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Unit2 SectionB

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Show language goal:
1.Learn to the key vocabulary. (quickly, either…or…, lots of, sometimes, taste, life) 2. Learn to the target language: 1. I don’t like to get up early. 2. When I get home, I always do my homework first. 3. I either watch TV or play computer games. 4. She knows it’s not good for her, but it tastes good! 5. They have healthy and unhealthy habits. 6. I have a very healthy life. 3. Learn to write your own day.

Talk about the activities you think

brush teeth.

do homework.

2a Talk about the activities you think are healthy.

√ eat ice-cream __ eat quickly __ go to bed early__

play sports√ __

eat vegetables√ __ take a walk √ __

What other healthy activities you know.

eat lots of fruit


brush teeth twice every day eat a good breakfast

2b Read the passage. Find the answers to the questions.
1. Who is healthier, Tony or Mary?

Mary. At ten thirty. At nine thirty.

2. When does Tony go to bed?
3. When does Mary go to bed?

Read 2b again and fill in the blanks.
At eight __________ gets up eats a quick breakfast At eight thirty At noon After school ________________ goes to school ________________ eats hamburgers ________________________________ plays basketball for half an hour __________________ does his homework

Tony’s Activities

in the evening At ten thirty

______________________________ watches TV or plays computer games
brushes teeth and goes to bed


Mary’s Activities

____________ At six thirty

gets up

takes a shower and eats a good breakfast ____________ At eight thirtygoes to school At twelve ____________________________ eat lots of fruit and vegetables After lunch ______________ plays volleyball ______________

eats ice-cream in the evening _____________________________ does her homework, swims or ____________ takes walk At nine thirty goes to a bed

2c Write down the unhealthy habits of each person. Then think of healthy activities for them.
_________________ __________________ __________________ eats breakfast quickly ____________________ eats hamburgers for lunch __________________ goes to bed late _______________ __________________ Unhealthy habits gets up late Tony _____________ Healthy activities

Unhealthy habits

eats ice-cream Mary _____________ __________________ __________________ eats a good breakfast __________________ __________________ eats lots of vegetables __________________ __________________ goes to bed early __________________ eats ___________________ some fruit after dinner

Healthy activities gets up early _________________

一、写出下列词组 1.起床 get up 2.早饭喝牛奶 eat milk for breakfast take a shower 3.洗澡 4.上学坐公车 I take the bus go to school 5.到达家 get home 6.吃晚饭 eat dinner 7.做作业 do homework 8.睡觉 go to bed 9.散步 take a walk

Fill in the blanks and make a story about a daily routine.

I have a healthy life . I usually______( 起床) at get up 6:50. I have milk and bread____ breakfast. Afte

r for take a shower (洗澡)and then I breakfast, I __________ go to school _________( 上学) by bus. I get to school at 7:50. I have five classes in the morning. And then I have lunch at 12:10. In the afternoon I have two go home 到达家) at 3:30. I get home at classes. I _______( 4:30 p.m. I __________( 吃晚饭) at about 8:30. eat dinner After dinner, I ___________( do my homework 做作业) . I go to bed _________ (睡觉) at 10:00. My life is busy but not exciting.

Change your friend’s daily routine
My best friend has a healthy life .She usually gets up 起床) at 6:50. She has milk and bread ______( takes a shower ____ breakfast. After breakfast, she_______ (洗 for goes to school 澡)and then she_________( 上学) by bus. She gets to school at 7:50. She has five classes in the morning. And then she has lunch at 12:10. In the home afternoon she has two classes. She gets _______ (到达家) at 3:30. She gets home at 4:30 p.m. eats dinner (吃晚饭) at about 8:30. After dinner, She________ goes to bed she_____ does(做作业 ) . She_________ (睡觉 ) homework at 10:00. Her life is busy but not exciting.

My daily life
Time Activities At 6:00 get up At 6:10 brush teeth At 6:30 take a shower At 7:00 go to school At 12:00 eat lunch At 4:30 get home From 5:00 to 6:00 do my homework

I have a healthy life. I …

一、写出下列词组 a walk 1. 步行 take __________ homework 2. 做作业 do _____________ clean the room 3. 打扫房间 ______________ eat quickly 4. 吃得快 ______________ go to bed 5. 去睡觉 _____________ either…or 6. 或者……或者……___________ lots of 7. 许多、大量_______________ eat ice-cream 8. 吃冰淇淋 _______________

二、看图补全对话。 get ___? up ? 1. A: When does Jim ___ gets up at ? B: He usually ____ half past ____. six ? ____ ____
? 2. A: When do your parents ? _____ clean ___ the _____? room ? B: They usuallyclean _____the a quarter ? room at __ ______ past _____ ? eight in the morning ________.

? ? ?

? ? ? ? ?

3. A: When does Jim ______________? do homework B: He usually ____ does his _________ at __ ______ __ homework a quarter to evening eight in the _______. 4. A: When does Eric take ____a_ ____? walk B: He usually takes _____ a walk at a quarter _______to __six __ in the _______. evening

? 三、根据汉语提示完成句子。 ? 1. 我没有时间吃早餐,因此我通常吃得很 快。 ? I don’t have much _____ ____ time for breakfast, eat very so I usually ___ ____ quickly ______. ? 2. 他在晚上或者看电视或者玩电脑游 ? 戏。 ? He ______ __ play computer either watch TV or games __ in the ________. evening

? 3. 午餐,她吃很多的水果和蔬菜。
For _____, lunch she ____ eats ____ lots ___ of fruit and

? 4. 冰淇淋尝起来很好,但对她的健康不好。


Ice-cream tastes ____ _____, good but it’s not

good for _____ ____ her.

? 5. 在晚上,我通


evening I usually ______ swim or In the _______,
____ ____. talk__ a walk He _________ sometimes plays basketball

? ?

? 6. 他有时候会打半个小时的篮球。

for __ half ____ an hour.

1. Review the new words and phrases. 2. Retell the passage of 2b.

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