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七年级英语单元测验(7BUnit 1)2014.2.27

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七年级英语单元测验(7BUnit 1)

班级_________ 姓名________ 成绩____________


( )1.My cousin has a small garden many beautiful flowers.

A.of B.with C.about D.in

( ) 2.Our house is different yours in some ways.

A.on B.from C.for D.in

( ) 3.Would you please give me water? I'm thirsty.

A.many B.any C.some D.other

( ) 4.Moscow is in . A.the UK B.Russia C.France D.the USA

( )5.The room is a room where you can eat meals.

A.sitting room B.living room C.dining room D.bedroom

( )6.Sunday is the day of a week.

A.sixth B.last C.seventh D.first

( ) 7.The swimming pool is .

. A.50-metre long B.50 metres long C.long 50 metres D.long 50-metre

( ) 8. 110206 should be read .

. A.one hundred and ten thousand, two hundred and six

B.one hundred and ten thousands and two hundreds and six

C.one hundred and ten thousand and two hundred and six

D.one hundred, ten thousand, two hundred and six

( ) 9. There are __________ three rooms in his house.

A. more B. than C. more than D. than more

( ) 10. The baby can’t wait ________ his mother.

A. see B. seeing C. saw D. to see

( )11. There are about __________ students in our school.

A. four thousand B. four thousands of C. four thousand of D. thousand of

( ) 12. Her voice sounds _______. I don’t want to listen to her singing.

A. good B. well C. bad D. badly

( )13. Our teachers often share happiness and sadness _________ us.

A. to B. at C. with D. for

( ) 14. That tennis ball is one of ___________.

A. Jane father B. Jane’s father C. Jane father D. Jane’s father’s

( ) 15. I think Maths is ________ useful subject.

A. a B. an C. the D. /


Fox is an eight-year-old boy. He is a good boy. He does 1_____ in all his lessons. He 2_____ school and he is always active in class. Every time the teacher asks a question, Fox always 3_____ his hand quickly. Sometimes his answer is 4_____, but the teacher always smiles (微笑) and says, "Good, Fox. But 5____ a better answer to my question?"

One day, the teacher asks the boys and girls a question. "Swallows(燕子) fly to the south before winter 6_____,"he says. "But why don't cats and dogs do7_____?" Fox lifts (举) his


8_____ as usual. "Yes, Fox?" says the teacher 9______. Fox stands (站) up and says, "10______ they have no wings (翅膀)."

( ) 1. A. good B. hard C. well D. bad

( ) 2. A. loves B. likes a C. goes to a D. enjoys

( ) 3. A. gets up B. puts on C. gets on D. puts up

( ) 4. A. right B. wrong C. easy D. hard

( ) 5. A. has B. is there C. are there D. have

( ) 6. A. will come B. is coming C. comes D. is going to come

( ) 7. A. different B. these C. the same D. with

( ) 8. A. hand B. head C. foot D. eye

( ) 9. A. happy B. glad C. happily D. angrily

( )10. A. Why B. Because C. That D. Where



The United States of America is a large country. On the same day in the winter, it may be warm in some places and cold in others. In parts of the South, in the winter, the temperature might be over 27℃. At the same time, in parts of the North, the temperature might be below 0℃.

In the summer,it may be over 38℃in the South.On the same day,it may be 23℃in the North. The temperature is not the same in all parts of the United States. The rain is also very different in the country. In parts of the west there is little rain. In parts of the South there is much rain.

( )1.The weather can be in different parts of a country if it is very large. A.the

same B.a little same C.different D.a little different

( )2.In the winter, in parts of the South of the country, you cannot see . A.cloud

and wind B.rain and wind C. snow and ice D.ice and water

( )3.The temperature in the United States is .

A.over 27℃ B.over 38℃ C.at 0℃ D.not the same

( )4.Which season is a rainy season in the United States?

A.Spring. B.Autumn. C.Winter. D.The passage doesn't tell us.

( )5.In which part of the country does it rain a lot?

A.In the East. B.In the South. C.In the West. D.In the North.


Dear Kitty,

News! We have a new flat! The rooms are small, but they are comfortable. There are more rooms here than in our old flat. This is good because now I have my own room. In the old flat, I shared with my sister. My bedroom is my favourite room in our flat. I can be alone in it. I can read or draw. I can listen to my radio or play CDs. I can play games on my computer and send e-mails to my friends. My second favorite room is the kitchen. I love helping my mother cook our meals. She is a very good cook. She is teaching me how to make many different kinds of dishes. She lived in Morocco when she was a girl, and she can cook Moroccan food. It’s very delicious. That’s all for now. Write soon and tell me about your home. Please get on the Internet so that we can send e-mails to each other.

