste paper on the ground. 2.Could you please p_________ me a cup of tea?

3.The boy often b__________some books from our school library. 4.Jenny h__________doing homework on Sundays.

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