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▲can cannot = can’t

1. 表示能力,意为“能、会”。≈ be able to can’t 意为“不能”

如: A:Can you sing ? B:Yes,I can. No,I can’t.

2. “可以”, 没有could 委婉, 没有may正式 。 can’t 意为“不可以”

用can’t还可表示推测,“不可能”、 “不一定”,




2. “可以”(常用在一般现在时的一般疑问句中),比 can 委婉, 没有may正式。 回答一律用 can


如: A: Could I open the window? B: Yes, you can . 或 No, you can’t.

▲ must

1.“应该、必须”, 强调说话人的主观看法,常含有命令、被命令的意味。

A: Must he go ? B: No, he / 或 Yes, he must .

2.表示推测, “一定”

*mustn’t 表示“禁止”,意思是“不应该、不必、不许”。 (不表示“不一定”)

▲ may

1 “可以”,比can正式。 may not 译成“不可以”

如: A: May I stay at home? B: No, you 或 Yes, you may.

2 表示推测, “可能” may not ,表示说话人心里没多


▲ should ≈ ought to的用法: “应该”,大多数情况下可以互换。表示规劝。should的否定式为

shouldn’t ; ought to的否定式为oughtn’t to

A: Ought I to stop smoking ? B: Yes,you ought to. / No, you oughtn’t to.

▲ will 将要 否定式:will not = won’t

▲ would

①. will的过去式

②. will更委婉的说法,常和like构成would like (想要)



You needn’t try to explain.

Need she do it at once? Yes, she must. No, she needn't.

2.need 作为实意动词比作为情态动词常用的多。实意动词need 可用在所有句型中。

You don’t need any help from others. Do they need this?

need to do sth 需要去做sth 如:She needs to come tomorrow.

need doing sth ≈ need to be done sth 需要被do sth ,具有被动的意味, 如:The bike needs

repairing . ≈The bike needs to be repaired .




3.否定,加not ; 问句,提前。



1. –Whose shirt is this?

–It _______ be Li Lei’s. It is too big for him.

A. may B. must C. can’t D. x

2 We ___ do well in the exam.

A. can be able to B. be able to C. can able to D. are able to

3 -May I take this book out? -No, you___.A. can't B. may not C. needn't D. aren't 4 You___ go and see a doctor at once because you're got a fever.

A. can B. must C. dare D. would

5 -Can you speak Japanese? -No, I____.A. mustn't B. can't C. needn't D. may not 6 -He___ be in the classroom, I think.

-No, he ___ be in the classroom. I saw him go home a minute ago.

A. can; may not B. must; may not C. may; can't D. may; mustn't

7 The best students in our class can't work out this problem, so it ___ be very difficult.

A. may B. must C. can D. need

8 He isn't at school. I think he ___ be ill.

A. may B. shall C. should D. has to

9 ___ I take this one? A. May B. Will C. Are D. Does

10 The children___ play football on the road.

A. can't B. can C. mustn't D. must

11You ___ be late for school again next time.

A. mustn't B. needn't C. don't have to D. don't need to

12 -Must I do my homework at once?

-No, you___.

A. needn't B. mustn't C. can't D. may not

13 His arm is all right. He___ go and see the doctor.

A. has not to B. don't have to C. haven't to D. doesn't have to

14 -- Can I tell Peter about the news?

-- No, I don’t want anyone else to know it. You keep it to yourself.

A. must B. may C. can D.x

15-___ I take the newspaper away? -No, you mustn't.You____read it only here.

A. Must; can B. May; can C. Need; must D. Must; must

16 Come on! We ___ hurry because there isn't much time left.

A. may B. must C. can D. need

17 -Would you like to go boating with us?

-Yes, ___.

A. I'd like B. I want C. I'd like to D. I do

18 -Would you like a cup of tea ? - _____.I’m thirsty.

A.Yes,please. B. No,thanks C. Yes,I would D. No,I wouldn’t

19. -Would you like to go shopping with me ? - _____.

A.Yes,please. B. No,thank C. Yes,I would love to D. No,I wouldn’t

20.-May I go out ?

- No,you ______.

A.must B.need’t C.can’t D.x

21.You______be tired(累) after playing sports for a long time without a rest.

A.must B.need C.can’t D.x

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