All good wishes!


( ) 1. What is the main idea of this article?


A. Anna told Kitty something about her family’s new flat.

B. Kitty lives with her family in America.

C. Anna likes her bedroom.

D. Anna’s mother is teaching her Moroccan food.

( ) 2. What is the difference between the old flat and the new one?

A.The rooms in the new flat are big.

B. The rooms in the old flat were smaller.

C.There are more rooms in the new flat.

D.There were more rooms in the old flat.

( ) 3. Why is Anna very pleased with the new flat?

A. Because she has to share a room.

B. Because she has a big room.

C. Because she has a small room.

D.Because she has her own room.

( ) 4. Which room is Anna’s favorite?

A. The living room. B. The kitchen. C. The bedroom. D. The bathroom.

( ) 5. What does Anna do in the kitchen?

A. She helps her mother cook their meals.

B. She plays computer games.

C. She teaches her mother how to cook.

D. She reads about Moroccan food.


Many people don’t think that the number 13 is a lucky number. Many hotels do not have a 13th floor. The floors go from 12 to 14, and there is no number13. Some people will never sit at a table with 12 other people. They will tell someone to go or ask another person to sit with them. No one really knows why people do not like the number 13. Perhaps one reason is that when people began to count they used ten fingers and two hands. This made 12. They could not count more. Some Christians (基督徒) say that 13 is not lucky because there were 13 people at a meal the day before Jesus (耶稣) was killed (被杀). In a story about the old Greek (希腊的) gods, 12 gods were asked to a meal but one more came. This made 13. It is why the god Balder, who was at the meal, was killed.

( ) 1.There is often no floor number 13 in _______.

A. restaurants B. countries C. hotels D. Greece

( ) 2.One way people can count is by using their __________.

A. fingers B. hotels C. tablesD. gods

( ) 3.Some people will never sit at a table with twelve other people. Or______.

A. all of them will leave

B. they will wait for two other people to come

C. they will never come for dinner together

D. they will ask one of them to leave

( ) 4.The Christian story and the Greek story both talk about_______.

A. Jesus B. The number13 C. Balder D. Hotels

( ) 5.The story is about _________.

A. the death of Jesus


B. the person who killed Balder

C. the way people count with their fingers

D. why 13 is not a lucky number


1.How many (knife) are there in the room?

2.December is the (twelve) month.

3.—There are many kinds of cakes here. Which do you want?

—I want the (big) one.

4.—Who's that?

—This is Neil (speak).

5.This is my (three) time to meet you here.

6.We (visit) the Summer Palace tomorrow.

Would you like (come) with us?

7.Thank you for________(invite)me to dinner.

8.People from different________(country)come to visit Beijing every year.

9.I’d like one and a half kilos of_________(tomato), please.

10.He can’t wait_________(open)the box to see what’s in it.


1. 请问我能和王先生通话吗?


2. 我母亲经常叫我不要在晚上看电视.

My mother often _________________ not ______________ in the evening.

3. 西蒙住在我们新公寓的二楼.

Simon ____________________________.

4. 巴黎是法国的首都吗?

5. 中国有960万平方公里的面积.

China .


6. 简,你姑妈让你给她回电话.

Jane, .

7. 凯特整天呆在床上,她睡得太多。

Kate .

8. 花园里满是鲜花。


9. Simon希望将来有一天能和Amy合用一间卧室吗?

10. 我有属于我自己的书房。



Wang Li lives in Moscow, which is the c__________of Russia. It’s a big c__________ with lots of new buildings. Wang Liin a car repair shop. He doesn’t make a lot of money but he e__________ his life. Moscow streets are usually f of traffic,Wang Li comes to work on the Sky Train. It’s much faster than a car or a bus. Wang Li lives with his parents and sister in a new


f_________, quite a long way from the city c__________. He s__________ his money on clothes and music.Moscow is cold all the year round, so he needs thick clothes. When he has a holiday, he goes with his friends to the Ski Field(滑雪场). Russia has many Ski Fields. Tourists from all over the world would like to v__________ Russia’s Ski Fields. It’s a

g place for a holiday.


根据提示,以My dream home为题,写一篇80个单词左右的短文.
















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