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Section B 1初三英语

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Unit 4
He said I was hard-working.

Section B Period One

Check (?) the sentences that are true for you. (1a)
____ I’m hard-working. ____ I’m good at speaking. ____ I’m lazy. ____ In English, I’m better at reading than listening. ____ I can do better in math.

Pair work
Talk about your answers. (1b) A: I’m not hard-working. B: Really? I think you are very hard-working.

Listen and fill in the speech bubbles. (2a)

You are hard-working.

You are good at speaking.

Listen again. Which is Scott’s report card? (2b)

3. Name:


Math-- hard-working

Spanish-- good at speaking
History-- can do better

Science-- lazy student

Pair work
Tell your partner what your teachers said. A: What did your math teacher say? B: He said I was hard-working.

连词成句。 1. hard-working, I, the, said was,IEnglish, The English teacher was hard-working. said, teacher My math teacher said I could do 2. math teacher, could, said, I, my, better. do better, 3. Denis Thailand, summer she, told next me she wouldholiday, visit Thailand next summer holiday. Denis, visit, told, would, me

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